“Those who support Donald Trump should no longer be allowed to publish books or use the Internet or fly on airplanes.”

So here I am again posting something that Tucker Carlson said.  Once again, I think he nailed something.  You’ve been warned.

From 7 January 2021 with my emphases and comments.

Within minutes of Trump supporters breaching the U.S. Capitol building Wednesday, virtually every powerful person in the country erupted in rage at the president.

Business leaders demanded that Trump be removed from office immediately under the 25th Amendment. Members of Congress clamored to impeach him, and at least one Democrat suggested that anyone in Congress who supported his claims of election fraud must be expelled. Meanwhile, the media set about denouncing Trump as a terrorist and a murderer, etc.

Notice a theme? The reaction was all about Donald Trump. The people in charge of every institution in American life spend all day talking about Donald Trump. You may not have noticed, because that’s not very different from any other day over the past five-and-a-half years since he announced his candidacy.

It has been all about Donald Trump all of the time. And the effect on us has been noticeable. We’ve gone from being this big, sprawling country with an enormous span of concerns and interests to a kind of sweaty, airless chat room of 330 million people, all of whom are simultaneously focused with monomaniacal intensity on a single man. That is not healthy, no matter how you feel about Trump.

Is any president worth all of this time and attention? All politicians come with a shelf life. In Trump’s case, the expiration date arrives in 13 days.

Just for a moment, let’s think about what life will be like next month. Two weeks from Thursday, Donald Trump will no longer be in control of our nuclear arsenal. He will not have command of federal agencies or even, most likely, his own Twitter account.

The rest of us, and this is key, will still be here. We’ve got nowhere to go. So what is life going to be like for us on Jan. 20? Not many people seem to be thinking about that, up to and including the people we pay to think about it. Donald Trump thinks almost exclusively about Donald Trump, but so does almost every single Democrat and Republican in the Congress. [NB] Who’s got your concerns top of mind? Who wakes up in the middle of the night worried about your family? As far as we can tell, no one.

That’s the main thing we need to change. It won’t be easy, but the themes are pretty clear. Here are the basics: The point of the Republican Party is not to protect the personal reputations of its leaders, but its voters. In practice, that means protecting the Bill of Rights, the bedrock promises of American life. Without them, you wouldn’t want to live here. Those freedoms are incalculably more important than any single politician.

Donald Trump could become immortal and win the next 40 presidential elections and his daughter the next 40 after that. But if America becomes a place where you have to violate your own conscience in order to hold a job, you’re not allowed to protect your family from mob violence and your children can’t afford to get married and raise your grandchildren because employers don’t like their skin color, then what’s the point of all of it? There is none. No one wants to live in a place like that or should have to, no matter who the president is.

We should be very concerned about all of this right now. Wednesday’s riot is already being used as a pretext for an unprecedented crackdown on civil liberties. Just in the last several hours, we have heard people in positions of power demand that those who support Donald Trump should no longer be allowed to publish books or use the Internet or fly on airplanes. Driving cars, holding jobs and staying in hotels will certainly be next and we’re barely exaggerating. [This is really going to happen, folks.  Start making plans.]

To justify these mind-bending, terrifyingly un-American demands, they are, as usual, relying on lies and hysteria. What happened Wednesday wasn’t simply a political protest getting out of hand after the president recklessly encouraged it (Which is, you know, what actually happened). Instead, they’re calling it domestic terrorism and, needless to say, White supremacy.

Why are they doing that? Simple. They know that if they keep saying it, history will record it as true. They understand the power of language, and that’s why they try to control it. They know that words have consequences. This is scary, and the party that should be stepping in to stop it, to push back, to tell the truth in the face of lies and to protect its voters from this deception and the destruction that inevitably comes next, does nothing. Often, in fact, they join in.

With bodyguards like this, tens of millions of Americans have no chance. They’re about to be crushed by the ascendant left, the people who say, “Well, I don’t think they should be allowed to fly on airplanes.”  [You know that that’s where this is going, don’t you.]

Why is no one defending them? The main problem, and this really is the main problem on the right, is that the people who run the Republican Party don’t really like their own voters. They especially don’t want the voters that Trump brought. Trump brought a noticeably downscale element to the party’s ranks, and this horrifies them.

Many Republicans in Washington now despise the people they’re supposed to represent and protect. In fact, it’s not just Republican leaders who feel this way, but our entire leadership class. You rarely hear it spoken out loud, but it’s the truth.

A very specific form of internal loathing is at the core of the reaction to Donald Trump. Nothing is more repulsive to socially anxious White professionals than working class people who look like them. The proles are their single greatest fear. They remind them of where they may have come from or where they could be going if things turn south.

So if you want to understand the hatred — not just disagreement, but gut-level loathing and fear of Trump in, say, New York or Washington or Los Angeles — you’ve got to understand that first. It’s not really Trump, it’s his voters. The new money class despises them. [People who have power don’t want to give it up.  Inevitably, when power is only will and not informed with charity, that’s where the death camps start.]

Trump didn’t despise them, and that really was his secret. In the end, Donald Trump did not judge his own voters. Trump ate McDonald’s and his voters were very grateful for it. You’d be grateful for it, too, if everyone else hated you.

Thirteen days from now, tens of millions of these voters will not have Donald Trump to protect them. They won’t have anyone. And unless the Republican Party decides to wake up and push back against the lies and acknowledge the purpose of those lies, which is an unprecedented crackdown on the way you live, you have no chance, either.

This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the Jan. 7, 2021 edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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  1. Jones says:

    “Assume the footing that every Mass you attend could be your last, and every reception of Holy Communion could be your Viaticum. It’s time.” Time to prepare for martyrdom.

  2. Spinmamma says:

    Yes. Right out of the Stalinist playbook. The erasure of President Trump from the digital world is proceeding apace. Even many of the people he placed in positions of power are acting like a pack of hyenas. It is grievous to behold. Such cowardice and selfishness. It brings to mind the Ides of March. Pray for us Holy Mother of God.

  3. chantgirl says:

    They will impose CCP-style social credit scores on us. They will do this not through the government, at first, but through the business sector. They will rely on Big Tech to do their dirty work.

