Seven minutes of terror

No, I don’t mean the homily at “liturgy” by Sister Randi over at the merged cluster of “Sing A New Faith Community Into Being Faith Community” in the Diocese of Libville.

Here is a video explaining the landing of  Perseverance the Mars Rover that’s coming up on 18 February.

As an exercise, contrast that video with the must shorter video about the landing of Curiosity back in 2012.

You have sense that a lot of things have changed since 2012… apart from the fact that in the newer version the reader struggles to pronounce the name of the Rover.

The live feed that will cover the landing…

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  1. JustaSinner says:

    Mars is a difficult spot to stick the landing…

  2. Sportsfan says:

    So is the Diocese of Libville.

  3. InFormationDiakonia says:

    It is always amazing to watch this sort of thing. I do wish we could see the seven minutes of terror!

  4. Giana Rose says:

    Diocese of Libville. I laughed way too hard at that comment, both in the original post and in the second comment. Thanks for the chuckle!

  5. GregB says:

    There are going to be more cameras on this mission. If all goes well we may get to see more of the landing than we did with Curiosity.

  6. teomatteo says:

    I still chuckle when I recall that russian (I think) venus lander. The camera lens cap popped off and imaged this hot lanscape (time was of the essence, think of Eddie Murphy in his HOt tub) and then the robotic arm to sample the soil pushed out and flopped into the soil…. ? oops … right atop the lens cap. OUch. InFormationDiaKona, i’m thinking someone is going to see it… i’m certain if something goes wrong He will not chuckle like i did. bad me.

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