13 May 609: Dedication of the Roman Pantheon, “Santa Maria ad martyres”. An account of Boniface IV’s exorcism of the temple and the screaming of the demons.

In keeping with a couple of other recent posts about the supernatural battle going on around us, between the holy angels and apostate demons, here is something to chew on for your Catholic identity.

In 609 the Emperor Phocas gave the magnificent ancient Roman Pantheon, the temple to “all the gods” to the Church. Pope Boniface IV got rid of all the pagan stuff and consecrated it to the Mother of God and the martyrs on this day, 13 May.

Of course before anything is to be consecrated, it first had to be exorcized. This is especially the case with church buildings. And the Pantheon had been a pagan temple dedicated in reality to demons.

We have an account of the exorcism of the Pantheon before it was consecrated this day.  In Italian HERE.

“In 608 the Byzantine emperor Phoca gave [the temple] to Pope Boniface IV and there was organized an evocative ceremony to consecrate it to the Christian God.   On 13 May 609 a huge crowd gathered near the Pantheon to witness the event. Chronicles recount chaos and chilling screams that were felt from within: the pagan demons were aware of what was about to happen. The doors were thrown open and the Pope, in front of the entrance, began to recite the formulas for the exorcism. The screams from the idols increased in intensity, and the commotion deafened the ears of the onlookers.  Fear gripped the crowd and no one was able to stand on their feet, looking and hearing that terrible spectacle. Only Boniface IV resisted and, undaunted, prayed and consecrated the Pantheon to Christ. It is said that the demons left the ancient temple chaotically and with a great din, fleeing from the open “eye” of the dome or from the main doors.  Once the ceremony was over, the Pope dedicated the building to the Mad

onna dei Martiri, in memory, perhaps, of the many Christians killed in honor of those filthy idols … “

Messa in Latino also calls to mind a vision of Catherine Ann Emerich:

One of the visions of Bl. Catherine Emmerich was precisely about the exorcism and consecration of the Pantheon: “…  I saw again the whole ceremony of the consecration of the temple: the holy martyrs assisted with Mary at their head.  The altar was not placed in the middle, but was was up against the wall.  I saw carried into church more than 30 carts of holy bones.  Many of these were put into the walls.  Others could be seen, where there were round holes in the wall, closed up with something that looked like glass. (p. Schmoeger, ‘Vie d’Anne Catherine Emmerich’, tomo III, pp. da 69 a 71)

Battles with the Enemy are fought on many levels.  Let is not forget that demons are territorial and legalistic.  Once they claim a toehold, it requires effort to break their hold and get rid of them from places, things and persons.

And Pachamama is a DEMON and use of those demon idols was idolatry.

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  1. InFormationDiakonia says:

    Father Z, this was an excellent post! Having been in the Pantheon in the early 2000s, I had no idea at that time the fact that it was filled with the demonic at one time. And I clearly had no idea this was even done on this day. So little I knew then. Thanks for your blog!

    It makes me wish I could look back in time to that event with Pope Boniface and witness the holiness come over that place. Using Ignatian spirituality I can picture myself in the crowd, listening to the din of the demonic as it flees the mighty words of exorcism. Hearing the sounds and I’m sure the smells of Hell being assailed by the Word. Watching as the demons flee in fear. Mary and the Martyrs present in the new sanctuary. Would that I have the fortitude to stand there like Pope Boniface and brave the assault!

    I wonder who will do it and when St. Peter’s will be exorcised from Pachamama! In Latin of course! May it be in my lifetime!

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    Amen, Fr. Z., a hearty Amen, regarding the evil Pachamama and what took place over the very bones of St. Peter, on sacred Vatican ground. And we wonder why hell has been unleashed in our country and the world. The First Commandment of God, broken by the pope and his allies, for all to see. God have mercy on us. There are no fence-sitters anymore, all have already chosen sides. Dear God, have mercy on the poor people who have been misled, especially the elderly, trying to follow you and being taken off course.

  3. Amazing. This is the sort of thing that was done when we weren’t a “loser” church– when we actually believed that Christianity was the fullness of Truth and was worth spreading. We just have to get rid of that “loser” mentality and start acting as if we believe in a God who conquered sin and death and ascended to heaven body and soul. Almost everything that is done today by the majority of priests and bishops is a retreat of one sort or another. It may be necessary in the short run, but at some point we can’t all retreat to the last outpost of Christianity on the planet, wherever that may wind up being– or perhaps even on some other planet after we are kicked off the Earth by demons. We really need to start evangelizing again. We need to believe “the gates of hell shall not prevail.”

  4. JonPatrick says:

    Is there a good reliable account of Ann Catherine Emmerich’s visions? I have seen a lot of talk on social media about visions of 2 popes etc. and would like to get a true account, not the tinfoil hat version

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  6. Sieber says:

    Don’t forget the Pauline Chapel!

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  8. Catherine in Aurora says:

    TAN Books has several works by or about Anne Catherine Emmerich in its catalog. The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ is one of them. Also, if you are into buying used books, Maria Regina Guild has a 2 volume hardcover edition of the Life of Anna Catharine Emmerick by Rev. Schmoger.
    Also, several collections of private Catholic prophecies quote extensively from her visions and revelations, especially with regard to the dire conditions in the RC Church before and during the Great Tribulation. Among them are Yves Dupont’s Catholic Prophecy and Desmond A. Birch’s Trial, Tribulation & Triumph.

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