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ACTION ITEM! Seven Sister Apostolate – THURSDAY

UPDATE 31 Dec 2020: I received this note: Father, four women have come forward to pray for you on Thursdays! One new “sister” is from Luxembourg. I suggest you post that your request has been fulfilled and that you will … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Penance on Friday, Octave of Christmas

I had a note from a reader about the need to do penance on this coming Friday, which is the Octave of Christmas. The short answer is NO. Why?  Because according to Canon Law, Catholics are bound to do penance … Read More

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Stick a fork in Argentina. It has now been offered by their Senate for full service of the Enemy of the Soul. Sickening VIDEO

It is a tough beginning of the day. The video in the tweet below is illustrative. What flashed through my head is the book by Michael O’Brian, Voyage To Alpha Centauri. US HERE – UK HERE  Esp. this part HERE I literally had … Read More

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This is war, friends.  Total, unrestricted, asymmetrical war.  Wherein Fr. Z rants.

UPDATE: Read what I wrote about totalitarians back in Jan 2020 before the Wuhan Devil COVID-1984 madness took full control HERE And check out Jennifer’s book… The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and Why the Church Was … Read More

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