  4. Semper Gumby says:

    Rick Klein, ABC News “Political Director” (and Gruppenfuhrer) recently stated there must be a “cleansing.”

    American citizens and their Allies defeated the Nazis, and American citizens and their Allies will defeat these neo-Nazis.

    The Death Party and their collaborators do not have the element of surprise. They hate Pres. Trump, but they really hate America and American citizens.

    Blessed be the name of the Lord.

  5. JesusFreak84 says:

    “American citizens and their Allies defeated the Nazis, and American citizens and their Allies will defeat these neo-Nazis.”

    70% of their descendants are literally too fat or too stupid to get into the military. Who the frick do you think is coming to save us???

  6. moon1234 says:

    Remember that the original American Revolution was fought with only 13% of the population. The rest were too young, too old, too sick, etc. or supported the British.

    It does not take a sizeable majority of people to affect change. That is why the party that wants to rule by force wants your ability to defend yourself taken away or neutered to the point ineffectuality. People need to respond to labels of White Supremacy right back with “Nazi thug”. Turning the other cheek only is effectual when those to whom this is witnessed can be swayed by this type of restraint of will. If all of those who are watching do not have a moral compass by which they live their lives, then no amount of demonstration of moral behavior will have any effect.

    The next four years will see a lot of trials. The senate is a deadlocked now with the VP being a swing vote. We need to vote in as many as we can that support truth and morals and not re-elect those who have demonstrated that it is only lip service.

    I wonder how those living through the downfall of Rome felt? That is how I feel now. Those living in the rural areas, who could continue to defend themselves, probably did not notice much. Those living in the cities ……

    This time around we have lots of surveillance. It is time to stop using platforms like F and T. You only give them the ability to use your against you since they can “flag” your content make others question your words.

    We need to support sites like this one. Sites that corporate censors can not control or influence. It is time for our Church leaders to speak the truth PUBLICALLY and VOCALLY. To speak the words of the Gospel and what is required of ALL MEN who wish for salvation.

    Who will be our “Bishop Konrad von Preysing” for this age? We need such a man today!

  7. Semper Gumby says:

    Spinmamma: Good point about the Stalinist playbook. The Death Party is also attempting to Socialize American society- this is the National Socialist tactic “Gleichschaltung.” Schools, sports, media, the economy and ultimately the churches must be controlled by the Death Party. That Control is un-Constitutional and anti-American of course, but their successful coup provides them an opportunity.

    Only God knows the situation in 2025 or 2030, but eventually those who are inspired by Bp. Fulton Sheen’s writings on Patriotism may be considered by our (temporary) overlords and overlordesses as guilty of ThoughtCrime and WrongSpeak. Notice the “temporary.” These regimes are unsustainable and never last, though it takes courageous men and women to resist.

    Resistance begins with us, with making changes in our lives. Recent news is that Sen. Tom Cotton and his new book is apparently being Unpersoned by Simon & Schuster, but a conservative publisher can take up the work. It seems that Dan Bongino has quit Twitter permanently for Parler. Resistance to this coup will involve small things and big things, Faith, patriotism, self-discipline, perseverance, patience and physical preparations. All of which will never be perfect, we’re human after all, but that’s ok.

    JesusFreak84: *chuckle* That is a zesty comment. But I understand your point.

    Confidence. We’ve done it before and we can do it again. Yes, it will take discipline and work. We should not underestimate the malice and goals of the Death Party, but they are human beings and can be beaten.

    As for the “military” there are many solid men and women in uniform. True, a few rogues, turncoats and problematic generals and admirals in the ranks, along with a deficient understanding of the U.S. Constitution by some military and senior Death Party politicians- but that is human nature. There are also some senior military officers and Death Party politicians with an ignorance of or disdain for the U.S. Constitution- there has always been a problem with that, and that problem will soon increase.

    There are also many solid veterans and many solid civilians who are quite capable of resistance. Likewise, within the Vatican and in many parishes there are rogues and turncoats, but there are many faithful Catholics around the world.

    As for “saving.” It helps to keep in mind that Communism, Naziism and Leftist Christianity will always be around, these toxic ideologies will never be permanently defeated. Now, the good news is that whether they identify as Catholic, Protestant or Eastern orthodox, Leftist Christians have a veneer of Christianity which helps partially restrain their inner barbarian.

    Additionally, every totalitarian regime or movement has individuals who (for various reasons such as money or the growing realization that they are merely a Useful Idiot) turn against totalitarianism and return to civilization.

    Those poisonous ideologies will never be defeated. At the moment, they are rampaging. They are intoxicated by a lust for power and for vengeance on American citizens. Furthermore, as we have seen in recent days many inside the Death Party are irrationally politicized to the point that they cannot grasp the meaning of the word “Amen.”

    The Death Party is a Political Religion, its zealots believe that Victory is in their grasp, human nature can be perfected and Utopia achieved under their Control.

    They are mistaken. And as we saw throughout 2020 they are quite immoral and dangerous. But they can be defeated. We have work to do, from big things to everyday things, from Faithful things to Patriotic things. God bless America.

  8. Gab says:

    All the Big Techs – Twitter, FB, Youtube etc are removing conservative accounts and Apple has threatened Parler with being removed from their App Store if they do not remove any Trump supporters and other conservative voices.

    How very Nazi of them to silence and divide.

  9. iamlucky13 says:

    ” all of whom are simultaneously focused with monomaniacal intensity on a single man. That is not healthy, no matter how you feel about Trump.”

    I have never trusted nor liked Mr. Trump, but this quote is very true. I started to realize this back on the evening of November 8, 2016 as I saw how people were responding. I understood being concerned and upset that a person they distrusted and disagreed with had won, but I was watching people downright lose their ability to talk like a civil human being. Today they’re calling trespassing terrorism.

    I hope setting the example of being temperature and logical can help diffuse this, although so far, the results are not promising – yesterday I had a conversation with someone about Mormons. His response to my explanation why the same state COVID-19 guidelines that allow him to go out for coffee and possibly expose the barista to COVID-19 allow Mormons to evangelize and possibly expose him to COVID-19 was very angry and vulgar.

