A way to get at the Most Holy Trinity from C.S. Lewis

May I make a recommendation?   A friend of mine – who happens to be right now mobilizing and quarantined at Ft. Bliss – sent me the recent C.S. Lewis “doodle”.  These are GREAT.

Try this… From Mere Christianity – US HERE

His essential books. Everyone needs these!

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  1. Tooksam says:

    Intellectually C.S. Lewis is responsible for making me a Christian. G.K. Chesterton made me a Catholic.

  2. Les Buissonets says:

    Ditto: ‘The Screwtape Letters’ made me a Christian, though it took Ronald Knox to make me a Catholic.

  3. NOCatholic says:

    I was already a (new) Catholic when I read C.S. Lewis, but “Mere Christianity” and many of his other works, including”The Problem of Pain” and “The Four Loves” confirmed me in the Catholic faith.

  4. Grant M says:

    C S Lewis made me a Christian, John Henry Newman made me a Catholic.

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