ACTION ITEM: Fathers, do not wait any longer.  It’s time.  Get things in gear NOW.

I’ll lead off with a mind exercise.  It is possible that the rumored document that would undo Benedict XVI’s “emancipation proclamation” Summorum Pontificum is actually founded on a well-constructed campaign of disinformation.  It could be a psy-op designed to get “trads” to over-react, rear up in defiance before anything is promulgated.  Like a “false flag” operation, it would give the powers-that-be cover to enact what they want because, after all, “look how they are behaving”.   Göring bragged that the Nazis actually started the Reichstag Fire in order to be able to blame the Communists, whom they then had an excuse to repress.   A recent alleged “insurrection” was probably a “false flag” operation.   These folks are good as this sort of thing.

That’s the mind exercise.

Paix Liturgique and The Remnant are writing about the rumored, still rumored, document by which restrictions would be reasserted over Benedict XVI’s – who is still alive – “emancipation proclamation”.

The document supposedly, if The Remnant is correct in what it as heard, could transfer control over the use of the Traditional Roman Rite away from the “Fourth Section” of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments (CDW).  The CDW under-secretary, Aurelio García Macías, a bishop, could theoretically be the one to implement it.

The Remnant speculates that the document would be aimed “to thwart the growth of the Traditional Latin Mass and other sacraments particularly among diocesan clergy.”

It is true.  It IS growing among diocesan clergy.  Rapidly, in some places.

This is incredibly scary for those who hate the “emancipation proclamation” that is Summorum Pontificum and its amazing effects.

To halt the growth, to halt the fruits, they are willing to suspend the “emancipation proclamation” and return diocesan priests to the slave-state.

If, as it is said to have been in an early draft, the institutes and communities which use the Traditional Rite are removed from the supervision of the CDF and given over to the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, that would be… not very good.  Think, Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

This is June, the month dedicated to Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I’ve already posted a couple things today about intensifying your prayer life and even performing acts of reparation because of the spread of certain evils in society.

I am asking you to do more now.

By all means read what Paix Liturgique and The Remnant have offered.

The Remnant provides addresses for your respectful letters.  Remember: Write something edgy or nasty and you HURT EVERYONE.  If you can’t restrain yourself, DON’T write at all.  Don’t harm the cause because you want to vent.  How selfish would that be.  Think about it: “Your Eminence… Holiness… see?  This is the kind of letter these people are sending!  These are the sort of people who want to overturn Vatican II.  See how nasty and disrespectful they are?”

And KEEP WORKING.  Do more.  Do not panic.  Keep your cool.  Get organized and get TLMs established far and wide.

Fathers, do not wait any longer.  It’s time.  Do NOT let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  Get things in gear NOW.



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  1. Rod Halvorsen says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the SSPX wound up with a unilaterally assigned personal prelature before the dust settles on this thing while they go whole hog after the diocesan priests. Anything, in their minds, to isolate the TLM and give the appearance of support at the same time {drawing from then-Bergoglio’s cordial relationship w/ SSPX in Argie}.

    Father Z: Any thoughts on that possibility?

  2. JustaSinner says:

    Father, do not forget us laity in this time of planning. There are many who can come to aid and abet (yes I use that term) the faithful priesthood who could get cancelled/repressed/enslaved by the coming storm. Money, prayers, lay world expertise. All available, but someone needs to lead and direct as most have no clue how to help the priesthood anymore.

  3. Eugene says:

    Reply to Justa a Sinner:
    “as most have no clue how to help the priesthood anymore”
    What absolutely true words given almost daily new reports of faithful priests being persecuted by the “church of mercy”.
    If this evil act of suppressing the ancient mass occurs I don’t know what I will do about my future membership in such an evil institution masquerading as the bride of Christ. Lord have mercy on me.

  4. adriennep says:

    Our weekly Latin Mass is thanks to an awesome young priest in the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon. But it took our local Una Voce group years to make it happen. We do not have any other options in this vicariate. They mess with this at their peril. I suggest others form an Una Voce/Latin Mass Society group or start one now. As a nonprofit they have raised lots of money to purchase altar items and vestments. We, not the parish, own them. But there would be severe problems if that were compromised since so many ex-SSPX types have migrated to our weekly Mass. This would just jerk the engine into screeching reverse.