    That’s distinct from what Mr. Carlson is writing about I know, but the direction is the same – targeted restrictions on people you don’t like.

  10. Sportsfan says:

    Well that was cheerful.

  11. Semper Gumby says:

    Gab: Yes, these Tech companies continue their transformation from supporting domestic terrorism to actively participating in domestic terrorism. An effort is now being made against Parler’s servers.

    The Death Party coup continues.

  12. aviva meriam says:

    So now Big Tech is moving to Kill off Parler.
    Apple Store and the Google Store are participating in the effort.
    THANK GOD for Tucker Carlson. Support Conservative media by supporting (and letting the advertisers know you support them). THANK THEM.

    Free Speech is an essential right.

    I urge people to look at Bill Whittle’s videos as well: his most recent one on everyone’s one job actually had an list of action items of things we can push for on the local and state level to ensure fair and honest elections. After prayer, let’s channel the energy, the anger, the fear and the disappointment into concrete, PEACEFUL, action to address these problems.

  13. kurtmasur says:

    “Wednesday’s riot is already being used as a pretext for an unprecedented crackdown on civil liberties.” Uhm, actually, there IS precedent, and it is called 9/11. Patriot Act anybody? NSA?

    “[People who have power don’t want to give it up. Inevitably, when power is only will and not informed with charity, that’s where the death camps start.]. Amen Father! I believe that describes Trump concisely. Let’s face it, Trump doesn’t really care about unborn babies, me, you, or even the USA itself, as he demonstrated on Wednesday. He only cares about power and hanging on to it, never mind how.

    “The main problem, and this really is the main problem on the right, is that the people who run the Republican Party don’t really like their own voters. They especially don’t want the voters that Trump brought. Trump brought a noticeably downscale element to the party’s ranks, and this horrifies them.“
    I believe Borat 2 did a great job in exposing Trump’s voters. When I read the above passage, it reminded me of the gentlemen who hosted Borat in their home just as the quarantine was beginning. They opened up to Borat quite well, at one point even admitting to him that they wished their fellow citizens on the other end of the political spectrum had overall less rights in the country. I believe that is why they have no qualms about wanting to overturn an election based on baseless grounds.

  14. Semper Gumby says:

    “I believe Borat 2 did a great job in exposing Trump’s voters.”

    And that’s the intellectual level of Kurt Masur’s comment.

  15. happyCatholic says:

    Semper, it was Senator Josh Hawley if Missouri whose book contract was canceled, not Tom Cotton. :)

  16. happyCatholic says:

    Semper, it was Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri whose book contract was canceled, not Tom Cotton. :)

  17. Semper Gumby says:

    happyCatholic: Thank you.

  18. Semper Gumby says:

    An element within the Death Party is interested in a 51st state in order to change the U.S. flag. They are also interested in Obama’s Civilian National Security Force.

    [I’d forgotten about that. That’s absolutely chilling.]

  19. kurtmasur says:

    @ Semper Gumby:

    I was not referring to all of Trump’s supporters, only to that subsection portrayed in Borat 2, which I believe are described in the article above under the quoted passage of my post. I should have expressed myself better. Sorry if I offended you.

  20. fr.ignatius says:

    I’m worried about catholic messianism of Trump he ain’t no saviour and he never was.

    Don’t forget the growth of tlm homeschooling the pro life movement and resurgence of true faith all occurred under Obama.

    That needs to be our focus. All else is a distraction.

  21. Chrissin says:

    Sorry Tucker, this is patently false: a political protest getting out of hand…” after the president recklessly encouraged it (Which is, you know, what actually happened).”
    It’s not what happened. He did not encourage it! But I can give you evidence of lots of Dems encouraging violence against their enemies. I’m so disgusted with the conservative pundits and orgs running to denounce the Capitol bldg fiasco and Trump. Besty Devoe steps down, all the republican traitors jumping ship, Peggy Noonan who I haven’t trusted since she flipped for Obama, The Catholic League, Mike Pence, McConnell…I spent some time today unsubscribing from conservative groups I regularly get emails from…NewsBusters, MRC, CNS, IOF…all screaming louder than the next, the outrage, the “mob”, “breaching” the bldg, “storming” the building, riots, rioters, vandalism, looting, sedition, treason…”Never seen anything like it!”
    The Trumpers were infiltrated and set-up. It’s not like they haven’t done it before. Remember Charlottesville? How about the ‘Violent Trump Rallies’ in 2016 where Dem operatives sent paid provocateurs to ‘bird-dog’ Trump fans until there was trouble and then media swooped in to put it on wall to wall coverage. Were some zealous, hot headed marchers pushing their way in to the Capitol bldg? Probably…caught up in whatever was going on. They wanted their voices heard and their presence felt. I also heard they walked in calmly, not prevented by police. I don’t know what is actually the protocol for entering the Capitol Bldg. Is it closed to the public? And I don’t believe Trump supporters would be vandalising things, rifling through desks, destroying property etc. I don’t want to believe that anyway. Protesting, the right to protest, to disrupt, to stop traffic, to occupy, to destroy proterty, set police cruisers on fire(47 in NYC as of 6/2)……all of this has been encouraged, supported and celebrated by the Dems! They make you think it’s as American as apple pie. They were given free reign to riot, burn buildings and businesses, police told to step back, because the rioters needed ‘to let off steam’, Baltimore mayor in 2015 following Freddy Gray backlash said those who wished to destroy needed their space. Kamala told us that the BLM style protests we saw all summer were not going to stop and they shouldn’t. Protesting is wonderful UNLESS IT”S US! Then we are dangers to democracy, white supremacists, armed domestic terrorists… etc. And we will be crushed, the same way they keep trying to crush Trump. Remember what happened to the Tea Party? After being demonised and accused of heinous behaviour, ideas, values, and of course racism, it was clear they had to be cancelled, and they were by Obama’s weaponised IRS just in time for the 2012 election. None of them could get their 501 status from IRS because of lengthy delays, losing the application, further info need…etc. They pretty much disappeared from the public square during the 2012 election.
    Sorry Tucker, I lost you after that….
    I thought Steve Mosher PRI had one of the best responses.
    BTW- no rioting for Ashli Babbitt??
    May she RIP. What a disgrace that she was shot dead in the Capitol Bldg after serving our country in the Air Force for 14 yrs…

  22. kurtmasur says:

    @fr. Ignatius: “I’m worried about catholic messianism of Trump he ain’t no saviour and he never was.”

