Things scroll off the main page pretty quickly, so here is a reminder of some recent posts.

Also, this is an opportunity to thank my benefactors.  Some of you have sent things from my wish list.  Some of you have signed up for my “200” project.  Some of you have sent ad hoc donations.  Some of you – I hope more of you! – use my link to enter Amazon for online shopping.  Some of you – I hope many more of you! – use my link to buy Mystic Monk Coffee.  Thank you VENMO donors!

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Every little bit helps and I am grateful to all of you.  As a matter of fact, in this truly chaotic time in my life, lots of big changes, your support – both spiritual and material – is a morale boost as I see it come in.

As a result, for a few weeks now I have been more regularly celebrating Holy Mass for my benefactors, whose names I note when I know them and whose names I don’t I commend to God who does.  Today, as a matter of fact, I will say Mass for my benefactors.  It is my duty and pleasure.

Please note that I exclude from the following list of links my daily . Click that to pull them up.

I am grateful to St. Joseph for his recent aid.  Get to know him.

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