Daily Rome Shot 99

Photo by Bree Dail.

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  1. ThePapalCount says:

    This is one of those small but beautiful Roman churches that is not on too many pilgrim’s “must see” lists. The little church of the “Holy Saviour” is the church for anyone who as a devotion to Our Lady of Loreto or to St Padre Pio. The church contains relics of Padre Pio (among others). This church is located between Ponte Sant Angelo and the northern end of Piazza Navona. It is found along the narrow but picturesque street of via Coronari. The church is the Roman church dedicated to and connected spiritually by affection to the great Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto. The story of the Holy House of Loreto is fascinating but, not for telling here ….too many words. However, it is devoted to Our Lady under her title of “Loreto” its a perfect spot to pray the rosary and to simply sit and take in the calming peace of this holy place.If you have a devotion to St Padre Pio this too is the place to visit and pray.
    The church is open every day except for the siesta time from noon until about 4. What is truly precious about this church is, of course its simple beauty, but it is so very quiet. I have often been in this church with friends visiting Rome as its on our walk either from Piazza Navona towards the Vatican or vice/versa. They are all impressed with the stillness, peace and the beauty found there.

  2. JonPatrick says:

    Thanks PapalCount. At first I thought “Maria Laurentanae” referred to an obscure saint by that name, but Our Lady of Loreto makes a lot more sense.

    At some point Mrs JonPatrick and I intend to make our “bucket list” trip that will include a few days in Rome, probably 2022 now. I realize that we could spend a month there and not see everything. So many churches so little time. But we hope to see at least a couple of the churches.

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