    Excellent point! The same thoughts have been going through my head, but from a different angle. In particular, I find it disturbing to see so many people putting so much blind faith in Mr. Trump, the hooligans from Wednesday being a good example. During these 4 (5) years of Trump, a certain percentage of his supporters have let themselves be brainwashed to the point that they will believe whatever he says, no matter how illogical. I am convinced that if Trump suddenly announced that he can change the weather using nothing but his mind, people like them hooligans would absolutely believe him. And having that amount of power over his own followers is dangerous….very dangerous for America. The fact that everybody was calling on Mr. Trump to address the hooligans at the Capitol “because they would listen to only him” says it all. I hate to say it, but a certain cult of personality has developed around Trump, not unlike that of the Kims in North Korea.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not happy that Biden will be president. But he won, and in accordance with our democratic system, I accept it. I was absolutely happy in 2016 when Trump won and I was looking forward to having a non-politician take charge. We’ll see what happens in the next presidential election.

  23. Gab says:

    As President Trump said on Parler:
    ”f the Apple store bans Parler, don’t abandon it, just encourage new users to download it as a website to their phone homescreen.

    Would still function pretty much the same.”

  24. Ages says:

    I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am shocked by how firmly this “terrorism” narrative has taken hold. If we step back and be objective, some normal people gained access to a glorified office building and tossed some furniture around. This “hallowed halls of our sacred democracy” nonsense is pagan.

    This is nothing that hasn’t happened dozens of times over the last 5 years. Buy they support the bad orange man, so it’s like another 9/11.

    They are desecrating the memory of patriot Ashlii Babbitt, whose name must never be forgotten.

    They will go too far. They are lighting a powder keg.

  25. Ages says:

    And for the record, I have been off the Trump train for 2 years. Nothing of value was lost in the White House. But I support 100% the ordinary Americans who were in DC, who have had enough.

  26. It disappoints and saddens me to see people here trash President Trump and those who support him. Actually, I’m disappointed to see Tucker’s derogatory comments about Donald Trump posted on this site. He and everyone else who says that the president instigated the violence at the capital building are spreading disinformation. The president’s speech was harmless.

  27. Catholic_Sheepdog says:

    I would be inclined to think Trump is still up to something. Why else would Pelosi et al. be trying to impeach or remove him?

  28. hwriggles4 says:

    Thanks for posting this…Tucker Carlson is one of the few news personalities I watch. He makes points that make you think and he lets others talk.

    A few days during the Christmas break, I was visiting my mom and got a chance to spend a few hours with a childhood friend that I have known since 5th grade. He talked a little bit about politics and said about our current President, “I am an Independent, I like his policies, I voted for him, but I don’t like his personality.” I told him that I told several of my friends who were on the fence about voting in 2020 to look at Trump as a boss you may have had (or currently have) that you would cringe on eating lunch with, but you respected him because he got things done and the organization as a whole was better off under his leadership. I also told them that if the Democrat Socialist Agenda gets adopted, we the taxpayers are going to be the ones paying the bills.

    Politically, I don’t agree with everything that our current President has done, but it’s better than having open borders, student loan forgiveness, Medicare for all, abortion on demand, and the stock market tanking.

    I turned 50 not long ago, and I worry that if some or all of the socialist agenda gets passed, my common sense says (and I hope John and Jane Average Voter, regardless of political affiliation feel the same) says, “wait – who is going to pay for this?” Those of us over 45 won’t be able to retire until 75.

  29. chantgirl says:

    Fr. Ignatius- The middle class families you are speaking about suffered under Obama/Biden, and some of us are still suffering from their policies. My family lost our good health insurance due to obamacare, and we have not been able to replace it. For us to purchase basic health insurance now would cost us more than our mortgage payment every month, and that doesn’t even mean we would be able to access treatment. With the deductible, we would still have to pay about $10,000 more a year on a deductible before we could even get anything covered. In all, it would take about half his salary to pay for the privilege of even seeing a doctor in any calendar year. For a while, we were able to pay for Christian health sharing, but when he lost his primary job as a catering chef in March due to the lockdowns, we lost the ability to even pay for that. We try to live healthily, and pray we don’t get sick.

    The middle class suffered under Obama/Biden. Many people remember that, and some of the anger you are seeing bubble over in Washington over a stolen election now was percolating under the Obama/Biden administration for their family-crushing policies.

    So, yeah, an increase in suffering under the next administration may bring more people back to church, but they’ll also have less in their pockets with which to support the Church. And let’s not act like we can just try to vote in better people in the next election. The fraudulent tactics used this election will be used again. The republicans still don’t get it; either we confront voting fraud now, or we live with it for the foreseeable future.

  30. Semper Gumby says:

    fr.ignatius wrote:

    “I’m worried about catholic messianism of Trump he ain’t [sic] no saviour and he never was.”

    First, your anxiety is self-induced. Second, if you are only worried about “catholic messianism” you are a tribalist. Third, your “messianism of Trump” is an unfounded assertion and a strawman. Fourth, be aware that the Death Party is a Political Religion.

    In addition to an MSNBC host comparing Obama to Jesus and exulting in the “thrill going up his leg” here are three examples:

    From the Catholic League March 15, 2010 regarding the ridiculous NYTimes:

    “On the front page of the “Week in Review” section of Sunday’s New York Times, there was a piece on health care titled, “Is Failure Forgivable?” Accompanying the article was a photo of President Obama in shirt sleeves with his finger pointed upwards. Superimposed in the background was an illustration that showed an illuminated cross; a halo over Obama’s head was also depicted. A small picture of the White House was shown at the bottom of the cross.”

    Obama addressing Dartmouth College students Jan. 7, 2008:

    “…a light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany…and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Obama.”

