Wherein Fr. Z asks: What’s with the “QAnon conspiracy theory”?

I have a question.  Usually, when I ask the readership for help with some information, smart people step up.

Today during a presser, a newsie asked Pres. Trump if he agrees with a Georgia Republican who holds to what the reporter called the “QAnon conspiracy theory”.  The newsie’s maneuver was obvious to the point of being gawkish.  The President just ignored that part and moved on.

In any event, the question left me scratching my head.  What’s “QAnon” and why is it a conspiracy theory?  On the surface, it seems that this QAnon theory holds that there is a “deep state” against Pres. Trump and anyone who supports him.

Given the main-stream media’s treatment of Trump, and the way that certain agencies have acted in the last couple of years, I can see why some might get that impression.

And I read that in July 2020, Twitter banned thousands of QAnon-affiliated accounts and changed its algorithms to reduce the spread of the conspiracy theory.

This is obviously something Twitter doesn’t want people to talk about.

Searching the interwebs for “qanon conspiracy theory”, virtually all of the top level responses were from ultra-liberal, Trump Derangement Syndrome crazed outlets.    The top level commentators post astonishing synchronized swimming Capoeiras to debunk QAnon as a fake “conspiracy theory” as well as to mock and excoriate anyone who believes or adheres to it.  The very fact that it is called a “conspiracy theory” frames the whole question in a certain way, right?   After all, “conspiracy theories” are only held by nut jobs… like Mel Gibson in the coincidentally named Conspiracy Theory.

Also, I clicked on a recent video from the BBC “QAnon: The conspiracy theory spreading fake news”, and in its lead in I heard the same puerile argument from sentimentality – the sort you are not supposed to respond to because if you do you are “mean” – that I read over at Jesuit-run Amerika, namely that critics of Pope Francis are “tearing my family apart”. That’s what QAnon adherents are apparently doing: Anyone who “tears families apart”.

Pace Matthew 10:35.

In the BBC piece 23 July piece, “This person I knew as my mother is probably not coming back.”

At Amerika on 13 August Mike Lewis writes in a piece called “Pope Francis’ critics are dividing the church and families—including mine”. Interspersed with remarks about Francis that could have come straight from the Second Nocturn, Lewis wrote:

“My mother, who never read anything Pope Francis actually wrote, became convinced he was a heretic by her friends at church, members of her Catholic book club and through watching “The World Over Live,” a weekly talk show on EWTN hosted by Raymond Arroyo, which often features outspoken papal critics. … At a certain point, I realized that I would never persuade her, and I tried to avoid the subject rather than create more division. When she became sick, I raised the subject a few more times, but it was clear that her views had become entrenched. She even had a coffee mug with the word “Viganò” written on it in capital letters. … This division in the church is a tragic situation that is harming families and communities of faith. … Which leaders among us will respond to the urgent need for action to promote unity in the church?”

She listened to EWTN and even had a “VIGANO” mug!

Underdog! Help us!

Since this is about conspiracy theories, wasn’t Amerika one of the outlets invited to the secret, invitation only, Zoom meeting for on 29 July with Bp. Barron, organized by his kuroko Brandon Vogt, to discuss, inter alia, the “rise of ‘radical Traditionalist’ movements that are often marked by personal attacks and vitriolic commentary”.  HERE


Back to my initial issue.

The QAnon thing is always attached to labels like “far-right” and “alt-right”

Can anyone out there give me a sober explanation of the “QAnon” thing with a sober assessment?   Is there some sober and objective site or article out that which describes this?   I look over the Wiki entry, but – frankly – I don’t have a whole lot of time: it’s pretty extensive and convoluted.  Someone put a lot of time and energy into crafting that entry.  As I write there are 181 linked footnotes!  Just scan them to get a sense of the positions of those who edit the entry.

Frankly, the impression I get from the lefty media is that they have a – here we go – conspiracy to coordinate their messaging to make the QAnon thing so toxic that it can’t be touched.  We all know that that happens.  It seems on the surface to be a campaign to cover up something that is real, namely, what QAnon holds (there is a “deep state” against Pres. Trump and anyone who supports him).  A conspiracy to cover up a conspiracy and then another conspiracy to blast the conspirators who unmasked the conspiracy.   It gets confusing.

So, anyone?   Anything out there that isn’t kooky?  Is this something real or has it just been trumped up?

I’m getting a strong whiff of disinformation.


Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism by Ronald Rychlak and Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa.

