A prayer for a miracle: the sudden, complete and lasting obliteration of COVID-19.

Almighty and eternal God, who shaped us from the mud of the earth and breathed into us beautiful life and eternal souls made to give You glory, look graciously now upon Your poor creatures who have fallen into sin.  We now cry out for mercy, though we have deserved Your wrath and the rod of Your correction and trials.  Be appeased.  Lift from us this present affliction of disease and its fear as once You withdrew Your destroying Angel from scourging Jerusalem after smiting Israel with the sword of plague.  Look kindly on us, kneeling as if upon the threshing floor.  Look into our ashen and sackcloth laden hearts which we desire never again to be hardened against the promptings of Your Spirit, and forgive.  Forgive the offences so many of Your ungrateful images have committed against the Hearts of our Lord and His Mother.   Forgive the countless sacrilegious Communions of the last decades.  Forgive Your priests and bishops who in great numbers have abandoned their proper place between Your people and Your altars.  Some have committed unspeakable offences, not excluding even manifest idolatry.  Forgive all of us every neglect and unworthy deed and thought as well as any lingering attachment to sins.  Forgive all the sins that have cried to heaven.  Forgive and then give us graces for our fuller sorrow out of love for You, more than our dread of punishment, and also for our firm purpose of amendment.  Bold with confidence that the prayers of the converted sinner are precious to You, we now dare to ask You for a miracle.  By Your might, annihilate the COVID-19 virus and all its mutations and variations.  Restrain this disease, this consequence of sin, and make it to be harmless.  We ask that You do this, almighty and merciful God, suddenly, completely, and in a lasting way so that the peoples of the whole world will recognize Your almighty hand and fall upon their faces in wonder, faith and gratitude.  By this miracle, reveal Your love and kindness even though we do not merit the least of Your favors.  Even while we submit ourselves to Your will, we ask this, Eternal Father, through Our Lord Jesus Christ Your Son, who died for us on Calvary and rose again in glorious impassibility.  We ask this through the Holy Spirit the Consoler.   We implore this through the intercession of Saint Raphael, Your healing Archangel, as well as through ____.   In particular we, now humbled, entrust this audacious petition to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Health of the Sick.  Let her intercede for us as the Queen of Heaven whom Your Son will not refuse. “Not to us, O Lord, not to us; but to Thy name give glory.”  O God, loving and kind, we beg You to grant us this miracle.  Amen.


For private recitation.

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  1. Thank you, I was looking for a good prayer against the pandemic.

  2. Spinmamma says:

    Thank you for this prayer–so much more elegant and complete than the prayers I have been saying. May our Lord God have mercy on us.

  3. Ms. M-S says:

    Thanks for this beautiful prayer, which you offer us just as we can divert the energy of our prayers for Cardinal Pel’s deliverance to our prayers for mankind’s deliverance from the pandemic..

  4. Ellen says:

    I just finished this prayer which says it all. I want so much to go back to Mass and Communion. Please God, make it soon.

  5. Barnacle says:

    Thank you Fr. Z! From now on your prayer is my prayer!

  6. Kathleen10 says:

    Wonderful prayer. It is an amazing juxtaposition, the global threat to life reaching it’s peak, and Easter. But what is amazing, to God. In our house we are daring to hope!

  7. Kathleen10 says:

    Thank you Fr. Z! And thank you for live-streaming the Mass. I don’t know military time but there is a “reminder” button that tells the time of the Mass.

  8. Suburbanbanshee says:

    This is kinda long, so feel free to read and delete it! But it’s a cool hymn from AD 661 Ireland. Some say St. Colman composed it all, while others say he did a few verses, and then each man in the school did a verse. It may be a rowing song. (Also, note the end bit, which seems to be the origin of a certain Irish blessing, and the early devotion to Joseph.)

    The hymn of St. Colman mac Ui Cluasaigh,
    composed to protect his school against the Yellow Plague,
    as they fled to an island away from others.

    God’s blessing carry us, help us!/May Mary’s son protect us;
    Under His protection may we be tonight.
    May He guard us well, wherever we go.

    In rest or in movement,/While sitting or standing,
    Heaven’s King against every battle!/This is the plea we shall make.

    A plea to Adam’s son Abel,/To Eli, to Enoch, to help us!
    May they save us from swift illness,/Wherever it threatens the world.

    Noah and Abraham,/Isaac the miracle son,
    Against pestilence may they enclose us,/Nor let famine visit us!

    We beseech the Twelve’s father [Jacob],/And young Joseph.
    May their prayers to the King/Of the many good angels, save us.

    May Moses, the good leader, shield me,
    As he protected those in the Red Sea.
    With Joshua, and Amram’s son Aaron,
    And David the daring young warrior.

    Job of the tribulations –/May he protect us from poisons.
    May God’s prophets guard us,/And the seven Maccabees sons.

    We call on John the Baptist;/May he be a shelter and stronghold.
    May Jesus and His Apostles/Be our help against danger.

    May Mary and Joseph watch over us,/And the spirit of holy Stephen.
    From every trouble, may we be released
    By remembering the name of Ignatius.

    Every martyr and every hermit,/Every saint who lived in chastity,
    Be a shield for our defense,/Be an arrow we shoot against demons.

    We pray to the King of Kings/In these words of ours,
    He Who saved Noah and his crew/In the time of the Flood.

    Melchizadek, King of Salem,/Of unknown ancestry —
    May his prayers free us/From all dread.

    The Savior, who delivered Lot/From the fire that came in that age —
    We pray that He will make us all worthy/To be delivered now.

    Abraham of Ur of the Chaldeans —
    May the King shield us and shield us!
    May He delivered me, Who delivered the people
    By the mouth of the fountain of Gaba.

    The King Who saved the three children/From the red furnace of fire —
    May He save us, as He saved David/From out of the hand of Goliath.

    May lamp-lit Heaven’s Ruler/Have mercy on us for our wretched state!
    He who did not leave His prophet/In the mouth of any lions.

    As He sent an angel/To loose Peter from his fetters,
    May He send us assistance,/And smooth every rough thing before us.

    May we render ourselves pleasing/To our God through fitting works.
    May we be with Him in life eternal,/In the Kingdom of Paradise.

    As He delivered the Prophet Jonah
    From the whale’s belly — bright deed! —
    May the good, terrible, mighty King shield us!
    God’s blessing carry us, help us!

    O God, let it be true!/Let this prayer be granted.
    May there be sons of God’s Kingdom/All around this school.

    O God, let it be true!/Let us all attain the King’s peace.
    If it can be gotten, may we get it.
    May we win to Heaven’s Kingdom!

    May we be ageless, in space that is endless,
    With the angels in life eternal.

    Great kings, deathless prophets,/Angels, Apostles — the sight on high.
    May they come with the Heavenly Father to bless us
    Before the demon army can reach us.
    God’s blessing!

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  11. ScottSenffner says:

    Thank you Fr. Z and I HOPE and pray that this ends soon, Good Lord Willing!

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  13. GypsyMom says:

    Please also pray that the torrent of lies that is keeping this crisis afloat will be overcome by Truth Himself.

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