  5. ChesterFrank says:

    “ Göring bragged that the Nazis actually started the Reichstag Fire in order to be able to blame the Communists, whom they then had an excuse to repress. A recent alleged “insurrection” was probably a “false flag” operation.”

    Funny you should type those words. I was listening to a WWII veteran commenting during a news broadcast. The comment was “That’s exactly what Hitler did.” The comment was made more than once. History is important.

  6. ChesterFrank says:

    “ Göring bragged that the Nazis actually started the Reichstag Fire in order to be able to blame the Communists, whom they then had an excuse to repress. A recent alleged “insurrection” was probably a “false flag” operation.”

    Funny you should type those words. I was listening to a WWII veteran commenting during a news broadcast. The comment was “That’s exactly what Hitler did.” The comment was made more than once. History is important.

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  8. Bosco says:

    I wonder what kind of a reception St. Paul’s occasionally edgy missives received.

  9. The Astronomer says:

    I have the sinking feeling the new leadership at CDW is Modernist and all-in with the Francis agenda of suppressing traditional worship, de facto when possible, de jure when necessary (just ask the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate). It’s interesting that Bishop Viola wears an episcopal ring that belonged to Archbishop Bugnini; said ring was given him by Bishop Brandolini. Yes, THE oh-so-nurturing, tender, sensitive Bishop Brandolini who said he cried in sorrow when Benedict XVI made the Traditional Latin Mass more available via Summorum Pontificum.

    Modern psychology works in our favor on this situation. These clerics ‘gaslight’ us all the time. In layman’s terms, there’s a saying that illustrates clerical gaslighting perfectly: “Don’t urinate on my leg and tell me it’s raining lemonade…”

    I remember once the eminent canonist Count Neri Capponi told me, back in the early 1990s, that Holy Mother Church was in the grip of a crisis much greater than the Arian Heresy. I believe it.

  10. Semper Gumby says:

    JustaSinner: This may help.

    “A water-proof container with small hosts (which can be broken for efficiency). A plastic squirt bottle of fortified wine (see HERE). It could be a good idea to have a small vacuum sealed bag of raisins, from which wine could be made in a pinch once if you are holed-up somewhere. Another of wheat-flour.”

    Interesting ideas also in the comments.

    Ireland and Mass Rocks:

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  12. Semper Gumby says:

    ChesterFrank: “History is important.” Indeed.

    “The study of history is a powerful antidote to contemporary arrogance. It is humbling to discover how many of our glib assumptions, which seem to us novel and plausible, have been tested before, not once but many times and in innumerable guises; and discovered to be, at great human cost, wholly false.” – Paul Johnson

    Thomas Sowell:

    “The first column I ever wrote, 39 years ago, was titled “The Profits of Doom.” This was long before Al Gore made millions of dollars promoting global-warming hysteria. Back in 1970, the prevailing hysteria was the threat of a new ice age – promoted by some of the same environmentalists who are promoting global-warming hysteria today.”


    “Not everything in the past was admirable. Poet W. H. Auden called the 1930s “a low dishonest decade.” So were the 1960s, which launched many of the trends we are experiencing so painfully today. Some of the fashionable notions of the 1930s reappeared in the 1960s, often using the very same discredited words and producing the same disastrous consequences.”

    Good point by Sowell. For example, the 1930s: Germany’s Frankfurt School, Critical Theory, Herbert Marcuse and Theodor Adorno (also see Nazi Party member Martin Heidegger). Then, in the 1960s: Marcuse and Adorno re-package leftist Fascism as a phenomenon of the Right, flog the fraudulent “F-scale” to “measure fascism” (soon after WW II), and promote sexual immorality as “anti-fascist.”

    (Jack Posobiec has a new book: “The Antifa.”)

    Back to Thomas Sowell:

    “Black adults, during the years when I was growing up in Harlem, had far less education than black adults today – but far more common sense. In an age of artificial intelligence, too many of our schools and colleges are producing artificial stupidity, among both blacks and whites.”

    One more:

    “Reading about the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, and the widespread retrogressions of Western civilization that followed, was an experience that was sobering, if not crushing. Ancient history in general lets us know how long human beings have been the way they are, and dampens giddy zeal for the latest panaceas, despite how ‘politically correct’ those panaceas may be.”

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