BTW… in the movie I mentioned, above, the Mel Gibson character was right.  There was in fact a conspiracy.

HEY!   Patrick Stewart – who lately inspired me to read a #SonnetADay was a bad guy in that movie.  And – hey! – Patrick Stewart was in Star Trek Next Generation in which they had to deal with….. Q!


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  1. Lusp says:

    I’m not into it, but I know some who are and as I understand it, there are a number of different core veins of issues QAnon followers (for lack of a better word) focus on. One is the deep state, as you mentioned, and one that I am more familiar with is child trafficking. They think that child trafficking and prostitution is a pervasive and growing problem that is part of an organized system to satisfy the lust of several rich and powerful global elites, who also use them for satanic rituals, as well as for medical experimentation. They find proof of this in secret signs from elites in allusions to code words and any number of things that seem like coincidences to the uninitiated, but are in fact signals among the elite.
    My personal opinion is that there is a grain of truth to the child trafficking thing, but it’s mixed with a ton of speculation that could have been a script for the aforementioned Mel Gibson movie. Child trafficking is real, but it’s not reasonable to me to think that it’s ALL controlled by an elite instead of just the deviants at all levels of society living out their evil fantasies. But who knows, there is plenty of precedent for elites that are actually that evil.

  2. Well, since Patrick Stewart was the evil who plotted to overthrow the Emperor Tiberius in I, Claudius (and also had hair in those days), I can’t say I’m surprised to find him hatching conspiracies in Mel Gibson movies. Another…coincidence.

    [That’s right! He played Sejanus, if I correctly remember.]

  3. PeterSonOfAnder says:

    This from the Federalist is somewhat helpful. It seems to be too amorphous to define well, but it is based in some truth anyway.


  4. BeautifulSavior says:

    I heard about this a couple of months ago through a friend. I wasn’t interested until I saw General Flynn and his family taking the oath. It’s all about God, country and family. I still don’t know much about it, but I was given a website address, there they post q’s messages. Lately is been down a lot, or my iPad doesn’t let me connect. The site is: x22report.com

  5. The Masked Chicken says:

    I knew nothing about QAnon until about a month-and-a-half, ago. I tend to stay out of political intrigue and the modern-day trend towards meta-cognitive processing (jumping from one discourse level to another, seemingly at random) tends to create the illusion of sinister forces where there are none. That is not to say that there aren’t sinister forces – there, obviously, are, but there are grounded sinister forces and ungrounded ones and it can be hard to tell which is which, these days.

    In any case, I can provide little information about Q, although his origin on 4chan and subsequent rise to prominence is telling. Although it is a far-left magazine, the Atlantic had a good review article a while back: HERE

    QAnon is a purely Internet phenomenon. How it could have gotten started and spread so rapidly, given where it started and the nature of the Internet, takes a page right out of the landmark book on mass movements by the shoreman/philosopher, Eric Hoffer – The True Believer: HERE

    Since I do not have any personally relevant information about QAnon, nor experience with the movement, I will bow out, now.

    The Chicken

  6. Mario Bird says:

    sine dubio perdidimus hominem magnificeque vicimus, cum illum ex occultis insidiis in apertum latrocinium coniecimus.

  7. NoahNehm says:

    Q, it is believed, is a high level military intelligence operation, consisting of a handful of people and attached to President Trump. The moniker Q is derived from a Q level military intelligence clearance designation. The main purpose of this operation is twofold: 1) to alert the public of the behind the scenes struggle between the “patriots” and the deep state and 2) to misdirect the deep state as to the steps it is taking to defeat them, knowing that the messaging is monitored. In other words, it’s a complex communications operation, and it takes place exclusively on the anonymizing website 8kun-dot-top (previously 8chan). The individual messages from this team are known as Q-Drops and are aggregated at websites such as qmap.pub.

    Since the two objectives listed above are at cross-purposes the messaging is typically cryptic, requiring other anonymous posters at 8kun (anons), to unravel and decode the messages using publicly available information from government websites and even from Trump’s tweets. This often requires a great deal of research, which is posted not only on 8kun, but also q-anon related websites like QAnon and the Great Awakening at gab.com/groups/2043. When true information is decoded, it is often validated by a tweet from Trump or by some government action – this validation being known as a Q-Proof. Messages designed to mislead the deep state are not validated in the same way, but rather are occasionally acknowledged some time after a (hopefully misguided) deep state reaction to it.

