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ACTION ITEM: Fathers, do not wait any longer.  It’s time.  Get things in gear NOW.

I’ll lead off with a mind exercise.  It is possible that the rumored document that would undo Benedict XVI’s “emancipation proclamation” Summorum Pontificum is actually founded on a well-constructed campaign of disinformation.  It could be a psy-op designed to get “trads” to … Read More

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CRISIS: A Catholic response to “Pride Month”

Today I saw with disgust that the US Embassy to the Holy See in Rome has displayed a homosexuality flag. At Crisis today there is a good piece entitled “The Catholic Response to ‘Pride Month’” by John A. Monaco. After … Read More

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Heartbeat International and the Abortion Pill Rescue Network – SAFELY REVERSE the abortion after the first pill

There is a terrific piece at Epoch Times today about a teen-age mother who took the abortion pill, changed her mind, and used the abortion reversal treatment. Yes, the pill process can be reversed… safely. The young woman, now mother … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 175

Photo by The Great Roman™ None of you are going to know where this is.  It is in a side room of Ss. Trinità dei Pellegrini.  It had been at a chapel built on the place – near St. Paul’s outside-the-walls, … Read More

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Ummm…. a little glitch in the new Apostolic Constitution “Pascite gregem Dei”

At the end of the Apostolic Constitution which promulgates a new Book VI of the 1983 CIC we find in the version released via the Bolletino… Ooops. It’s FRANCISCUS. At the top of the document, his name is spelled correctly. … Read More

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Holy See now a participant in the World Health Organization

Meanwhile, as the release of Book VI dominates churchy news, this item is also in the Bolletino: On Monday, 31 May 2021, the World Health Assembly adopted, by consensus, Resolution Participation of the Holy See in the World Health Organization presented by … Read More

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The Code of Canon Law has a new section about penal law, offences and punishments. There are new things.

Today the Code of Canon Law was updated in a dramatic way.  An entire Book (major section) was chopped out and replaced with a new version.  This is Book VI which deals with “penal law”, that is, offences and punishments.  … Read More

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JUNE: Recite an Act of Reparation is for “the sins that continue to plague our world”.

The District Superior of the SSPX, Fr. John Fullerton, has asked in a newsletter that people pray an Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart during the month of June. The Act of Reparation is for “the sins that continue … Read More

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