Facing down the worst of our storms and threats with prayer

Hurricane Laura was terribly destructive.  It was, after all, a hurricane.

However, it wasn’t as destructive as anticipated.  That might be small relief to those who have directly suffered from it, but at least there are fewer of those who directly suffered from it and perhaps the suffering itself isn’t as heavy to bear.

For years and years, whenever I would bless a car, within a short time that car would be involved in an accident.  When I blessed the airplane on the way to GITMO Naval Station, that plane crashed on the return trip. There were only minor injuries.  Once a woman whose car I had blessed told me that, indeed, she had had an accident.  When I replied that I had warned her ahead of time, she responded: “Think of how bad it would have been if you hadn’t blessed the car!

Some time back I was tracking a huge storm with tornadoes barreling down precisely on where I live.  The news showed, to the minute, on a map showing all the local roads, where the storm was and where were the tell tale signs of twisters spawning.   I went out onto the porch, put on a stole, and read the Litany from the Rituale Romanum with the prayers against storms.  When I went inside, I heard a puzzled weather describe something he hadn’t seen before.  The storm split and wen t to the north and to the south of where I was.

I believe in the power of prayer, be it for healing, for blessings or for abundance, or else against storms or floods or plagues.  I believe that the prayers and exorcisms read by priests and bishops are even holding in check the worst that COVID could do.  It stands to reason.  The Lord told us to pray.

Today I saw this tweet.

Before hurricane Laura hit, on this blog I implored priests, and especially bishops, to read the Litany in the em>Rituale Romanum with the prayers against storms.  When I make the plea against disasters, I’m not kidding around.

Laura could have been as bad as predicted but, for some reason, it wasn’t. We cannot rule out the prayers of this bishop.

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  1. Elaine Vaccaro says:

    I know the damage was bad enough, but when I heard that it was not as expected and that many lives were likely spared, I felt very thankful for priests and prayer warriors like you.

    Yesterday was the 13th day of the Novena for Our Nation, and sure enough Chris Macchio included a beautiful rendition of the Ave Maria at the end of the RNC last night. I have no doubt our prayers are being heard.

  2. NOCatholic says:

    Prayer is powerful. I have no doubt that Bishop Toups had a role in the hurricane being less destructive than expected. (I can’t help wonder, did he use the Rituale Romanum)?

    Elaine, I too am praying the Rosary Novena for Our Nation, as I have every year since 2016 when Father Z first posted about it. Our nation needs prayer, no matter who wins in November, for the end of the pandemic and for an end to the racial, political and cultural polarization that is gripping our country.

  3. teomatteo says:

    Bishops, listen to Fr Z !! (and let’s get go’n on his Monsignir thing!)

  4. Jones says:

    Yes prayer works. Especially in our own lives. God doesn’t owe us anything but when we faithfully call on him and Our Blessed Mother they show up. I love seeing stories like this. It’s always nice to have physical and tangible proof of God answering prayers, like in the bible. Even though he doesn’t have to. I sometimes go on the “Pray More Novenas” website and read the testimonies of answered prayers. It’s so encouraging and heart warming. Keep’em coming!

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