    Finally, the deep state is a term to describe those who have access to the levers of power ensconced in the military, intelligence, NGO and media bureaucracies throughout the world. This is analogous to the “deep church” a powerful and evil group of unaccountable prelates working inside the Vatican as mentioned by Cdl. Vigano. The deep state coordinates various activities world-wide, not just those seeking political influence on the national and international stage but also illegal operations such as money-laundering, human trafficking, blackmail, stock market and currency manipulation, and arms trafficking. Q is an integral part of the effort by patriots to end the stranglehold of the deep state in the US and around the world.

    Once a sufficient number of Americans become aware of the activity of the deep state, it is believed that the Q operation can proceed in a more open fashion. This will be known as “The Great Awakening”. At this point, it is hoped that the deep state will largely be rooted out of government, whereupon the role of the patriots within government, that is military and civil servants loyal to the principles of open government, democracy and the rule of law, will be widely acknowledged.

    For more information:



  8. Semper Gumby says:

    “Kuroko” *chuckle*

    Faddah, gotta go with “Consigliere” here…

    A warm afternoon at a palatial mansion in upstate New York. Black limousines fill the tree-lined driveway and overflow onto the lawn. Chauffeurs wipe the dust off the cars, swat away the flies, and flick cigarette butts into the bushes.

    Inside the mansion someone, somewhere is playing a violin. From the high-ceilinged reception hall a grand staircase sweeps up to the second floor. Crown molding. Hardwood floors. To the left the door from the library opens, a waiter bearing a tray of bottles closes the door, silently crosses the reception hall and disappears into the kitchen.

    The library is lined with bookcases along three walls, through the plate glass windows the room is filled with late afternoon light, a bluish light from cigar smoke. Around a conference table sit twelve men in sharp business suits.

    A man with grey hair slowly scratches his chin. He mutters, “It’s agreed then. Brandon will have control of Catholic memes from Jersey City to Hoboken.”

    The man swivels his chair around and stares out the window. It’s a fine chair, swiveling without a squeak, handcrafted in the Old Country from rich Corinthian leather. Because when you gotta have a sit-down, you gotta have a Cosa Nostra Chair.

    – J. Peterman Catalog

  9. Clinton R. says:

    I had heard of QAnon, but didn’t know what they were about until the “mainstream” media branded them as “far-right”. That always gets my attention. The news network OAN gets branded as “far-right”. So I checked it out. They present sound conservative news. It is similar to how traditional minded Catholics and parishes are referred to as “ultra-conservative” by the spirit of Vatican II types. That’s one of the favorite tactics of the left, refer to anyone or anything you don’t like as a extremist.

  10. iamlucky13 says:

    Responding to Anita Moore, O.P.(lay):

    “Well, since Patrick Stewart…”

    Wait a second. Does this have something to do with the Q-continuum?

  11. norancor says:

    I will only add to NoahNehm’s overview that part of the corruption that is being exposed by Q is the network of sodomitical and pedophile prelates involved in human trafficking and financial corruption including their collusion with Obama, Soros and the CCP.

  12. Ipse Dixit says:

    NoahNehm gives a detailed summary above that best describes the convoluted workings of what I consider a cult of hopeful wishers. It plays on everyone’s desire to be “in the know” with inside information, and also the desire of good folks to want to believe that justice is about to be served on evil powerful people.

    It seems ludicrous to me that patriots would communicate in this fashion instead of just exposing the truth, but that’s the storyline. Stringing people along with juicy tid bits about how an indictment is imminent and pedophile networks will be exposed. If we can just reelect Trump. And THEN he wont surround himself with deep state people like Fouchi and all the war mongers who prevent him from bringing troops home from Afghanistan, etc., etc. Total psyops for those who put their trust in men (or political parties). It perpetuates the illusion that the choices between candidates is momentous when in fact Trump is just controlled opposition who says things that seem sympathetic toward freedom and liberty, but in fact he presides over the acceleration of the revolution.

    Just my opinion after having studied this kabuki dance for 45+ years beginning as a teenager And then in college at Georgetown where Clinton also studied under Prof Carrol Quigley who promoted the goals of the Elites while at the same time exposing them in his bookTragedy and Hope. He just didn’t think they needed to remain in the shadows. Recall how GWB (Skull and Boness at Yale) and both chambers of the legislative branch in the hands of the GOP increased spending to levels that would have gotten Clinton impeached. And now DJT going all in on an
    orgasm of spending the likes of which have never been seen and which will wreck the US economy as effectively as losing a hot war. And conditioning the populace to accept diabolical controls of every movement and decision they make. Only a GOP president of a deluded electorate, reading tea leaves from Qanon, could move the goals of the deep state this far forward without provoking serious backlash.

