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OLDIE POST: “Bob, you’ve been traded to Archdiocese of Red Bird.”

NOTA BENE: I originally posted this back in 2012. I ran across this by chance looking for something else. It struck me as opportune, given what is going on in some places… the lot of some tradition-leaning priests.   It’s a … Read More

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UPDATE: Wherein the Bishop of Black Duck gives pastoral care to a pro-abortion ‘c’atholic politician

UPDATE: 27 May 2021 I’ve lately read that some 60 bishops are pressuring that the issue of Communion for pro-abortion politicians NOT be even be discussed at the USCCB meeting.   I don’t get it.   The Lord says that if there … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 170

Photo by Bree Dail.

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The list is growing.

The list is growing… of persecuted priests. I understand that there is a fund to help Fr. Parker. HERE

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ASK FATHER: When giving me absolution, Father did not say “ALL your sins”. Was that invalid?

From a reader…. QUAERITUR: At my last Confession, during the absolution, the priest said: “I absolve you from your sins, in the name, etc.” Note that he did not say “from ALL your sins”. Does this mean the absolution is … Read More

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