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13 May 609: Dedication of the Roman Pantheon as “Santa Maria ad martyres”. Boniface IV’s exorcism of the temple, screaming of the demons.

Dear readers, this is the sort of thing that Popes do!  They fight against the forces of Hell and they work for the salvation of souls. For example, when the ancient obelisk that was in the Circus of Caligula off … Read More

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Here’s something you don’t see everyday. VIDEO

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. Today is Rome’s Birthday, 2775nd. Rome and the sun and time are intertwined. For example, Augustus set up an Egyptian obelisk as the gnomon of a sundial. The obelisk of St. Peter’s also casts … Read More

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13 May 609: Dedication of the Roman Pantheon, “Santa Maria ad martyres”. An account of Boniface IV’s exorcism of the temple and the screaming of the demons.

In keeping with a couple of other recent posts about the supernatural battle going on around us, between the holy angels and apostate demons, here is something to chew on for your Catholic identity. In 609 the Emperor Phocas gave … Read More

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Sad: “Cranmer tables” in the Pantheon and many great Roman churches

I was in St. Peter’s Basilica the morning they tore out the Altar of the Chair.    There were people stationed to prevent anyone from taking photos.   Workers pried it apart with crowbars and hauled it off like so … Read More

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Of the dropping of rose petals

Some years ago I posted photos of the Roman firefighters on top of the Pantheon (I shot them from my apartment’s window) as they prepared to drop rose petals through the oculus on Pentecost. HERE It’s a great custom. I … Read More

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Of flower petals, firefighters, dedication, and holes in the roof

Today is the anniversary of the Dedication of the Roman church Santa Maria “ad Martyres“, which took place in 609.  This church is also called the Pantheon. Since on upcoming Pentecost, Roman firefighters will be dropping red rose petals through … Read More

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