    Wake up folks. We are Catholic. Not R’s and D’s. We fight powers and principalities. With prayer and truth. We don’t need secretive Qanon. I get that we should be wise as serpents to fight serpents, but this group aint the answer. Those who really fight the battles and expose the nefarious doings of the elite are in prison (Julian Assange) or in exile (Edward Snowden). And, I am not even sure the latter isn’t a cut-out psyop too.

    What ultimately matters is being in a state of grace on the day you die. Focus more on that and less on Qanon. Peace be to all you who take refuge here with me in Fr Z’s garden.

  13. Fr. Reader says:

    Sometime ago a priest talked to me about politicians and companies involved in very nasty things. I thought it was a bit exaggerated, even if we know these things happen.
    Later I read a long article explaining the “QAnon conspiracy theory” and accusing many people. I felt it was too exaggerated, and I did not take it seriously.
    Later on, I watched the short BBC video, and I began to think seriously about the accusations. If the theory is so obviously false, why the BBC creates a straw man of it in order to burn it like that?

  14. Julia_Augusta says:

    Here’s a short introduction to the 4 functions of Q:

    I am more interested in why people from all walks of life, believe in QAnon. Seems there is widespread disenchantment with the current political process and disgust with the elites everywhere.

  15. DoghouseRiley says:

    Best intro (sez me) is “Revolution Q” by Neon Revolt. $8.99 Kindle ($19.90 paperback) at Amazon.com

  16. granitroc says:

    NoahNehm does an excellent job of describing an incredibly complex op probably run by military intelligence in league with the President (aka Q+). There are a number of apps that publish the Q posts and comments by anons (Anonymous) posters and commentators.

    The posts are cryptic to the uninitiated and require going back to the first posts in 2017 to get a good understanding. Even still, a number of “decoders” have published their interpretations that have aided the anons in following along. Some “decoders” have been debunked by Q and others attributed as being on the right track. My personal favorite is praying medic who can be found on YouTube. He has also published a book on Q for the uninitiated.

    Do I believe it? A definite MAYBE, but since this may involve intelligence games, anything is possible. The apps have been removed from the Apple store, but if you have Android, you can get QDrops or Q Alerts Lite. The latter can also be downloaded to a PC.

    Like a babushka doll, there are many secrets and puzzles. Or to use another analogy, it may be a Wilderness of Mirrors you are entering into.

  17. Padre Pio Devotee says:

    QAnon has been going on since the beginning of Trump’s presidency, and even slightly before his election. They’re most active on Twitter. Some of their tenants:

    A) They are conservatives, mostly in the US, but have spread throughout the world.

    B) They believe that Trump is fighting against the deep state and the global elite, especially in busting up child abuser rings. In addition they are very much against the artwork of Maria Abramovich who performs “spirit cooking” and odd, demonic artwork. The artist is linked with multiple high profile artists, Hollywood elite, and politicians.

    C) They use the hashtag #WWG1WGA which stands for Where We Go One We Go All

    D) QAnnon is supposed to be a person who is dropping different codes hints on a thread. The group has different theories of who the actual person(s) begins QAnon is.

    E) They use the different hints QAnnon drops on the thread to see what is events/happenings are coming up next.

    F) You’ll see people use the hashtag #WWG1WGA or simply Q shirts, hats, and posters at Trump rallies, anti-COVID rallies, and the anti-human trafficking rally that just happened in LA. Additionally, both Trump’s sons have retweeted QAnnon accounts on Twitter. Thus sparking the theory Trump is on Q.

    G) Some of them believe eventually that Hillary, Obama, Gates, etc…will be locked up in Gitmo. And the weirder aspect is they believe that JFK Jr. never faked his own death and will come back.

    Some of it a little crazy, but for the most part they are good people, with good intentions, from what I’ve seen and read online on their threads. They’re pro-Trump, pro-life, pro-American, anti-globalists, anti-human trafficking.

  18. You wrote: Some of it a little crazy, but for the most part they are good people, with good intentions, from what I’ve seen and read online on their threads. They’re pro-Trump, pro-life, pro-American, anti-globalists, anti-human trafficking.

    If that is the case, one can see why the Left is so eager to paint them as psychotic menaces. The Dems must snuff out at any cost.

  19. Ipse Dixit says:

    There is no doubt some powerful people are involved in some heinous activity. Think Windswept House. This is not just a secular political problem.

