ACTION ITEM! PROCESSIONS! They’re happening!

I’ve been calling for processions using the traditional Rituale Romanum against the present contagion.

Let’s get out there!   Take it to the streets!

“Meno chiacchiere… più processioni!… Less chattering … more processions!”

I received notice from Birmingham, Alabama’s Cathedral of St. Paul.  They posted about their procession HERE.

This evening we planned and held a rather last-minute Eucharistic procession around our city block with our Fraternus group of men and boys (about 100 total participated). In the old Roman Ritual there is a penitential procession “in time of mortality and epidemic”, which includes a Litany of the Saints with specific petitions, including: “From plague, famine, and war, Lord, deliver us”, and “That you deliver us from the scourge of pestilence, we beg you to hear us.” After completing the prescribed prayers we added a Litany of St. Joseph and concluded with Benediction. It’s interesting to note that one of the saints invoked against plagues is St. Sebastian, who is also patron saint of athletes and a great role model for young men. Fr. Jerabek distributed some St. Sebastian prayer cards that he had gotten at his tomb in Rome on a previous visit. May he, St. Joseph, our Blessed Mother, all the saints, and our Lord Jesus Christ guard us and deliver us from COVID-19 and from every other illness!

God bless the younger clergy and younger Catholics who are open to and even eager for our traditional practices in time of necessity.

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  1. rhig090v says:

    Is there any way to get the ritual described in a printable format? Especially a chant setting with Latin English as a bonus

  2. michele421 says:

    Good for the processions, but they should also warn people not to gather in crowds to watch.

  3. michele421 says:

    And for the sakes of those assisting, make processions as simple as possible.

  4. Southern Catholic says:

    The Cathedral of St. Paul is an awesome Parish, with a wonderful priest. They are doing a lot of great things there.

  5. Sid Cundiff in NC says:

    Psalms 24, 118, 48, and 68 are Psalms of procession, the first two entrance liturgies into the Temple. Worth using.

  6. colospgs says:

    Given what I saw at Sam’s Club last night, and after comparing statistics of the COVID19 to the swine flu of 2009-2010, the Church may have to consider a procession “in time of media-hyped hysteria”. I’m not joking. The reaction of the masses to this is probably going to create more mayhem and death than the virus itself.

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