@DanHoranOFM publicly called Sr. Deirdre Byrne a NAZI for speaking at the GOP Convention

Once in a while I have the disgusting experience of reading something by Fr. Daniel P. Horan, OFM (aka The Horan of Babylon) who twists souls at the ultra-liberal Chicago Theological Union.  (CTU’s official reaction to Pres. Trump’s victory in 2016 – HERE)

This week at the GOP Convention, Sr. Deirdre Byrne, POSC, medical doctor, retired US Army O-6, gave a strong defense of unborn human beings. She works pro bono at a medical clinic in Washington DC run by the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. On September 11th she went straight to Ground Zero. She has served as a missionary in Kenya, Sudan, Haiti and Iraq.

The Horan, on the other hand, has written for the Fishwrap and has been at a couple of schools.

This is what The Horan posted on Twitter about Sr. Deirdre:

I understand he deleted that tweet.

Is that enough?

No, I don’t think it is.

The Horan should issue an abject apology to Sister.

Fr. Horan… you aren’t half the woman Sr. Dede is.

The Horan’s official faculty photo at CTU:

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  1. The Impoverished Lasts says:

    Pardon my ignorance… but is OFM becoming tantamount to SJ?
    There’s a youtube personality “Fr. Casey – Breaking the Habit” where he strikes me as being liberal to the point of hostile towards the traditional Church. And he has OFM appended on his name.

  2. Semper Gumby says:

    Well, well, well. Horan of Babylon is also Horan of Berlin. From Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”: the “Big Lie”:

    “At the bottom of their hearts, the great masses of a people are more
    likely to be misled by their emotions than to be consciously and deliberately bad. In the
    primitive simplicity of their minds, they will more easily fall victim to a large lie than a small
    lie, since they sometimes tell petty lies themselves, but would be ashamed to tell a lie that
    was too big. They would never consider telling a lie of such magnitude themselves, or
    knowing that it would require such impudence, they would not consider it possible for it to
    be told by others. Even after being enlightened and shown that the lie is a lie, they will
    continue to doubt and waver for a long time and will still believe there must be some truth
    behind it somewhere, and there must be some other explanation. For this reason, some
    part of the most bold and brazen lie is sure to stick.”

    Not surprising that Horan of Berlin is also a zealot for Laudato Si.

    God bless Sr. Byrne, and may the plots of socialist “c”atholic clergy and laity meet with utter ruin.

  3. tgarcia2 says:

    I think they’re beyond comparison to the Jesuits. I’ve meet a mixed bag of Jesuits, I’ve never meet a OFM who you could could say was “orthodox”. Old campus minister (OFM) actually rewrote the lectionary in pencil to avoid “harsh” language, his replacement was liturgically conservative (even erased the old pencil notes) but still not orthodox. Look at Bishop Stowe, he was the Vicar Provincial for the OFM Conv province.

    Sadly, OFM you can almost guarantee are environmental socialists

  4. The Impoverished Lasts says:

    Goodness… I listened to her speech and read his tweet (fitting term juxtaposed to what the brave Sister said. Then considering that he deleted it, only more fitting term.).

    After that speech she gave his response was to compare her to a Nazi. Blows the mind and fuels the anger.

  5. Bob says:

    Is it just me or does it seem that Satan is working overtime right now trying and being successful to a point in sowing discord in the very ranks of our clergy? Oh I know, we’ve had deluded bishops and priest before but it seems that everywhere we turn these priests and bishops are crawling out of the woodwork, dividing and trying to confuse people as to what the Church teaches.

    Sr. Dede clearly spoke at the RNC at what the Church teaches and we get Fr. Horan stirring the pot with his hatred for the truth and trying substitute his truth into the minds of the faithful. Instead of trying to change the Catholic Church by introducing their own gospels, Fr. Martin and Fr. Horan should just join the Episcopal Church instead. Episcopalians have everything these two heretics want already in place.

    As of now we have a heavy dose of demonic activity in the world at large and it is visible more so then ever before for those whose eyes are open. It is not always easy to remain calm as all else is in chaos. I find it very difficult. If it were not for attending the daily Masses and Sunday’s Mass I would be in a lot in a lot more distress than I am.

  6. tho says:

    Where do these guys come from?

  7. mysticalrose says:

    To the above poster: OFM has been equatable with SJ for a loooooong time. Sigh.

