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#ASonnetADay – 113. “Since I left you mine eye is in my mind…”

#ASonnetADay – 113. “Since I left you mine eye is in my mind…” pic.twitter.com/seClV4bGEY — Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (@fatherz) December 10, 2020

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St. Barbara, patron saint of artillery

At Marine Times I saw a fun piece about St. Barbara, who happens to be the patron saint of artilleries.  My emphases and comments. How a Roman-era Rapunzel became the patron saint of artillery On December 4, artillery units around the world … Read More

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Msgr. Richard Soseman – R.I.P.

I heard today that a good friend of mine Msgr. Richard Soseman died from the Wuhan Devil.   He was 57.   A story HERE I’ve known him for many years.   He worked in Rome in the Curia for a time and … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 19

Photo by Bree Dail.

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What could possibly go wrong?

First, we have the developing COVIET Union, with its humiliating and ineffective face diaper regiment, intended to break the will of the people. Then we have massive election fraud in the most important nation on Earth, which is riddled with … Read More

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