    There are many videos that record numerous school events and children’s choirs, here’s one:

    We’re gonna spread happiness
    We’re gonna spread freedom
    Obama’s gonna change it
    Obama’s gonna lead ’em


    “Don’t forget the growth of tlm [sic] homeschooling the pro life movement and resurgence of true faith all occurred under Obama.”

    Your sadism-masochism approach to strengthening the Faith is repellent.

    “That needs to be our focus. All else is a distraction.”

    The “fr.ignatius” has Spoken. All must heed his Words.

  31. Semper Gumby says:

    chantgirl: Good points. God bless you and your family. Your words are wise: “either we confront voting fraud now, or we live with it for the foreseeable future.”

    The consequences are likely to be quite unpleasant.

  32. Semper Gumby says:

    kurtmasur: You did not offend me, I was pointing out the vacuousness of your comment. Cheers.

  33. Susan M says:

    It isn’t that people have forgotten God or do not know Him; the problem is that hardly anyone knows evil and its depth and breadth and scope. They would look at Lucifer himself, shake his hand (paw) and say, “Have a great day!” then go on their way thinking to themselves, “He wasn’t as bad as they say. He’s actually quite nice.” So yeah, we’ve played with the devil of the Left so we’ll now see what a great deal we get.

  34. samwise says:

    Ibram X Kendi, the architect of the brave new world of federally regulated racist Marxism

  35. aviva meriam says:

    not to be blunt about this, but the reason the Government is so out of control is because we, the regular people abdicated our responsibility to be involved in our own self governance. What needs to happen is that WE need to get involved, starting on the local level and then working our way up the chain. I know I haven’t been involved, and I carry that sin and must address it.

    What doesn’t help matters AT ALL is a wait and see approach or waiting for a political savior to ride in to save us. Screaming on social media and wringing our hands when things don’t go well only plays into the militant left’s hands: they don’t expect us to do anything. STAYING LAWFUL, and within the bounds of our ethics and philosophy we need to break our long term goals into short term goals that are manageable and concrete. With discipline, we have a chance to accomplish our goals. Without it, there is NO chance.

  36. WVC says:

    @Fredi D’Alessio – I’m not a Trump groupie, but I’m also not blinded by hate (as some folks) so that I cannot recognize either his good qualities and achievements nor what he symbolizes to the enemies of all that is good and decent. I vote for him twice, and I’m proud of that vote, and I still say and believe he’s far, far better than we deserve.

    That being said, Trump did make a humongous mistake in calling for his massive march on 6 Jan. He should have reasonably expected over a million folks to show up, and they did. He should also have realized that such a gesture could not accomplish much (as if Congress would really in any way be pressured by a large mass of citizens – he clearly doesn’t know Congress very well if he actually believed that). He should more importantly have realized that such a humongous mob brought far more dangers than benefits. It’s impossible to keep unruly elements, whether Antifa or legitimate Trump supporter, from being amongst the crowds. Given 4+ years of lies and propaganda coming from the media and political elites and Big Tech oligarchies, it should have been obvious that such an event would be spun as a lawless riot. If there had been a million grannies quilting in front of the Capital Building that wouldn’t have stopped Chuck Schumer from calling it worse than Pearl Harbor or from CNN labeling it the darkest day in American History. We live in the age where “Who you gonna believe, me or your own lying eyes” isn’t a funny joke from Duck Soup anymore. It’s the mission statement of every major media organization (including Fox News).

    Trump didn’t engage the military. He didn’t engage the national guard. He didn’t appear to have any kind of actual plan. He just thought calling a huge mob up to D.C. would somehow help, and he wasn’t shrewd enough to see how that just played into the hands of his enemies. It was a stupid mistake, and one that will cost him (and all conservatives) much. It will be the Reichstag Fire moment, as Fr. Z has pointed out.

    Trump made the naive mistake any simple patriot would have made. He foolishly thought the Will of the People would prevail. He threw his heart into the campaign rallies at the end, hosting thousands upon thousands up to 3 times a day, day after day. He really believed that the government, the courts, the FBI, the CIA, Congress, and everyone would realize the Will of the People and respond. After 4 years of flailing around in the swamp, he apparently didn’t ever really understand how deep that mire goes. They couldn’t care less about the Will of the People. They stole the election, they broke law after law after law, and they don’t even feel the need to pretend anymore.

    At this point, if one didn’t have a plan to kill the bear, perhaps we should have just let it sleep on for a little while longer after all. The political elites aren’t out to restore their rule over us. They’re now out for revenge. Bloody revenge.

  37. WVC says:

    @kurtmasur – You should take some deep breaths. Likening Trump to North Korean dictators is spinning off into absurd MSNBC territory.

    A percentage of every group of human beings will include bad elements because (surprise) humans suffer from Original Sin. Take everything you said about Trump and then replace it with the Catholic Church. “A percentage of Catholics will do anything Pope Francis says. If Pope Francis said the weather will change, they would believe him. Therefore Pope Francis is just as dangerous as Kim Jon Il.” That’s not an argument. That’s hysteria.

    Very few supporting Trump saw him as a messiah figure. They just saw him as one of the few people in the political sphere that didn’t hate them or their religion or their history. So they, in turn, grew very affectionate towards him. Is that wrong? The majority of folks, me included, didn’t expect him to fix all our problems. We just hoped he would keep the enemies of all that is good and decent from going back to their business of wrecking our lives, destroying our liberties, stealing our money, and selling our country out to foreign and corporate interests. Was that so wrong?

    But the swamp is back and bolder than ever before. They’ve taken the gloves off. They will do everything they can to make people regret they ever supported Trump. If you want to throw your hysteria around, it would at least be more appropriate it if you aimed it at the tank that’s about to run over us all.

  38. KAS says:

    I agree. I’m paying for a high deductible policy and won’t hit my deductible. I used to have a platinum policy that paid everything for any doctor and in any state I might be in at the time for not much more a month. Obama/Biden ruined my healthcare. What will Biden/Harris manage to do?

  39. chantgirl says:

    Semper Gumby- Thank you for the kind words. Thankfully, where there is a will, there’s a way. My husband and I have taken to our side projects full speed, and they are starting to show fruit.