    And it is also true that they are often protected from prosecution by well placed authorities. Just look at how corrupt the FBI has become in attempting to get Hillary elected and the fact that nobody has gone to jail. But, the fact that they hate Trump is not proof that Trump is a white knight. He is just on the “wrong” team of insiders who vie with each other for control of the reins of power but who don’t fundamentally have different aims. Look at the votes of SCOTUS appointees Roberts or Gorsuch.

    If Qanon is truly an intel op, it is possibly a diversion or what is referred to as a limited or partial hang out that exposes some criminality, but protects a larger network. In this age of Internet dissemination of info, ordinary people can collectively uncover more schemes and connections, and publicize them. That info can begin to gain traction. Such movements need to be coopted and diverted. Enter Qanon.

  20. KateD says:

    First time I heard of it was at a cookie exchange several years ago. And I have caught snippets of conversation at parties, usually exhausted from traveling and after a beverage or two….I’ve been given the info to tune in, but never got around to it. Basically, it sounds like a person high up in government with top security who leaks information once a week, and then several days later the leaked thing happens or is otherwise confirmed. Like a 21 Century Watergate Deep Throat.

    Ie, Podesta Emails, Pizza Gate, Epstein’s Isle, FBI agent Storz and his girlfriend’s text messages about Trump, the origin of the Russian folio, etc.

    People I know who mentioned the leaks are credible and successful types. Many from a big multigenerational family. They are trad, NO and charismatic….that is to say opinions are strong and vary (omigosh!), but they are ALL ardently faithful to the Truth and devout and many find credence in what is leaked.

    What is leaked is unfavorable to liberal politicians and their criminal cronies….hence “right wing conspiracy” as dubbed by Gates’ MSNBC and Zuckerberg’s media affiliates. Is it any wonder? They have zero respect for the American system of government and freedom of speech.

    Look, you’ve got the Podesta emails, testimonies of. various players confirming what is posted. There is not much ambiguity as to the veracity.

    You’ve got a good analytical mind and nose for B as in B and S as in S. Check to it for yourself and see what you think.

    The people I know believe there’s is a satanic cabal who supports abortion and participate in the ritual abuse of children. Podesta’s emails, wiki leaks, and the Democrat platform confirm various aspects. I don’t understand how someone at this point can say those things are not happening….Then again we can’t get to the point where we think we see a devil under every rock and bush, either.

    Unless there is……..

  21. MarkV says:

    Great post! Along the idea that ‘conspiracies’ seem to be an ‘alt-right’ thing, it seem worth nothing global warming, Russian collusion, gender theory, ozone depletion by 2000, etc. None of these were founded in reason, science, or truth. And yet none of these are ever classified as “conspiracy theories.” Even now this “worst virus ever” is missing the bar set by the Spanish Flu by a factor of 1:2000, and yet adherence isn’t considered a conspiracy theory. Only if it is held by the Right is such a moniker applied…

  22. mamajen says:

    I’ve known of Q Anon for quite some time. I follow politics closely. “Q” has made numerous wild predictions that simply have not come to pass. Many have seen that and moved on, but somehow it has taken on a life of its own.

    One of the most frustrating things for me in recent years, and especially very recently, has been watching “my side” swallow conspiracy theories and fake news (much of which is put out by enemy countries to sew discord) hook, line, and sinker. I have seen complete rubbish shared on social media without a thought as to its accuracy. Critical thought seems not to be happening very much.

    People are putting their faith in individual internet and media personalities, some of them completely faceless and nameless like Q Anon, instead of God. When we invest our time in this stuff, we have less time to pray and less time to live out our vocations as we should. Q Anon devotion is all about trying to learn the future to assuage our fears, which is unhealthy and I would say, for Catholics, improper. I know because I’ve been guilty of it. We really need to take a good, hard look at what the internet is doing to us.

    I end up thinking less of people who I discover are “Q believers,” including this politician. Sorry.

  23. acardnal says:

    mamajen, nice to hear from you again .

  24. SKAY says:

    Father Z said:

    “If that is the case, one can see why the Left is so eager to paint them as psychotic menaces. The Dems must snuff out at any cost.”

