Chilean Archbishop “forbids” Traditional Mass by internet. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

This is just lunatic stuff. Do you suppose he still uses a rotary dial phone?

All the more reason for priests everywhere to start live streaming their TLM.

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  1. NB says:

    Talk about great free accidental marketing.

  2. Charles E Flynn says:

    No, the archbishop does not use a rotary phone. He picks up the handset, turns a crank, and chats for a moment with Lili Tomlin, who places his call.

  3. Chrisc says:

    To this end, does anyone know a good place to stream the mass everyday?

  4. millercr2 says:

    Well, unfortunately, the vibrant and growing TLM / Traditional Latin Mass (250-300+ attending), with many babies, large families, fantastic motet choir, 10+ altar servers, new vestments, etc. is in limbo in our Archdiocese. The Archbishop has noted he will not invoke Canon 87 to allow a parish, we have yet to hear a plan, and the faithful are scared to provide even the slightest perspective on the fantastic liturgical celebrations. The live streaming and recording of the TLM ceased immediately as well, which co-existed as a stellar example of vibrant coexistence of various faculties – standard Novus Ordo, TLM, and Spanish Masses. This parish is as healthy as can be, but the TLM may be no more.

  5. Charles E Flynn says:


    I have not seen this, but it looks promising, from the Diocese of Cleveland:

  6. JustaSinner says:

    Will he order the Swiss Guards out to stop the tide next?

  7. Fulco One Eye says:

    I had occasion to stay in La Serena for several weeks in the 1980’s. It was a charming town and the people I met were even more charming. One memory was that it gave me the impression I was in a 1940’s Humphrey Bogart movie. So much was behind the times – for better or worse. Perhaps this bishop thinks he is in Casablanca and can confiscate all the radios to stop the “rebellion”.

  8. AA Cunningham says:

    To this end, does anyone know a good place to stream the mass everyday?

  9. APX says:

    What’s stopping a parishioner from doing a Facebook livestream? The idiocy continues.

  10. HvonBlumenthal says:

    Archbishop Canute

  11. Semper Gumby says:

    This bishop is behind the times with his East German Secret Police “verboten.” He should get with the program- it’s all Pachamama these days. All he’s gotta’ do is cover his private altar with coca leaves and burnt llama fetuses, and just hex the internet.

  12. Jim Dorchak says:

    I live in Chile and have for the past 8 years.

    The N.O. Mass is a the Marxist Liberation Theology (which is neither) kindergarten variety in Chile. There is little redeeming spiritual good found in the typical Mass found in Chile. The Priests are poorly catechized and typically ignorant of all things that existed before 1970 since that is the pablum that they and their bishops were fed and are still fed today.

    This is not to say that they are not sincere or engrossed with the faith, just that even the good priests are just poorly formed. Which is sad. For instance my priest, who is a wonderful man, has never heard of the Asperges Me!

    He did/does not know what I was talking about even with the help of a native speaking Chilean he had never heard of it!!!!

    Wow…. Understand me… I love my priest. He is a good man, but it pains me to say that he does not even know what HOLY or PIOUS is or should be. It is just not in his novos ordo universe and it is so foreign that it scares him. THIS IS TYPICAL IN CHILE. The Old Mass? What is that ? I thought they did away with that just like they did abstinence and the restriction of the pill! (my words).

    There are very very very few Latin Masses in Chile. Maybe 2 locations?

    The SSPX of course (we can always count on them when the chips are down) are offering Mass in two regular places in Chile. Santiago and La Serena. Follow the money here.
    The wealthy Chileans vacation in La Serena. Rightfully they offer Mass where that demand is found i.e. the money. Honestly I can not blame them. I have assisted at their Mass in Santiago several times when I was visiting there. Santiago is a 12 hour drive away from me and other than the Mass, I consider Santiago HELL IN CHILE. It is a big nasty city.

    As we have seen in the former USA where the SSPX has provided the Old Mass, you quickly found the local ordinary (and here in Chile the word “ordinary” is very below average, and no lie), offering a Old Mass to try and keep the devout with in their weekly offertory basket. More power to them. Hahahah
    La Serena is a prime example of this in my opinion and this announcement killed that other option I am guessing.

    So elsewhere in Chile the ONLY MASS is the N.O. Mass!
    But with SATANIC caveats:
    Masks are required
    Social distancing at 6 meters (even for families, husband wives) is required.
    NO communion on the tongue
    You must have your temperature taken at the door.
    You WILL have goop put on your hand.
    On and On and On. So many rules in this new RITE of the Chilean Church that I honestly am not able to follow them…..

    So for my family and I we have not been to Mass in over 18 months at our local church, as we are no longer welcome.

    All are welcome is the stupid little ditty they sing, yeah all….but the faithful and those of us seeking greater piety.

    As a side note all these rules are continually changing. One day or week to the next the rules change. It is hard to know what to believe since the bishops no longer know what they believe.

    Our Family Sunday is made up of only devotion. Mass on line. The rosary.
    (Except for during my submarine service, I have never missed Mass in my life till now, for any reason!!!)

    We are much like was found in Lebanon and Japan and other places where politics dictated the life of the Church and not the Church.

    The bishops of Chile are faithless, spineless worms. The are barley men. The bishops of Chile are very very very concerned about global warming, empowering women, empowering homosexuals and reaching out to trans people, working with the indigenous peoples, defending the people who burn down Catholic Churches, the vax, the latest new variant and keeping good warm relations with the government over lords who suggest but do not force their rules.
    Indeed the Chilean bishops are much more tyrannical and coercive than the Chilean government. Even so far as to open the Church buildings through out Chile as locations for receiving the VAX but NOT MASS!!!! Oh no that many people in one building might get the holy virus, but the you can not catch the virus during lunch and when getting a vax!?!??

    The terrible and sad side of this is all of the good Faithful Catholics who are looking to be fed who are leaving what is left of the Catholic Church in Chile. Hey ! The Protestant churches are growing great guns here!!! Whoopie!!! The Chilean People are wonderful people who are willing and faithful. The bishops of Chile are NOT.

    They say the road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.
    Well it is likely the On Ramp to hell is paved with the skulls (and future skulls) of the bishops of Chile.

  13. Semper Gumby says:

    Jim Dorchak: Thank you for the insightful report from Chile.

    “The terrible and sad side of this is all of the good Faithful Catholics who are looking to be fed who are leaving what is left of the Catholic Church in Chile.”

    God bless them, they clearly had their fill of the anti-Gospel. They should follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ and shun the evil and perversions of the Vatican, the wickedness of “Integralism,” and the Marxism and Eco-Nonsense of Leftist “Catholicism.” Their souls are more important than slavish obedience to some pagan potentate and rancid ideology. Eventually, all this will sort itself out- there’s been rough patches before and here we go again with another. Christus Vincit.

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