    As far as health insurance, there are workarounds. We use Plushcare for online appointments, there are several apps ( like Blink Health) to get prescriptions for less, and we use Health Tests Direct to get blood tests for much less. It’s not perfect, but for now, it’s workable.

  40. Ages says:

    @aviva meriam “we, the regular people abdicated our responsibility to be involved in our own self governance.”

    Very true. For instance, how many decent, ordinary people get called up for jury duty–and then try to get out of it? One person on a jury can save a person from an unjust punishment or an unrighteous law.

    These are the little things that add up over decades and millions of people.

    If the incoming administration is God’s punishment for us and the accumulated evils our country has done, nothing can stop it except true repentance. Intrigue is useless. Just repent.

  41. kurtmasur says:

    @WVC: “The majority of folks, me included, didn’t expect him to fix all our problems. We just hoped he would keep the enemies of all that is good and decent from going back to their business of wrecking our lives, destroying our liberties, stealing our money, and selling our country out to foreign and corporate interests. Was that so wrong?”

    With all due respect, the closing of churches during covid and our ability to attend Holy Mass being severely restricted all have happened precisely under Trump. Trump was not able to prevent nor fix these things, and this all happened under his watch. If I compare the state of affairs at the beginning of Trump’s term vs. at the end of his term (now), things were definitely better in the former.

    “A percentage of every group of human beings will include bad elements because (surprise) humans suffer from Original Sin. Take everything you said about Trump and then replace it with the Catholic Church. “A percentage of Catholics will do anything Pope Francis says. If Pope Francis said the weather will change, they would believe him. Therefore Pope Francis is just as dangerous as Kim Jon Il.” That’s not an argument. That’s hysteria.”

    First of all, Pope Francis makes for a rather weak straw man. Tell me, does he actually have a cult of personality along with blind followers? If I’m not mistaken, it was even reported that attendance at Francis’ public events (pre-covid) were less than that for other popes.
    Second, It seems that you take the term “percentage” in the above quoted statement to mean “exception”, as in the “bad apples” of a population. That’s not what I had in mind when referring to Trump’s die-hard followers….they are definitely not the exception. In fact, they are quite a significant percentage, probably a good 40-50% who place blind faith in him. In my original post, I was merely pointing out that Mr. Trump enjoys a certain cult of personality following amongst a great chunk of his followers, who have placed a blind faith on him. If anything, that is something that Kim Jong Il could only envy as he can only get his people’s loyalty through coercion whereas Mr. Trump easily gains it from his followers voluntarily. The fact that Mr. Trump alone exerts direct influence on his followers (especially the hooligans), makes for a potentially dangerous situation….and we got proof of that on Wednesday, because it means that such disruptive people are not willing to respect law and order….unless Mr. Trump tells them to! The fact that acts of violence by Mr. Trump’s hooligans on the US Capitol even happened only prove that any concerns about the preservation of law and order are realistic and not mere “hysteria”.

  42. Semper Gumby says:

    “Meanwhile, the media set about denouncing Trump as a terrorist and a murderer.”

    Yes, the wicked Death Party and their collaborators hate the legitimately elected Pres. Trump, but they really hate America and the American people.

    Speaking of terrorism, let’s take a look at what happened to just a few domestic terrorists: Four Puerto Rican terrorists opened fire in the U.S. Capitol in 1954 wounding five Congressmen, all had their sentences commuted by Pres. Carter; Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn of the Weather Underground became university professors and were, perhaps only briefly, involved with the Obama administration; Linda Sue Evans, involved in a 1981 Brinks armored truck robbery that left three dead and the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Senate, had her sentence commuted by Bill Clinton on his last day in office; Kamala Harris, who incited rioting last summer and beyond, is the illegitimate VP-elect and possibly the illegitimate “President” later this year.

    “Members of Congress clamored to impeach him…”

    The Death Party will probably have another go at that Monday with Nancy Pelosi, hopped up on wickedness and gourmet ice cream, leading the banzai charge.

    The Death Party is attacking American citizens and attempting to label us as “terrorists.” Curiously, or not so curiously, the Death Party is using Adolf Hitler’s “Big Lie” tactic: repeat an outrageous lie over and over. The brazenness and repetition of the Big Lie will sway many who are easily manipulated or who are uninterested if it does not directly effect them or who personally benefit from the Big Lie. The brazenness of the neo-Nazi Death Party worked well for them on the night of November 3-4, 2019.

    Yesterday, in a classic case of projection, the illegitimate “President-elect” Joe “You Ain’t Black” Biden accused Senators Cruz and Hawley of participating in “President Trump’s Big Lie.” The so-called “Lincoln Project” staffed by “Republicans” then assured their Death Party overlords that they were keeping a list of Trump administration officials and would track them after they left office. Of course, that collaboration will not save the “Lincoln Project” if the situation degrades catastrophically this decade.

    The current situation in these United States is unsustainable. The origins of our current predicament go back many decades. The Left is currently in a frenzied state of rage and self-delusion due to constant use of the Big Lie tactic- to the point of being, as we saw last year with a pandemic and civil unrest, murderously reckless. Meanwhile, the corrupt Vatican and many bishops are aligned with the neo-Nazi Death Party, spasmodically lash out at the Faithful, and are inclined to paganism rather than Christianity.

    Interesting times in the vineyards of the Lord. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

  43. Semper Gumby says:

    chantgirl: You’re welcome. It’s good to hear that “It’s not perfect, but for now, it’s workable.”

    WVC: As usual “kurtmasur” is obsessed with Pres. Trump and cares little for or is even disdainful of Justice, American citizens who voted for Pres. Trump, and the wider context. Well, we’ve seen that from several other commenters also in the last few months.

  44. Semper Gumby says:

    Interestingly, still available on Twitter, photos with captions of four Death Party domestic terrorists:


  45. WVC says:

    @kurtmasur – my apologies. I mistook you for someone in earnest. Carry on.

  46. kurtmasur says:

    @WVC, @Semper Gumby et al:

    Guys, relax. We are on the same team. I am a traditional Roman Catholic. I am pro-life, against BLM and Antifa, and many of the things advocated for by the “party of Death”.

