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DEVELOPMENT re: St Peter’s TLM Suppression. This could say something about rumored attack on Summorum Pontificum

BLURF ALERT Bottom line… if there were serious talk in the Curia about suppressing Summorum, this news militates against it. This is like clock work.  I’m trying to get on the road and this pops up.   So, without access to my laptop, … Read More

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22 June (Novus Ordo): St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More

In the Church’s traditional calendar St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More have their  feasts on 9 July.  More was martyred on 6 July and Fisher on 22 June.  In the Novus Ordo calendar they are celebrated today, together. Pope … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 196

Photo by The Great Roman™

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