UPDATE: The movie ‘Apocalypto’ – Now online!

Remember how last year I was looking for a disc of the Mel Gibson movie Apocalypto? Very hard to find. Hollywood and the libs really hate Mel Gibson.

It’s brutal.  But it is educational.  Trailer HERE


One of my priest friends, perhaps inspired by an old Punch cartoon I posted a while ago, texted me that you can now watch it through Amazon Prime! HERE

There is a rental option and a purchase option.

If you are not a Prime member, HERE  [Also… Try Prime Discounted Monthly Offering]

I suggest roasting some pork tonight and watching it.

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  1. Mario Bird says:

    Given the spoiler warning, I ‘ll steer clear of specifics. But I always thought this movie was underappreciated and the second part of a diptych, with the Passion of the Christ being the first panel.

  2. matt from az says:

    Apocalypto is a GREAT movie. It stands on its own merits, but the fact that it triggers libs so badly is a bonus.
    Sadly, with impressionable kids in the house I can’t watch it anymore.

  3. Susanna says:

    We, 2 long quarantined elderly ladies, both uninformed and clueless about the movie, at your recommendation watched it after dinner this evening. No spoilers, just sharing it was rather intense… our heart beats were quickened and we were certain our blood pressures were elevated (no pressure cuff to confirm)! Bottom line we agreed the movie was well done but thought it would have been better for us if we had watched it before dinner.

    My companion remarked “if I had a choice between Cinderella and the Apocalypto, I would have chosen Cinderella”. Thankfully we survived the high octane movie, feel better educated and are praying for sweet dreams.
    BTW Amazon Prime has been discounted to $5.99 per month for eligible customers with an EBT or Medicaid card, a charitable benefit!

  4. Ms. M-S says:

    Although our family would go to the movies weekly if it were worth the trip, we average one trip to a movie theater every five years or so. We did experience (as opposed to seeing) Apocalypto when it came out. Steering clear of spoilers, I’ll just say that it’s no wonder the Enemy works overtime to derail Gibson.

  5. knute says:

    I am Jaguar Paw! And this is my jungle!

    Man it’s such a great movie.

  6. That half-price Amazon deal for older people and people with limited incomes sure is a welcome concession, not that it’s done out of the goodness of the corporate heart.

    I’ll add my voice to the chorus of Apocalypto-praisers. The only review I recall reading of it was more about Mr Gibson’s putative moral failings than about it as a film.

    (Did you, Father, persuade the Catholic Herald to ‘headhunt’ Father Hunwicke?)

  7. franthonyurban says:

    I have a copy of it on dvd and I’d be happy to send it to you. I was waiting for the day it was available via iTunes and I bought it immediately. It’s a great film and I plan to refer to it when I offer a day about divine filiation.

    [Thanks for the offer! I already have it.]

  8. OssaSola says:

    Maybe just to Father; this might be a spoiler:

    Our family watched with our 14 year old, part-Mayan adopted son. We gave him a little historical background first and dove in. When it was over he said, “I’m so glad Jesus was the last sacrifice and we don’t have to make such a huge mess anymore.”

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