    I absolutely agree Father Z.
    The swamp creatures are getting very nervous and with good reason.
    I do not go to the Q site but I have seen various comments about it on other sites by people
    who appear to be quite sane. The problem is that we now know that most of the MSM
    can no longer be trusted to be truthful. What they did to the Covington students comes to mind. If I am looking for the truth about things happening in the Church I always come to this site first. I would never go to the Fishwrap.
    I am not surprised to see the left trying to discredit Q. As a pro life Traditional Catholic,
    it makes sense to me that they want to push the totally pro abortion ticket of Biden/Harris and against one of the most pro life Presidents who does NOT shrink from standing for the innocent.

  25. DeeEmm says:

    The day is here where the final thread now intersects like a finely spun cobweb……Father Z and Q.

    Well Father, I was alerted to Q’s existence earlier this year by a random conversation with a medical professional no less. I was completely ignorant prior to that encounter. I have spent many an hour reading, watching videos, watching documentaries and the conclusion I have come to is that Q is the real deal. I am fully awake now. I know a busy priest like yourself may not have the time to spend like I did but there is a lot to learn if one was interested. Particularly about what our very own government has been doing to us.

    NoahNehm has given you an excellent description to start. But the crucial thing to remember is that Q is the fountainhead, the source (qmap.pub). Q anons are the citizens who unravel and decode what Q has dropped. Some anons have been brilliant. But like the game pass the message, some info gets distorted and twisted the further away it gets from the source. Sometimes the info is twisted by the opposition (libs) and used to discredit the Q movement. It seems you have discovered this for yourself.

    So why is Q using all this cloak and dagger stuff??? Well, just look around. The monolithic media is a propaganda machine brainwashing the masses. They lie and distort reality to serve their master the far left. Every last one of them. I never fully understood this until now. Social media is really a way to censor us, to track us, not to give us free speech. Q has to reach the citizens by bypassing the corrupt media. President Trump and his administration are fighting a cabal deeply entrenched in our world and who manipulate our perception of reality.

    People throw around Ephesians 6:12 to school you on evil. Trust me when I tell you I never understood what evil in this world really was until now. If you have the time and the stomach for it look up Dutch ex-banker Ronald Bernard’s testimony to the ITNJ and his other videos. The rulers in high places are an actual group who coordinate. They are not like us, they worship Satan, and they control every aspect of our lives. An all-powerful layer of society invisible to us. Aren’t many of us now banned from public masses? Control. New World Order. Control. The deep state is just one of their tools to control the narrative, to hide the truth. What is the truth?

    Jesus Christ is the truth. All glory and honour to him and his holy name.

  26. KateD says:

    I just want to re-iterate that QAnon, from what I understand, is supposed to be an information leak from a government source. It is not a belief system and so there are no followers in the context of devotees.

    The Catholics I know who follow it, as in the context of following a news story, are the least confused and most devout in any church lucky enough to have them as parishioners. Unimpeachable in their faith to a person….Honestly, Satan must tremble when one of them enters a room…..

  27. JakeMC says:

    That line about things Twitter does not want people to talk about struck a cord with me. Not because of any experience I’ve had on social media, but because of the MSN homepage. They used to allow comments. A few years ago, nearly all the comments were along the lines of calling the mainstream media on news that was so obviously fake, a six-year-old could spot it. After a few months of this, the comments section vanished, replaced by a notice that the site was being revamped, and that comments would eventually be allowed again.
    I no longer remember how many years ago that was, but we’re still waiting. Instead of a comments section, they now have a literally bottomless ad section. I kid you not. You can scroll to what seems to be the bottom of the page, and more ads are loaded. Just to see if there was an end to them, I kept scrolling one day for over thirty minutes. Nope. Still no bottom to the page.
    It was so obviously their way of silencing those of us who still have brains in our heads, it wasn’t funny.
    Now I wasn’t a conspiracy theorist before…No. Scratch that. Back in the 1960s, I was one of the people who was accused of “seeing Commies under the bed.” So I guess I’ve actually been a conspiracy theorist before that was even a thing. ;D

  28. mamajen says:

    Thanks acardnal!

  29. canarybird says:

    Interestingly Q quoted Vigano’s letter to Trump before it was publically published in lifesitenews and Trumps Twitter.

    See drops 4541 & 4542 respectively. Released June 30 at 5:31am and 5:32 respectively.

    To be honest I thought you were Q as he shares a similar wit and interest in loricas and the military as yours. You both also seem to be able to get around and produce cryptic clues to your adventures.

    However Q was a little too quick to judge Cardinal George Pell and should of waited for the whole circus to play out there.

