ACTION ITEM – In this time of mostly private Masses, priests should use the Traditional Latin Mass, the Extraordinary Form!

From a priest …


All priests in many countries are now just doing private masses. How about saying them in ef? Thats my plan. [kudos!]

Same time every day in the parish church.

Can’t get more obviously private than a low mass where holy communion is not distributed to faithful.

If people do turn up then they get more used to the old mass. Over 3 or 4 months they good even grow to appreciate it a little.

This whole time is a great opportunity for priests to teach themselves the old mass and start saying it every day.

In a way, Father, I would have thought it was obvious to priests who are truly, or who say they are, interested in the Traditional Roman Rite.

But, maybe it has to be said.

Fathers.  If you are saying private Masses… NOW is the time to apply the Extraordinary Form to great effect.

This could be the time to LEARN it.

This could be the time to deepen your comfort and knowledge of it.

Fathers!   Say Mass privately, by all means.  And use the Traditional Roman Missal!

What an unparalleled opportunity to do much on a broad spiritual plane.

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  1. ProfKwasniewski says:

    Yes, a thousand times yes!

    And some other suggestions for rebuilding after the crisis:

  2. rcg says:

    For those interested in seeing it, the FSSP have There are four regular Masses but they have added the St Corona Project. FWIW our tiny parish in Dayton had 4000 viewers. That is more than 4 times the number of people in our parish and keep in mind that was login views not counting the individuals gathered by the screen.

    Mindful of the Gospel Reading I think these people came to be fed.

  3. Simon_GNR says:

    I believe our local parish priest knows how to say the EF Mass and has used it in previous parishes (in Africa). Perhaps he will use it in some of the private Masses he is saying these days? I do hope so. Regrettably, using the EF for public Masses would be resisted by many parishioners and I don’t think the local bishop is very keen either.

  4. mo7 says:

    Hello reg! Could you check the FSSP link?
    Also links to traditional daily Mass would be great.

  5. rcg says:

    mo7, thanks for pointing that out. Too much multitasking. Is the FSSP website. iMass is their outstanding app. Go to the website, follow the St Corona Project link and you can see all of the local parishes broadcasting Mass and their times.

    Thanks for the cross check.

  6. Hb says:

    Since we’ve been ordered to say all Masses in private, I’ve been offering Mass according to the vetus ordo and loving every minute of it except for the circumstances that have necessitated it.

  7. It has been pointed out that March 22, 1970 was the first Sunday that the Novus Ordo was permitted (not yet required) to be celebrated in these United States; on and March 22, 2020, exactly 50 years later, the public celebration of the Novus Ordo is effectively entirely suppressed in these U.S.A. March 22, 1970 was Palm Sunday; March 22, 2020 was Laetare Sunday. As far as I know (and I could be wrong), the only public celebrations of Mass in this country are those offered by the SSPX (where not forbidden by local civil authorities). They have increased the number of Masses so that fewer people attend each one. And of course the SSPX only does the TLM.

    Something to think about.

  8. Bthompson says:

    As have I, mostly. There have been a few OFs as well, but not many.

  9. Dear Sister Anita,

    Actually, although not the Roman Rite, my Western Dominican Province continued to celebrate Dominican Rite Masses (with permissions of the provincial under the 1969 Indult) from 1970 until Summorum Pontificum. Blessed Sacrament in Seattle had, for most of that time, a public sung Dominican Rite Mass every Sunday. During my novitiate (1977-78) I served three Solemn High celebrations in the Bay Area.

  10. Kenneth Wolfe says:

    Excellent advice! Now is the time for a teachable moment.

    I cannot tell you how many videos and photos I have seen — many posted by otherwise-conservative priests themselves — of novus ordo liturgies using a portable table altar in a rectory facing the people. Except there are no actual people.

    C’mon, Fathers — let’s get serious.


  11. Father Augustine, thank you for helping to preserve the Dominican Rite and save it from the oblivion to which the liberals would have consigned it, if they had had their way.

    It seems to me that a lot of young friars are embracing the Dominican Rite. In fact, tradition is clearly the wave of the future. Contrary to the lie we have been told for years that it is only nostalgia-riddled old curmudgeons who love the old rites, it is mostly the young that are attracted to them. Every TLM I have attended over the last year has been packed to the rafters with young families with lots of kids.

  12. Semper Gumby says:

    Amen. Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. Put on the whole armor of God.

  13. veritas vincit says:

    “As far as I know (and I could be wrong), the only public celebrations of Mass in this country are those offered by the SSPX (where not forbidden by local civil authorities).”

    I would hope the SSPX is obeying, not just civil authorities, but also the ordinaries where their chapels are located, as would any regularly constituted religious order. This is not an issue where the SSPX has differences with the Holy See and its bishops, as far as I am aware.

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