  8. Kathleen10 says:

    The Democrats are desperate, now realizing that their riots and attacks are not intimidating average Americans as they imagined, only waking them up. Not all though, some people are so thoroughly brainwashed about race and politics, it defies explanation. Only Satan could be behind this, and when we see our Catholic clergy coming out boldly and trashing Republicans and trashing Trump, telling us it is “pro-life” to vote for Democrats? Calling this amazing nun a Nazi? They are only revealing themselves and what they thought all along, only now, they are sensing defeat in the air, and they are going to be more open about things so as to try to convince Catholics to vote for Biden/Harris. Many Catholics will! But these Catholics are only fooling themselves and each other, they do not fool the Author of Life, who will hold them accountable for their vote for the anti-life Marxist agenda. You CANNOT vote for Democrats and be pro-life or truly Catholic.
    You just can’t. These people are lying and taking souls to hell, and certainly trying to take our country there. Bishops and priests may imagine they are “staying out of politics” by being silent, but their silence during this pivot point in history is understood, even if they aren’t as out there as Horan or that Monsignor in Boston. They are Democrats. Now it all makes sense.

  9. Long-Skirts says:


    Rage against
    Their age
    Rage against
    Their evil

    Their false humility
    “Now, musn’t
    Cause upheaval.”

    Rage against
    Their spirit
    Rage against
    Their word

    Rage against
    These eunuchs, light
    Who float in
    Heresy’s herd

    Rage against
    Their lies
    Just Catholic
    Like me and you

    Wanting to give us
    The kiss of peace
    Like Judas did

    “I thank God that I am a virtuous Priest and not a sinner like that man Trump.”

  10. Lauren35 says:

    Given my own personal experience with OFM Friars, I am leery of them. Twenty years ago I was absolutely mistreated as a teenager by one OFM priest on two occasions for receiving on the tongue. Even worse, the Eucharist was profaned by this priest so that he could embarrass me. Once, he stuffed a ridiculously large piece of the leavened pita bread that he had used for Communion in my mouth. The second time, when I went up to receive, he held the Host up during the “Body of Christ” and immediately dropped the Host and stared me down until I picked Him up. Father’s face at that horrible moment is burned into my memory. I also was present when he was telling some teenaged boys an inappropriate joke regarding male anatomy that I will not repeat here. My brother has alluded to other weird moments he had as a teenager with the OFM friars at our church.

    Yes, I am very leery of the OFM.

  11. MitisVis says:

    I was a rambunctious and mouthy child that quickly learned hard discipline as well as the distinct flavors and aromas of Dial and Ivory soap. Rather than resent my parents for this treatment I thank God humbly everyday THEY LOVED ME ENOUGH to teach me civility and proper respect were required behaviors, not a personal tool of choice.
    When the good Sr. Byrne who is a full bird Colonel has privates Jimmy and Danny out of line and heckling at the back of the troop, you can be assured their “feelings” got ruffled. Make one wonder why they are in the troop to begin with if only to sow seeds of dissent and complain about the rules.
    I hope Sister looks on this as a badge of honor to get their attention at least.

  12. monstrance says:

    It is sad to hear these words from a younger priest.
    This drivel usually flows from the older hippie fellows.
    Some of these guys would be better served just staying off social media.

  13. Fallibilissimo says:

    The point is that if you don’t align with my world view, even if you dedicate your life to serve the Church, the sick and the unborn, you’re a Nazi (one way or another). Just like St Francis taught!

  14. SanSan says:

    Oh my goodness, pray for this young priest. He is so badly confused and mis-lead. God have mercy and deliver him from darkness. St. Francis intercede and enlighten him.

  15. RomualdMonk says:

    Even young religious can be tainted. It occurs when the apostolates replace the primal vocation and communities forget the one thing necessary. This remark doesn’t sound very much like a man who wishes to be a little brother to all of humanity.

  16. Hildegard says:

    Apparently, he was ordained by McCarrick, and makes a habit out of publicly bashing the March for Life. He’s in need of serious prayer.

  17. luciavento says:

    Throw Laudato Si in the trash! DO NOT recycle it.

  18. Padre Pio Devotee says:

    Just recently there was an article in the Jesuit magazine Amerika. And they complained how there were no nuns or priests in their cassocks or habits on the streets protesting for BLM.

    Ironically, the Amerika Libs got what they wanted: a nun in habit standing up for life, for the most innocent among us, the unborn . They just didn’t like the venue or the message. So now their salty about it. Hmmm…and they always preach how wonderful the Nuns on the Bus are——yet talk down about a nun in religious habit.


