REMINDER: Pre-order the new book by Card. Sarah and Benedict XVI: From The Depths Of Our Hearts

Before the official 12 March release, today I received from the publisher a hardcover of the new book by Card. Sarah and Pope Benedict XVI.

US – pre-Order with a discount  HERE 


There is AT LAST a UK link HERE

The Church and her priesthood are in a serious crisis.  Card. Sarah and Benedict get into the reasons why while they explore the concept of clerical celibacy.   The book is about more than celibacy.

I think it is likely that this book had an impact on the text of the Post-Synodal (“walking together with Pachamama”) Exhortation Querida Amazonia.  Libs expected their agenda to be executed by Francis.  He backed away.


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  1. abasham says:

    I have nothing but the deepest respect for both of them, but… It does seem slightly off that he is credited simply as “Benedict XVI” on the cover.

    Are ALL of his writings in the book from his time as Pope? If so I guess that’s okay, though “from the writings of…” might be more accurate.

    But if any of it is new, shouldn’t it say “Pope EMERITUS Benedict XVI” or, failing that, just Joseph Ratzinger?

    I have as many feeling about the current Pope as anyone else here, but it just seems off to publish a book using your papal name if you’re not the pope.

  2. Bthompson says:

    I ordered from Ignatius and already got it. It was pretty good.

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