CQ CQ CQ: Ham Radio in Pandemic – ZedNet is ACTIVE!

In this time of being shut in, I’ve been checking on the bands.

I’ve had a couple of emails from folks saying that, just before the Coronavirus flare, they obtained their Technician license and had received their call signs.   While you are at home, think about studying for your exam.

I’ve also been on ZedNet today, talking with a couple of guys, one a priest, the other my long-distance Elmer, who set up ZedNet.   This is a DMR thing.

More HERE.  And, to get yourself going, WB0YLE gave me a Bill of Materials.  A list of what you need.  HERE  I built a DMR hotspot with a Raspberry Pi and got it working with no problems.   If necessary we can get you some tech help here for programming.

We should figure out some schedules.

As I think ahead, and contemplate some possible problems resulting from things in society getting broken, ham radio could be important.

Anyway, if some of you hams out there are into DMR, you might find us.

What are we doing with this?  Not much right now, but who knows.  And it’s fun to make it work.

Also, I got Echolink running on my new computer.  Check out  554286 – WB0YLE-R

I created a page for the List of YOUR callsigns.  HERE  Chime in or drop me a note if your call doesn’t appear in the list.

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  1. JonPatrick says:

    If we are worried about our infrastructure getting broken, perhaps we should focus less on systems like Echolink that depend on the Internet, and instead good old fashioned HF especially with CW that requires less power and is less susceptible to casual eavesdropping. Maybe it’s time for me to start code practice again.

    I am still in the process of getting my station put together, main need now is an antenna. Once we thaw out here in Eastern Maine …

    73 de KC1EFW

  2. CyclePath says:

    My call is KD9LSJ

  3. dbanke621 says:

    My call sign is KM4WCF. I’m located in Buffalo, NY and typically use a repeater that is part of the east coast reflector to talk.

  4. Good to you folks here!

  5. depeccatoradvitam says:

    I do not see the listings in EchoLink
    Working on DMR

  6. Echolink (which was running under an Allstar node (https://www.allstarlink.org/)) is on a controller which cratered. It will be a while to get it back and healthy…right now, Wires-X room 28598 and Brandmeister DMR TG 31429 (which are linked…) is your best bet.

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