  30. canarybird says:

    See qmap.pub for ready access

  31. The Egyptian says:

    Dear Fr Z
    I am late on this however if you read this this video may explain a lot about “Q” and the “deep state”,
    the host Millie Weaver, is a great researcher and the two guests are turning rat on the goings on in government and deep state corruption, she is so close to the target she was arrested yesterday “secret” charges, watch it while you can. I don’t know how to archive a YouTube on my computer or if you can but it would be worth it.
    shows what Trump is really up against, for one it explains the polls being so out of whack 2016. Pure syops. I know it’s over an hour but it is fascinating and downright frightening

  32. KT127 says:

    I’ve known about “Q” for a long time now. Another site I frequent discusses Q often, I’ve interacted with many of the posters for years, so I have some sense of them. I have found most of them to be intelligent, trustworthy and credible. Most of them are strong Christians. The consensus there is Q is credible but not infallible.

    I will repeat what others have said, most of what I have heard about Q related to Child trafficking and corruption in the deep state. The attempt to downplay Q or the Q messages as a conspiracy theory fills me with revulsion. Decent people do not give cover to predators of children.

  33. Hans says:

    I asked my wife much the same question the other morning. The TV was on where we were having breakfast, tuned to one of those three-lettered fantasy news networks, when a Q-whatsit story came on. I like to think I’m widely read (though I haven’t hung out in the alt.-world since the early 90s, when I took breaks from my gradual studies in a survivalist thread — some really thoughtful people were there, and others who seemed as likely to cause the problems they worried about as anyone), and the only place I hear about it is from people attacking it. She didn’t care, so I let it drop.

    Anyway, watching with the sound off changes how things are perceived, and my strong impression of them at Trump-rallies was that they were there to draw attention to themselves and perhaps even away from the man at the mic. Everything they did seemed exaggerated for effect, rather like the worst in stereotypical soap-opera acting. It seemed as if they were there to make him look foolish by association.

    Is that what’s going on? How would I know? But it was a powerful impression.

  34. ChesterFrank says:

    Q-Anon is something CNN says I have to be worried about. That’s all anyone needs to know.

  35. JesusFreak84 says:

    I think QAnon is a troll from 4chan (or 8chan or some other *chan) just trying to see how far he can push it without getting busted or doxxed. (Seriously, half of his “predictions” go nowhere like all of those Protestant preachers who try and predict the day of the Second Coming.) I think most people who believe in it mean well, but I also think most anti-vaxxers *mean well.* You know what they say about the paving of the road to Hell…

  36. gretta says:

    Can’t speak to the larger question. But a friend of mine posted about the child sex trafficking aspect of this on her Facebook page. I scrolled through just to see what they heck she was posting about, and there was this whole riff (and I wish I was kidding) that people wearing red shoes was a way that they identified other members of this child sex trafficking group. Though the post did not call him out, there was a very disturbing photo collage that along with other photos had a picture of Pope Benedict wearing his red shoes. I got on and posted to her page about the Catholic tradition of popes wearing red shoes, and that I thought that was a pretty nasty anti-Catholic slur. I got no response. But it was a nasty post and a really vile inference.

  37. Semper Gumby says:

    “Which leaders among us will respond to the urgent need for action to promote unity in the church?”

    A good place to start is with Francis. Answer the Dubia, release the McCarrick Report, no pagan rituals at the Vatican.

  38. Diana says:

    Aw, man. I love red shoes and have many of them… the angels want to wear them, you know. ;)

  39. Elizabeth D says:

    I looked into the Q thing after reading this thread and it seems like Q stopped posting anything since a longer comment about “the revolution” on July 31, after having commented a bit previous that silence does not mean inaction. I also could not find out where on 8kun these Q drops supposedly are posted, not that I really want to look at 8kun whatsoever. Google “helps” by not giving useful search results. Seems like a lot of the internet wants you not to find certain sites or information (granted 8kun seems to be chockfull of vile and obscene stuff, but other Q related searches were also oddly unhelpful. I did find out that searching for the term “q drops” on Google versus Duckduckgo gets utterly different results). I did see a forum at 8kun that was for discussing Qanon stuff. I did not read into it much as there seemed to be a high noise to signal ratio. A person commented they had concluded a specific young man who had an intelligence related Trump admin role a few years ago that he had to depart from, but whom Trump ordered this May to be appointed to a Defense Department position may be involved, after looking up that name, it’s at least an interesting speculation. I have concluded i don’t want to wade too deep into what seems like a mind game. To be honest, for some reason it makes me think of the Medjugorje messages which I believe people can stay more sane if they pay no mind and just remember what they know anyway; it’s true Mary loves us and wants us to be good and pray. I also saw a comment by a conservative that I thought was on point, that they found Q’s postings to be hopeful and encouraging. It’s possible that this is a major point of it: It’s a message that there are well placed people who are countering the apparently extremely powerful progressive forces on a deep level, and that you’re also a part of that, that we’re a team. I have to say I do not want to be involved with this. If I understand correctly (which I am not sure of) part of the message is that a violent right wing coup type action is wanted to be avoided; we must succeed by other means so that it should never come to that. That’s for darn sure; count me out of that absolutely.

