Daily Rome Shot 114

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  1. TonyO says:

    This shot reminds me of a story my father (Italian American) told about being a soldier in WWII: He was overseas in Europe and – as was true of all of them – always on the lookout for better food than the usual army swill. Along came a care package from home with some food. This made everyone in the unit happy, because the unspoken rule was that you share out the goodies with everyone there. The principal item was a large pepperoni. But when they opened it, they found that it had mold on it. Up went a large groan, and most of the men walked away. But the 2 or 3 Italians stayed put: my father wiped off the mold on the outside, knowing full well that the pepperoni has excellent preservative properties (maybe the mold came from some non-pepperoni food source that had lodged against the pepperoni?) And underneath the moldy exterior, the pepperoni was just fine, and got shared out between the “Eyetalians” who had stuck around.

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