JUST TOO COOL: 700 year old papal vineyard in France revived by Benedictine Monks

I occasionally post about the wonderful, traditional Benedictine monks and nuns of Le Barroux in Provence.  Their monasteries are little slices of paradise.   You can hear live online or on demand the men chanting the liturgical hours HERE.

I saw a piece at the National Catholic Register, that they have rehabilitated the Avignon Pope Clement V’s papal vineyard.   This wine, the article says, “was particularly appreciated by his successor, Pope John XXII, who continued to serve it to its most distinguished guests.”  As you might recall, John XXII dodged being a heretic by hair’s breadth.  After WWI the land was worked again and in the 70’s the wine obtain the status of “AOC Ventoux”.  Then the monks built their monastery nearby in 1986.  They’ve teamed up with their neighbors in the production of Via Caritatis grand cru wines since 2016.

They’ve recently been allowed to export to these USA!  (Must get some.)

Have a look at the piece at NCReg (not Fishwrap!).  There are good photos.

And… there is a link to an order form!

Remember, too, that the Benedictines of Norcia, Italy, are making great beer.  They have a beer club to which you can subscribe.

The monks reached out to me and said that for every FIVE new Club members who sign up and reference “Father Z” in the “Notes about your Order” line, I will get a free case! I share it with my friends.  Everyone likes it.  With savory sausages and cheeses it simply can’t be beat.   Lent won’t last forever.  Order some now.



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  1. JonPatrick says:

    Sounds wonderful.

    Note that “AOC” stands for “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée” and not for a certain barista turned Socialist member of the US Congress.

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