ACTION ITEM: 1000 subscribers for YouTube live stream – UPDATE

Thinking ahead. To be able to live stream to YouTube with my mobile phone, I need 1000 subscribers.

Can you give me a hand?


UPDATE 23 March:

Thank you, dear readers, for helping with this.

I had hoped to be able to get streaming LIVE from my mobile phone.   However, for some reason, I get a message that I am not “eligible” … even though I am.

So, I am trying to work the problem.

Zuhlsdorf’s Law?


UPDATE 23 March:

I’m having a hard time setting this up. It won’t pick up the webcam.


UPDATE 23 March:

This was a first attempt. I figured out a few minutes before the stream was supposed to start that I needed an “encoder”, which caused a real scramble. I think that’s why the video is isolated in the corner.

Some people were able to tune in and watch. Others wrote that they couldn’t find anything. I think the link changed by the time I got to the actual moment of streaming. Not sure why.

Brick by brick.

And I have to do something about the dreadful audio.

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  1. ServusChristi says:

    Subscribed! To go on a tangent it’s nice to see that you subscribed to Already we have a common interest!

  2. DebbieInCT says:

    Done! Thank you, Fr. Z!

  3. MikeM221 says:

    Subscribed, Father Z!

  4. GrumpyYoungMan says:

    Done. And though I’ve neglected to respond, we have listened to the LentcaZts every day and truly appreciate them.

  5. Josephus Corvus says:

    Done! #407

  6. djc says:

    My pleasure to help you.

  7. Mariana2 says:

    Done. Nr. 615.

  8. Paul M says:

    Done. Fr. Fox as well.

  9. brianmsaxton says:

    I was #998, should be anytime now.

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