VIDEO: Police critic has a try at police use of force scenarios

This was terrific. It’s a video from 2015.  Tip of the biretta    o{]:¬)     to @VickiMcKenna

I’ve had the opportunity to do some of this simulation training. Things happen really fast. I got killed a few times.

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  1. Semper Gumby says:

    God bless Reverend Maupin and law enforcement.

    “Instinctively, the officer raised his Taser and squeezed the trigger. It turned out the man was armed with a knife, but the “officer,” who was actually the firebrand African-American activist known as Quanell X, acknowledged he would have fired whether the assailant had a knife, a spoon or an empty hand.

    “”I didn’t even see it,” said the leader of the Houston area Black Panther Party, who was taking part in a training scenario in an attempt to understand what police officers go through during high-pressure situations. “It could have been anything in his hand, and I still would have used force to stop him.””

    Military training, scenarios include: Assisting Iraqi police at a traffic checkpoint and Suicide bomber:

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