Daily Rome Shot 16

Take a close look….

Photo by Bree Dail.

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  1. Semper Gumby says:

    Someone bolted a microwave to the outside of their apartment. Intriguing.

    [LOL… but… no. That’s not it.]

  2. DanielC says:

    Looks like grass is growing in the street from no one walking around anymore.

  3. Semper Gumby says:

    Down the street on the right hangs the Stars and Stripes. This can only mean one thing.

    Our glorious commander of the Third Legion, General Chuckus Vindictus Norrisus, has returned from Libya with bars of gold from Ophir, sacks of coffee beans from Ethiopia and chests of frankincense from Arabia. A Triumph!


  4. No, Smarticus Pantsicus, that’s not it either.

    Though there is a lot of coffee to be found in the Borgo Pio.

    Wanna give it one more try?

  5. TNCath says:

    Moss between the cobblestones of Borgo Pio in November?

  6. TNCath says:

    I should have said grass growing between the cobblestones in December!

  7. There is something strange in the sky.

    [Those are called ‘clouds’.]

  8. But… yes, indeed. GRASS growing between the sanpietrini in the Borgo Pio.


  9. TNCath says:

    Lack of pedestrian traffic and/or unseasonably warm ?

  10. Kathleen10 says:

    I don’t even see the microwave.

  11. Andreas says:

    Perhaps it is that only one person (in the foreground) from all those seated, standing or walking toward the camera appears to be wearing a mask.

  12. pbnelson says:

    Is that an American flag hanging on the right side of the street? Hurray for Old Glory!

  13. TNCath says:

    It always flies in front of the Hotel Sant’Anna, a popular refuge for American tourists. A very good, well run hotel with an excellent staff.

  14. TNCath says:

    The American flag always flies in front of the Hotel Sant’Anna, a popular and convenient refuge for American tourists in Rome. It has a friendly and well-trained staff as well.

  15. iPadre says:

    I love Roberto’s on the corner to the left.

    Strange to see grass growing.

  16. Semper Gumby says:

    Kathleen10: I was having a little fun with that white box with black oval at the top of the photo near the center.

    semperficatholic: If you’re talking about what looks like a “V” on its side, follow the lines to their terminus and you’ll see those are wires.

  17. Fr. Z, those are some pretty strange clouds. I am pretty familiar with what clouds look like; I live in Texas, lol. If you blow the picture up very large and look at the wiring for the blue light that is in the middle of the picture over the street you will see a line above it that looks like a backward slash; that is what I am referring to. Mighty strange formation of clouds. And it is not a flock of birds either.

  18. Semper Gumby, the backward slash is not a wire. I blew this pic up about 4 times its size. If that is a wire someone needs to do some major repairs. ?

  19. emj says:

    The “backward slash” reminds me of a satellite train but I wouldn’t think that would visible during the day. I wondered if there is something unusual about one of the pedestrians?… can’t zoom in to see enough detail…..

  20. Andreas says:

    The street is Borgo Pio looking in the direction of the Vatican’s Porta St. Anna which can be seen in the distance. If one uses Google Maps, it is possible to locate the point where the photo was taken (https://www.google.at/maps/@41.9037802,12.4605979,3a,75y,279.58h,92.03t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sX_ fDwzToJi4mKB gBFNJlow!2e0!7i13312!8i6656). If nothing else, you can see that the great mystery in the sky debate is settled; these are indeed crossed suspended wires.

    That being said, I fear that I still do not know to what Father Z is alluding.

  21. MaryHelen says:

    HAM antenna, top of building, center of photo :D

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