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San Diego Union-Tribune: A Catholic who prefers the Traditional Latin Mass

In the San Diego Union-Tribune there is a piece about the Traditional Latin Mass sure to thrill the local ordinary. Opinion: I’m a Catholic who prefers Latin Mass. For my family, it’s about handing on tradition. BY LUKE HEINSTSCHEL Shortly … Read More

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Talk about optics

The other day I posted about the implementation of Traditionis custodes … TC… by the Bishop of San Diego.  In his pastoral care for the most marginalized group in the Church, he suppressed the TLM in the northern part of the diocese.  … Read More

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The ongoing application of Traditionis custodes – D. San Diego and D. Motherwell

Firstly, be a CUSTOS! Join NOW! HERE Two pieces of news come to my box today, along with the news that Card. Burke is off the ventilator and moving out of the ICU – Laus Deo! On 8 August in the … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z responds to some points made by Bp. McElroy

In the English speaking world, in the wake of the withdrawal of speaking gig invitations to Jesuit Father James Martin, Jesuits and their allies have coagulated.  They now pour it on,  to create a critical mass of hatred against those Catholics who stick up for … Read More

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SAN DIEGO: Brick by Brick with Latin Novus Ordo with Spanish speakers

I recently posted about the good news in the Diocese of Raleigh where, in Dunn, NC, at Sacred Heart Church there are now Masses in the Extraordinary Form celebrated with Spanish re-readings and sermon.  HERE For your Brick by Brick … Read More

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VIDEO: Children learn to sing Gregorian chant at Chant Camp!

How many of you have heard someone object to Gregorian chant on the grounds that it is tooo haaard! Right. Here is a video about a summer camp where children as young as 8 years old are learning to sing … Read More

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How to revive a dying parish

For your Brick By Brick file. I had this through email so I can’t vouch for this 100%.  But as Preserved Killick would say, ‘Aye aye, sir. Rectory it is.’ I thought you might enjoy this bit of info. St. Anne … Read More

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Fishwrap’s hissy fit over Beattie

The Fishwrap is having a spittle-flecked nutty about the decision in San Diego not to let the wacko speak in a Catholic institution. University withdraws theologian’s invitation after pressure from financial contributors Joshua J. McElwee | Nov. 1, 2012 The … Read More

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Fishwrap finally reports on courageous Norma Jean Coon

Remember Norma Jean Coon?  She is the courageous woman who repudiated her simulated “ordination” in the wymynpryst thingie and has cut all her ties with the wymin, as she works with the CDF for the lifting of the excommunication she … Read More

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