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The pub that survived the Great Plague is shut down by Covid-1984

Okay… this is getting seriously ridiculous now. It’s time to put a stop to the Wuhan Devil. From the Daily Telegraph I learned that the Lamb and Flag in Oxford is to close. That’s just plain WRONG!

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A way to get at the Most Holy Trinity from C.S. Lewis

May I make a recommendation?   A friend of mine – who happens to be right now mobilizing and quarantined at Ft. Bliss – sent me the recent C.S. Lewis “doodle”.  These are GREAT. Try this… From Mere Christianity – US … Read More

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Mind-blowing profundity at the reconstituted John Paul II Institute 2.0

Sometimes I like to post lighter fare on a Friday.  But today, I am so moved, so overwhelmed and thunderstruck with awe, that I must share this quote.  Honestly, folks, I’m gobsmacked.  I’m all at sixes and sevens. We once … Read More

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Rutler writes about “men with chests”. The “impossible dream”?

Fr. Rutler has a terrific piece at the invaluable Crisis. Read the whole thing, but here is some with my usual treatment. Where Are the Churchmen With Chests? [“Chests”… a great image.  It was famously used (as Rutler mentions, below, … Read More

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Screwtape’s letter to Bitterwench

C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters!  Oft’ imitated.  Never really rivaled. If you haven’t read this book yet…. what on your planet at you waiting for?!? US HERE UK HERE My favorite method to absorb Lewis’ window is the audiobook reading by John Cleese. … Read More

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Latin. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Fr. John Hunwicke, priest, gentleman and Latinist, has a spiffing post at his blog Mutual Enrichment (which title is a reference to Summorum Pontificum). He writes about Latin.  Here is a taste of the first part with my oft-imitated emphases and comments: Since … Read More

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Silence… silence… please, God, more silence! Fr. Z rants.

I just sent in a column for The Wanderer.  Here is the first part of what I offered this week. In his General Audience of 10 August, Pope Benedict spoke about monastic silence, beauty and prayer.  He said, Silence is … Read More

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About Universae Ecclesiae and the Latin language

Over at Over at Fr Hunwicke’s Liturgical Notes I noted this from a few days ago.  A good read and with my own emphases and comments: Universae ecclesiae, C S Lewis, and Bl John XXIII I referred not long ago … Read More

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