Ummm…. a little glitch in the new Apostolic Constitution “Pascite gregem Dei”

At the end of the Apostolic Constitution which promulgates a new Book VI of the 1983 CIC we find in the version released via the Bolletino…



At the top of the document, his name is spelled correctly.

I’ve heard his Latin.  I wonder if the error in the website for the signature reflects the actual signature.

Nah!  Couldn’t be.

It’s always something these days when Latin comes forth from the Holy See.

However, to be fair, in the site it is this way.  Properly spelled but without the “PP.”  There is “PP.” at the top, but not at the signature location.  At the signature location in the Bolletino version someone added the “P.P.”

So, what’s it gonna be?  Did he sign his name “Franciscus” or “Franciscus PP”?

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