    The only difference between you and me is that I don’t let national politics get in the way of my faith.
    First and foremost is being a traditional Roman Catholic, and then everything else like political ideologies is secondary.

    I am pro-life, but it doesn’t mean I have to blindly believe every single thing that Mr. Trump says.

    Being pro-life and a traditional Roman Catholic doesn’t mean I can’t use my head anymore and think for myself, and if need be, calling a spade a spade.

  47. WVC says:

    @kurtmasur You seem to know more about me than I do myself. Just because I point out how absurd it is to compare Trump (who’s already promised an orderly transition of power and urged folks to abandon violence) with Kim Jong Il (whose ordered folks, including his own relatives, executed) I put national politics before my Faith?

    I actually detest national politics and only keep track of what’s going on from a sense of keeping my eye on my enemy. I don’t and never did personally like Trump even though I proudly voted for him twice, and I’ve been critical of his mistakes even in this very comment thread. And i don’t feel it necessary to defend the depth of my Faith to you, but I do find it insulting for you to belittle it.

    The common thread here is you assuming you know more about me than you do as well as you assuming you know more about Trump supporters than you do. Are there a small percentage of kooks? Of course, and someone as hateful and liberal as Sacha Baron Cohen will highlight those people. (and exacerbate their issues through editing and other movie tricks). I personally know many Trump supporters, and not a one is suffering from a Messianic delusion. Even among the most ardent Trump supporters one doesn’t hear alarming rhetoric, certainly not comparable to the BLM / Antifa camps.

    Again, of all the things to be alarmed about, Trump and his supporters should be much lower on your list than what is clearly coming down the track and in some cases is already here.

  48. NOCatholic says:

    @kurtmasur: “The only difference between you and me is that I don’t let national politics get in the way of my faith.”

    Amen. I totally agree with you. However, you will find that, no matter what they might say, many in this forum will not look kindly on you for not backing Donald Trump completely, no matter what.

    When I let me known that I was not going to vote for Donald Trump because of my concerns about his character (and without voting for Joe Biden). I was accused of being a “Death Party collaborator”. Those calls increased every time I pointed out that Donald Trump lost the election, and even when I debunked “evidence” to the contrary. I will almost certainly get slandered again.

    Again, as a pro-life Catholic who is at least sympathetic to those who revere the traditional liturgy, I agree with everything you said. But you will find that “difference” between you and others will make all the difference.

  49. Semper Gumby says:

    The “kurtmasur” and the Death Party collaborator “NOCatholic” once again display their tedious blend of sanctimony, persecution complex and inability to see that Pres. Trump is only part of the situation. You two would benefit by calming down and taking a wider view of events.

    The obsessive Death Party collaborator “NOCatholic” continues to whine about “slander” while maintaining the falsehood that he is a “debunker.” How dare anyone disagree with the Mighty Brain of the Death Party collaborator.

    No, given the noticable inability to think beyond yourselves we are definitely not “on the same team.”

  50. hwriggles4 says:

    Speaking of past terrorism attacks, I didn’t know until about four or five years ago that c.1973 there was an airplane hijacked at BWI that was aimed to crash into the White House (yes, really) and kill President Nixon. The plot was foiled due to the work by police officers at BWI and the work of a flight crew who resisted. I think this attempt was long forgotten (like I said I never knew about it until recent years) because a team prevented it from going further.

  51. WVC says:

    @NOCatholic – When does it end for you? When they do educational mandates on Core Curriculum, to include the celebration of all things homosexual, or restrictions on Homeschooling, will you go, “At least Donald Trump’s bad character was avoided”? When they roll out Patriot Act 2.0, obliterating what little is left of our civil liberties, will you sigh with satisfaction that, “At least Donald Trump’s bad character was avoided”? When they persecute Christians, demanding Churches and nuns worship at the feet of the transgendered or lose property and freedom, will you say with glee, “Yes, but at least Donald Trump’s bad character was avoided.”

    You’ve created an imaginary shield behind which you hide, thinking yourself vindicated in some fashion. The truth is (please note well), you know nothing of Donald Trump’s character, good or bad. You merely rest your opinion on the opinion of others, whose character you also do not know. Hearsay and gossip and maligning don’t become moral simply because you’ve picked a public figure as your target.

    Until you let go of this personal hatred, I’m afraid you are going to continue to be obsessed with Donald Trump. If you want my advice (which I’m sure you don’t, but I give it anyway), you should say a rosary a day for 9 days for Donald Trump, partly for his conversion to the Catholic Faith and partly in thanksgiving for every good thing that was achieved during his presidency. I also recommend you stop reading National Review, but I don’t want to ask for too much.

    I prayed for Trump every night as part of evening prayers. I also prayed for Obama every night for eight years. God help me and provide me strength, I’ll pray for Joe “You Know, the Thing” Biden, at least until Harris takes his spot. I’m not making any promises on Kamala Harris at this point.

    I said my rosary for you today and prayed for you at Mass. May God grant you every grace according to your need. I’m through trying to reason or reach you. I leave you in the hands of Our Lady.

  52. I tried to provide place to discuss with reason some of the issues in this really tough situation.

    If you cannot be civil…

    Fr. Z

  53. WVC says:

    If I have been uncivil, I apologize. I will refrain from posting on this topic in the future.

  54. ALL: We are all adults. We can all take a hit.


    Let’s not veer anywhere near the cloaca maxima that is Twitter and the embittered Left.

    Ancient rhetoric was developed as a method to (inter alia) persuade. One of the tenets of ancient rhetoric involved assessing the audience and, given the hoped for objective, then chose the tone and examples and words to accomplish that objective.

    Venting feels great. There’s room for that also here. But if you want to persuade…..

  55. KateD says:

    Four years they screamed that President Trump would be a tyrant. He never gave them any cause and his speech on the 6th was good. And it was right that Americans peacefully protest when there is something amiss.

    What happened at the Capitol? The Capitol police removed the barricades and allowed people in then the capitol police shot an unarmed protester, who could have been arrested instead.

    The congress members were 100% unharmed. They hid in darkened offices and imagined the worst while they were treated to Antifa theater.

