Wherein Damian Thompson (@holysmoke) vaporizes Christopher Lamb (@ctrlamb) of The Bitter Pill (aka @The_Tablet)

Over at the The Bitter Pill (aka The Tablet, aka RU-486) a papalotrous fledgling of the New catholic Red Guard, Christopher Lamb, has a vicious hit piece about Robert Card. Sarah.

I was going to spend part of my precious Saturday zisking the attack by Lampchop (so dubbed by Eccles and, therefore, apt), but Damian Thompson beat me to it.  I’ll let him do the honors.  In style.

Damian’s response to Lambchop was in a tweet thread on Twitter.  He posted screenshots of the offending article and inserted his comments.  Don’t miss any of them.  And don’t just read Damian’s retorts, read also the Tablet’s sickly offering for an insight into the papalotrous left.

I don’t know how to embed whole tweet threads.  Here is the first of several. I think this link will open the entire thread HERE

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  1. robtbrown says:

    For those with a Tablet mentality the Magisterium is not an indication of Turth but just a matter of who has the bullhorn.

  2. The Egyptian says:

    OUCH, that had to leave a mark, in fact several
    Go Damian

  3. MitisVis says:

    All need to do their part. Not all can say or express what needs to be said.
    Some carry the staff, others carry the sword. Some like Damian are excellent
    with the sword, and that article demanded a response. He deserves our thanks

  4. Gaetano says:

    Excellent work by Damien Thompson.

    One of the commenters in the thread has provided an alternative name for the Bitter Pill: the Toilet. Appropriate, I’d say.

  5. Semper Gumby says:

    Well done to Damian Thompson. God bless Cardinal Sarah. As for Christopher Lamb, out of charity we should send him a gallon jug of Water-Jel.

  6. KateD says:

    First of all what kind of a donkey derier has something nasty to say about Cardinal Sara?!?

    Christopher Lamb himself says, “He [Sarah] is widely respected in his home continent. His supporters talk of him as a strong candidate to be the first black pope, a man with a towering spirituality and would make the Church more faithful, more pure”

    So what is Lamb’s issue? Does he object to a black Cardinal being pope? Or is it that he would prefer lesser spirituality in a pope? Or is it that Lamb doesn’t want a more faithful and pure Church?

    Lamb speaks of progress, “ creating an illusion of progress, while leaving everything just the same”. What is wrong with wanting to keep things as they were in Christ’s Church? Why would one seek to “progress” away from that which was most perfect? How can we hope to have a more perfect Church than the one He Himself gave us?

    Cardinal Sarah has “powerful supporters, like the Knights of Columbus”. Is there a Catholic man in America who is not a Knight of Columbus? So what Lamb is saying is that just about every Catholic man admires Cardinal Sarah, except Lamb and a handful of agitators who are for changing the Church that Jesus Christ has left us?

    Finally, agree with Cardinal Sarah or not, Christopher, you owe him the respect of using his appropriate title, each time you refer to him. I know moms of bishops who call their children “Bishop”. (And mothers of nuns and priests who also honor the station of their children, by using their titles). If a mother will call her child by the appropriate title, so should you!

  7. KateD says:


  8. ajuv says:

    I usually use threadreaderapp.com to collate threaded twitter posts.


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  10. veritas vincit says:

    I’m not a big fan of trying to read embedded Twitter images. But this sure looked like a hatchet job on a respected Cardinal, loyal to tradition, the magisterium and to the Holy Father (no small feat with this Holy Father). Glad Damien Thompson debunked it, in whatever medium.

  11. TonyO says:

    “Lambchops” and “The Toilet” – good! I might suggest that the two go together: sheep are not particularly clean animals:

    Nearly all sheep require shearing. Sheep do not have the continuous growing and shedding cycles of many animals. The fleece that keeps the animal warm in winter becomes uncomfortably hot in summer, also tangled and dirty, holding manure, burrs, and other materials the sheep comes into contact with.


    So, as one might expect, after that exercise in verbal diarrhea, Lambchops seems to have had his head in the “Tablet” and all mannur of things stuck to the fur.

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