Daily Rome Shot 172

Photo by Bree Dail.

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  1. ThePapalCount says:

    A fantastic photograph looking from the Minerva hotel towards that ancient Pantheon which is the best preserved Roman imperial building in the city. Once a pagan temple but now a functioning Catholic church with Mass offered daily. Raphael is entombed inside together two of Italy’s kings. And thousands of martyrs bones lay beneath the floor. To the left is a building that houses the Vatican school which trains the diplomats of the Holy See and in that same building is Gammerelli, the famous papal tailor. FrZ is a valued client. Out of range but to the right of the frame is the church of S Maria Sopra Minerva which holds the tomb of St Catherine of Siena. Galileo was quizzed over his discoveries and theories in the basilica’s precincts. The epsicopal ordination scene featured in the highly successful 1960s film “The Cardinal” was filmed here by Otto Preminger. And just a few feet away is another noted church tailor, “Barbiconi” with window displays offering substantial clerical eye candy. So, within the immediate area of this photograph, minutes from each other, are two famous churches, two famous church tailors and the Vatican academy for diplomatic studies. And there is more, but not now. Ah, the perfume that is Rome.

  2. Gregg the Obscure says:

    is that the tomb of Augustus in the background?

  3. ocsousn says:

    Ah, cocktails on the roof terrace of the Hotel Minerva on a balmy evening!

  4. Semper Gumby says:

    Thanks Papal Count.

    ocsousn: An excellent idea…

    After enjoying the view from atop the Hotel Minerva on a balmy evening you and your friends seat yourselves around a table. You address them, “Three minutes from now, we will be harvesting a tray of drinks. Imagine what you will be drinking, and it will be so.”

    Solemn nods all around, so you then turn to the waiter: “At my signal, unleash a tray of Aperol spritzes.”

    The waiter nods slightly, “Remember, thou art mortal. What you drink in the Eternal City echoes in your bar tab.”

    You rise slowly from your chair and respond calmly yet firmly, “My name is Al Kaseltzer, Commander of the Cincinnati Moose Lodge, General of Tour Bus #584, loyal servant to the true Emperor, El Naranja, father to a DisneyLand-addled son, husband to a kleptomaniac wife – and I will have my Aperol spritz on this rooftop or the next.”

    To the din of knives crashing against plates the waiter walks away, sighing, “People should know when they’re on vacation.”

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