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13 May 609: Dedication of the Roman Pantheon, “Santa Maria ad martyres”. An account of Boniface IV’s exorcism of the temple and the screaming of the demons.

In keeping with a couple of other recent posts about the supernatural battle going on around us, between the holy angels and apostate demons, here is something to chew on for your Catholic identity. In 609 the Emperor Phocas gave … Read More

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“Our ordinary world, the one in which we work and fall in love and watch TV—it’s thinner than paper, and the demons pour through it in hordes.”

According to the Talmud, the demons are more numerous than we are. “They stand over us like mounds of earth surrounding a pit.” Rav Huna teaches that “each and every one of us has a thousand demons to his left … Read More

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BOOK RECEIVED: Card. Pell’s – Prison Journal, Volume 2: The State Court Rejects the Appeal

I received the second volume of George Card. Pell’s “prison journal”. I am nearly finished working my way through the first volume. It is inspiring.  I read a little each night and reflect on my own lot.  It’s humbling. This … Read More

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Sign of the Times #8470

This from American Conservative: The ‘Terrorist’ Chaplain by Rod Dreher The Rev. Dr. Bernard Randall is a Church of England priest who worked as a chaplain at a private British school, one founded on the Evangelical tradition, where an LGBT … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 156

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“Quam pulchri super montes pedes adnuntiantis et praedicantis” – Ascension Thursday and Lordly Feet

There are many images of the Lord’s Ascension to heaven through history, and rightly so.  This is probably the greatest of all the Feasts of the Lord and for our own humanity.  Imagine!  Our humanity is seated – RIGHT NOW  – at … Read More

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