Daily Rome Shot 237

Photo by Bree Dail.


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  1. roma247 says:

    If I am not mistaken, this is the iconic “Il Forno” bakery that is tucked into the corner of Campo de’ Fiori…I love this place, and used to go there almost every day when I lived in Rome back in the ’90s. Almost nobody spoke English back then–Rome still mostly belonged to the Romans. Those were the days…

  2. InFormationDiakonia says:

    Ah an amazing spread! So much less sweet are the goodies of Rome than here in the States but still scrumptious.

    I never made it to this bakery but wish I had! We had similar in Napoli that were as much a feast for the eyes (and mouth) as this one.

    My Italian was limited in speaking , not bad but definitely not fluent (I could read it better), but in the places where no English was spoken, food was always a universal language!

  3. Elizabeth D says:

    Makes me think of one of the children’s books we have in the Adoration Chapel, entitled “The Weight of a Mass”. Anyone seen that book? As I recall it vaguely, an old woman goes to a bakery for some bread but she can’t afford it. They agree she will offer her daily Mass for him in lieu of payment. So the baker writes “one Mass” on a slip of paper and puts it on his scale, with the bread on the other side. The little slip of paper far outweighs the bread. So he piles on more and more treats with he bread, and the Mass still outweighs them all. Even the woman is amazed that the mountain of delectable baked goods doesn’t outweigh the Mass. Nothing outweighs the Mass!

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