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The 70th Miracle at Lourdes

When I did the Studium at the Congregation for Causes of Saints, I had the opportunity to study amazing authenticated miracles, historic and modern.  The modern miracles of healing are fascinating, especially because there is so much medical documentation. Back in … Read More

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For you who voted for Democrats in the last election, please give this statement some thought.

From LifeSite: Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she should be able to get communion even though she is a pro-abortion Catholic. The ardent abortion advocate insists she can use her own judgment on whether or not she is eligible to receive … Read More

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CCC 2499

2499  Moral judgment must condemn the plague of totalitarian states which systematically falsify the truth, exercise political control of opinion through the media, manipulate defendants and witnesses at public trials, and imagine that they secure their tyranny by strangling and repressing … Read More

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12-15 July 2021: “LIFT UP YOUR HEARTS” Conference for Priests

For the last couple of years I have attended great summer conference for priests held in West Virginia, at a beautiful location. The conference is sponsored by the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. I’ve been much enriched by what … Read More

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14 May: Sts. Victor and Corona, martyrs. (How to get her statue.)

In the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum for 14 May, we find that, in the first place, St. Matthias, Apostle, is honored on his Novus Ordo feast.  In the Vetus Ordo, Matthias is celebrated on 25 February. His scriptis, in the 2005 MartRom we find … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 157

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