Daily Rome Shot 78

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  1. ThePapalCount says:

    FrZ is no stranger to this church or side chapel. I know Father Z has celebrated Mass at the high altar here…not sure about this side altar. I wish our churches here would have this side altar as their main altar! This is the side altar of Pope St Gregory the Great in the TLM church of S Trinita dei Pellegrini in central Rome.
    The church itself is operated by FSSP priests and all its Masses and services are according to the 1962 Missal. The schola which sings at the High Mass on Sundays is beautiful. (on vacation in the summers though). The photograph shows the altar and the relics of various saints. The painting shows Gregory the Great and other bishops praying for the lost.
    When visiting Rome make this church a base if you are someone who feels strongly attached to the extraordinary form. Sunday Mass is beautiful. They also pray Vespers and celebrate Benediction.
    The church is an area filled with shops, eateries and places of inquisitive intrest. Campo di Fiori is five minutes away filled with flowers,food stuffs, vegetables, pots and pans, utensils of every kind and a million espresso coffee makers.. The French Embassy, an imposing structure is down the street….behind this church is the Tiber and an ancient walking bridge that takes you to Trastevere (Rome’s oldest neighborhood – a delightful area)
    As for Gregory the Great himself as you see him the bottom left of the painting….he was pope in the 6th century. He wrote a biography of St Benedict and gave an account for the early beginnings of western monasticism. (He was a Benedictine monk for a short while) He sent Augustine (not Monica’s son) to England as a missionary where he would establish the See of Canterbury. He was a great writer and good preacher and was eventually canonized a saint, declared “The Great” and named a Doctor of the Church recognizing his brilliance in spiritual thought and writing.
    This venerable church is a must see. And the baptistry in the church was acquired only recently with major funding from FrZ and Zheads.

  2. JonPatrick says:

    Thanks PapalCount for your description. Our planned trip to Rome in October last year, postponed due to the China Virus, we had planned to go to S Trinita dei Pellegrini for Sunday Mass. Your description makes me even more determined to go there if we manage to pull it off this year, next year, or whenever the Powers that Be allow us to travel again.

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