  40. Prayerful says:

    QAnon is nonsense that fools some boomers on Twitter. It’s not real. It’s origin on 4chan’s /pol should provide a strong clue to how it is just a fraud.

  41. GregB says:

    One person who covers the current goings-on from a legal perspective is Viva Frei a Canadian lawyer who has a blog on YouTube called Viva Frei Vlawg. He also does live streams with Robert Barnes.

  42. Pingback: TVESDAY EDITION – Big Pulpit

  43. sjoseph371 says:

    The only thing that prevents me from going all out in believing conspiracy theories is the intelligence required to pull them off. Since the government couldn’t find its butt with both hands, a map, and a GPS, that pretty much excludes them from pulling something that intricate. . . . .when faced with 2 options – conspiracy theory or gross ineptitude, choose the latter.

  44. nycdreamr says:

    “Q Anon” is an alleged, unnamed government worker who says he or she has uncovered an international cabal of sex offenders (mostly well known politicians and people in the entertainment industry on the left, politically) engaged in a massive, hidden sex trade involving minors. In other words, it’s one person (probably a guy?) who has given no evidence, not been corroborated by anyone else making wacko accusations and posting them online. I lean far more right than left and even I have concluded it has no credence what-so-ever.

  45. buffaloknit says:

    Jason Jones had a few great podcasts back in April (episode #52 and #55) all about q, qanon and it’s followers. They were very informative.

  46. TRW says:

    The whole QAnon thing caters to:
    1. Our innate desire to ” be in the know “.
    “Surely, someone must know what’s really going on!”
    2. Our innate desire for Justice in the temporal realm. “Surely someone’s gonna make things right”. Powerlessness is something nobody likes.
    3. Our innate desire to look away from our own sinfulness. The types of heinous crimes that the QAnon folks fixate on do occur in the real world; however, when I turn evil into a caricature of itself, it’s safely and conveniently moved far away from me. In other words, it’s a nice way to not look at my own shortcomings and sinfulness.

    Really, the QAnon thing satisfies a lot psychological needs. We don’t need Q as a Saviour.
    God knows everything, He’s in control, and we are all the problem.

  47. YankeeDoodle says:

    Dear Fr. Z,
    To begin to understand Qanon and the real threat to humanity watch the documentary, “4 Presidents” directed by Ken Del Vecchio and narrated by Andrew Gause.
    Simply put, a quote from Jordan Sather sums it up:
    “Q IS an intelligence dissemination operation conducted by the White House and connected Military Intelligence insiders to BYPASS the Fake News Media and inform the public of an ongoing shadow civil war happening between Allied Patriots and the Deep State.”
    As stated by another post X22 Reports helps shed some light with daily news and a daily financial report on his Youtube and Bitchute channels.
    Q exposes the deep state and we Qanons research his posts on Qmaps which is aggregated from 8chan (no need to go anywhere else on 8chan because it is attacked with pornography and other nastiness). Q posts on 8chan because it is NOT controlled by Google, Twitter, Facebook and the like.Q is only on 8chan boards.
    Regarding the claim that Qanon is a Gnostic movement, this is not true. It is not a secret movement. “Sometimes you can’t TELL the public the truth. YOU MUST SHOW THEM. It’s time to wake up.” (Q post May 3, 2020)
    And as for “predictions” not happening, a lot of posts are communicated in military code to keep the deep state guessing and panicking because the deep state has a playbook that they are following. Think central banking system.
    Another documentary that begins to uncover the stream of lies and deceptions from Hollywood to the main stream news outlets to the alphabet agencies, especially the C.I.A., is called “Out of Shadows”.
    We have been following and reading the past Q posts for quite a while and it makes more and more sense as time passes.
    Q never claims to be a savior. It is military intelligence without giving classified information.
    We have seen patriot accounts of people turning to God because of what Q is exposing.
    For God and Country!

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