  19. parkinson.ml@frontier.com says:

    I received my graduate degree from Purdue in 1987 with a concentration in Holocaust Studies. The Nazi’s were socialists, not conservatives. The name of their party was the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NSDAP) or “Nazi” for short. They were anti-Catholic, not Catholic. They were pro-big government, not pro limited government. They were totalitarian, not advocates of constitutional liberty. They promoted the murder of children prior to birth even to the point of using coercion, for which some of them were prosecuted the Nuremberg Trials: https://digitalcommons.liberty.edu/lusol_fac_pubs/48/
    As to the photo, I doubt it is legitimate. It likely is a photo taken under duress. Notice the faces – none of them look happy. Notice also that the Roman-style salute is not being done properly, as if they didn’t even know how to do it. Look at the child’s hand with outstretched fingers the nun’s hand with thumb curled under and her hand tilted).

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  22. Bob says:

    ““I am pro-life and I believe that every woman who becomes pregnant deserves to have the freedom to choose life. This is what I believe Joe Biden believes and is one of the many reasons that I will vote for him in November,” Fr. Horan

    The freedom to choose life! Oh that sounds so magnanimous of him. It’s a bunch of hogwash. The ONLY reason the pro-choice movement came to be was for women to be given the choice to choose death for her baby not to choose life. He makes it sound as if the pro-choice protection was taken away then women wouldn’t be able to choose life. As Colonel Potter would say, that’s horse pucky.

    At conception it is clear, a baby is to be born. There was no need to choose life. You let the unborn continue unabated for 9 months and voila! A baby is born if all goes well. So why introduce another option? Another choice? It wasn’t to choose life for life is already there at conception and the mother continues to nurture it. No, it was to have a choice to choose death and only death.

    “..deserves to have the freedom to choose life…” Is this the language that Satan used to try to temp Jesus in the desert?

  23. The Egyptian says:

    would love to see sister Byrne face that twit down, bet she packs a ruler besides the rosary. She has the bearing of a military person, upright and certain, bet she gets what she wants and does it politely. I sense humility backed up by steel willpower

    Sadly I believe this applies to the OFM, Satan is doing his job well
    (by David Burge)
    1. Identify a respected institution.
    2. kill it.
    3. gut it.
    4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

  24. dallenl says:

    Some one should acquaint Fr. Horan with the old but true maxim that “it is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.” Do they not teach logic and natural law in seminaries any longer?

  25. Midwest St. Michael says:

    monstrance says: “This drivel usually flows from the older hippie fellows.”

    Fr. Horan more than likely received his formation from older hippie fellows, monstracne.

  26. Texdon says:

    I have sent Rev. Horan a rosary in case he has lost his.

  27. Benedict Joseph says:

    Five years ago when visiting my old home base in northern NJ/NYC I returned toward the end of June to what was once a very important place in my life, the Church of St. Francis of Assisi on West 31st Street only to be greeted by some display of rainbows in celebration of the upcoming “Pride Parade.” I was sadly astonished. I knew what was long transpiring down at Jesuit St. Francis Xavier parish on West 16th — but the Franciscans as well?
    The Franciscans — the OFMs — are in dire straights.
    Horan holds a faculty position at the Chicago Theological Union and is a columnist for Fishwrap. His fraudulence is beneath contempt. How such an individual is ordained, is held in esteem by his confreres in the order and is apparently exempt from episcopal rebuke should be beyond the imagination, but sadly it is accurately symptomatic of the state of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church.
    He is an abomination.

  28. Byzshawn says:

    Folks, I can tell you from first-hand experience. The Franciscans are in crisis. I was, for a period of almost 2 years, the organist and choirmaster at the Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation in Carey Ohio. The Conventual Franciscans, as a rule, are openly hostile to tradition, worldly, and far to the left of center. Saint Francis would frankly be appalled at the goings-on in that friary. My time there is what convinced me to retire from the practice of church music.

  29. Deacon Ed Peitler says:

    I would encourage these leftist, pro-abort priests to continue speaking their mind publicly. Because every time they do a bunch more Catholics become convinced that voting for Biden is unconscionable. Thanks, Fr. OFM

  30. Deacon Ed Peitler says:

    Now it all makes sense. In my experience, leftist clergy typically have a secret issue operating in their moral lives.

  31. BH says:

    “Always two there are, a master and an apprentice…”

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