An important note to those of you who order Mystic Monk Coffee

May I make a suggestion?

First, order some Mystic Monk Coffee or Tea.  The Wyoming Carmelites are building their amazing monastery.

NB: If you are using a bookmarked link from my blog to order your Mystic Monk Coffee – which, by the way, is swell – please UPDATE your link.

Or if you once subscribed (save up to 16%) using an old link, please update!

Why do I post this?   Quite a few of the orders are not being credited to my link.  I’ve written to the Wyoming Carmelites about this once before and I got back a note about “cookies” – not the kind you dunk in your Coffee of the Month (which during May has been Rwanda Kivubelt Murundo, by the way).

About half the orders are not being credited to my link.

Here’s the proper link.


To be clear: if you use my link, you get the same coffee or tea or other items at the same price as you would by using their site, but I get a small percentage of the sale. Everyone wins.  Let’s call it “mutual enrichment”.

One can hardly get rich off the sales of their rich coffee and tea, but, in my position, every little bit helps… and half the little bits are not being very mutual right now.

So, friends, please CLICK and get some coffee and tea and update your links.

ALSO, on my older posts if there are links to Mystic Monk Coffee, remember that that link itself might be old.  The new link is always easily found on my side bar.

Thanks for your attention.  We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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