    One said there was knocking on her door. Oh, mi….Terrifying. Did they whsiper ‘Nevermore’, as they knocked. If they had wanted in, it doesn’t take much to breach a door. A fat flabby old lady like me can easily kick in any door.

    If they had intended insurrection, the millions on the mall could easily have over powered any military or law enforcement….easily. There are a total of 1.3 million military personnel. Most people at that rally, like the murdered Air Force Veteran, are current or former law enforcement and/or military. Nearly 100% have had some degree of firearms training. If they had intended insurrection…well, they would have had to have waited for a few weeks, because insurrection is against a government you don’t support, not in favor of the government….Point is, if it was their intent, they could easily have accomplished it. It didn’t happen because it was not their purpose. Some mistakenly believed that since they weren’t looting and violent, they would be treated the same as BLM or Antifa. Nope.

    The one fatality was white, therefore no outrage. (Of the other deaths that day, all but Ione were unrelated heart attacks, and the other was caused by trampling when the police removed the barricades and allowed the crowd to surge towards the Capitol.)

    Riddle me this….If it was an attempt at insurrection, who put it down?

    It’s just all so much brainless rhetoric and kabuki…..

    Now we are about to enter a new regime that punishes it’s political opponents by shoving them into a second class.

    This is insanity. Well, from an American perspective anyway.

    Nonetheless, they are telling us what they are going to do….and that IS something to pay attention to.

    So this is what the last few days of civilization feels like..


  56. Semper Gumby says:

    KateD: Good points. Though may I suggest that while it is under assault this is not the end of civilization, the enemies of God do not have that power.

    2 Corinthians 4

  57. NOCatholic says:

    @WVC: To avoid even the appearance of incivility out of respect for Father Z, I will simply say this:

    I very much appreciate your prayers for me, as I rely on Our Lady and St Joseph. I will remember you at the next Mass I attend. (I hope you will forgive me if that Mass is an NO Mass).


  58. Semper Gumby says:

    aviva meriam: “…we can push for on the local and state level to ensure fair and honest elections.”

    Yes, at the state level attorneys general and secretaries of state are important to ensuring the fraud of last November 3-4 never happens again.

    Ages: Good point about being involved in jury duty.

  59. Semper Gumby says:

    To further expand on aviva meriam’s remark about the local level, a Tale of Two Towns.

    First, from yesterday at the Federalist, “Leftists colonizing a town” in eastern Tennessee in the Appalachian foothills. The problem here is complacency, one example of several in the article is the library turning into a den of iniquity by “community organizing” and showcasing books by racists such as Ibram Kendi and Robin DiAngelo.


    Back in 1946, also in eastern Tennessee, a corrupt “Democrat” Party boss and his henchmen bullied newly returned WW II vets. Bad idea, thus the Battle of Athens.


    A postscript. Recently some observers of the national scene recommended that young men and women not join the military, given the likely foreign policy of the incoming regime. Understandable sentiment, but an error. Patriotic active-duty personnel and veterans are essential to society- the current small percentage of rogues in the active-duty military need not grow larger. Equally important, and to return to the local level, is the quality and Constitutional reliability of National Guard and Reserve units.

    [“…the quality and Constitutional reliability of National Guard and Reserve units…” THERE it is.]

  60. Semper Gumby says:

    Thanks Fr. Z. If I could continue the “local” theme.

    Idaho last June:

    “There’s at least a thousand armed citizens walking on the sidewalks and the streets are packed with cars and trucks with guys in the back with AR-15 and American flags everywhere. We saw two protesters wearing their little black clothing and black masks and sitting on a step quietly with their little poster board sign saying “our system sucks!” Guess why they’re being so polite.” – Keith Gibson, Coeur d’Alene resident.”

    “Don’t tell me you’re peaceful and bring a crowbar to a protest…not in our town…Was happy to remove it from their possession as we escorted him to his vehicle…and just to clarify the guy in the beard handed me the crow bar when I requested it.”

    “Needless to say the PEACEFUL PROTEST stayed just that, peaceful.”


    Ryan Grant on Twitter last June:

    “I will say, Antifa and BLM showed up on Monday, about 50 of them, and there were over 200 Idahoans with ARs. The Sheriffs said, welp, you guys have this covered, we’re going to handle emergency calls.
    No violence whatsoever, Deo gratias.”

    Meanwhile, in Colorado last July the town of Berthoud organized a pro-Police rally. Antifa terrorists and BLM Marxist thugs arrived in town to riot. They were met by police officers and armed citizens mounted on horses.

    “The residents of Berthoud had seen what radicals from Antifa and Black Lives Matter brought to town, so when the radicals showed their faces at a Pro-Police rally on Sunday, Berthoud residents didn’t wait for the destruction to start.”

    ““Keep moving! Get outta here!” came cries from the locals. “And pick up your trash!“”


    “There is a time for every thing under Heaven” including going Old School.

    “Peace through Strength” – Pres. Ronald Reagan, former cavalry officer

    “The Lord will give strength to his people: the Lord will bless his people with peace.”

  61. Semper Gumby says:

    Statement today from Acting SecDef Miller:

    “While we have no intelligence indicating an insider threat, we are leaving no stone unturned in securing the capital…The D.C. National Guard is also providing additional training to service members as they arrive in D.C. that if they see or hear something that is not appropriate, they should report it to their chain of command.”

    No doubt that “leaving no stone unturned” and “inappropriateness” includes pro-Antifa, -BLM, -white supremacist, Hispanic supremacist (LaRaza), ISIS, alQaeda (e.g. the Ft. Hood Shooter) etc., sentiments.

    Last June JCS Chairman Gen. Milley expressed regret for walking with President Trump and others to inspect the riot-damaged “Church of the Presidents.” Gen. Milley: “My presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics.” Curious, the Chairman of the JCS is under-educated about American history.

    In the last several days news reports indicate 2,000 National Guard troops have been deputized as U.S. Marshals. Senior Death Party politician Nancy Pelosi thanked some of the Guardsmen and presented them with Challenge Coins. Last July Pelosi stated that Federal agents on duty to protect the common citizens of Portland were “Stormtroopers.”

    An interesting situation concerning certain senior military and civilian Pentagon leadership and staffers continues to develop.

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