Seminarians to be required to get the COVID-1984 jab in order to return in Fall 2021

Mount St. Mary Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland, is one of the most prestigious seminaries in these USA.  It has enjoyed a good reputation for years.  In the decades when many (most… virtually all) seminaries were cesspools, “The Mount” was comparatively steady.

St. Mary’s Seminary is part of St. Mary’s University.   At the University page about COVID-19 POLICIES we see this:

Why Are You Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Note that it is not a question.


To achieve our goal of at least 80% immunity within our community, undergraduate students who will be taking classes at the Emmitsburg campus in Fall 2021 and seminarians are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before coming to campus in August 2021. The deadline to submit an exemption request for medical or sincerely held religious beliefs has now passed.

Students must submit a record of their vaccination to the Health Center before returning to campus and no later than August 18, 2021. This information will be kept confidential.

Seminarians must be jabbed or they can’t return?  No exemptions for medical or religious beliefs?

Don’t want the jab?  It’s that or your vocation, sonny.

Is that what this comes down to?

It is not known what part the Seminary faculty/board were allowed by the University to have in this decision.

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  1. Eriugena says:

    If they are REQUIRING Seminarians to take the vaccine, they must legally guarantee them they will accept responsibility for any damages should the long-term effects of the vaccine turn out to be harmful. You don’t want to give me this guarantee? Then I am under no obligation to take the vaccine…

  2. Bob says:

    This goes along with other mandates that have come up such as no no coming to work if you are not vaxxed, no entering stores such as food stores if you are not vaxxed and the latest one is one I heard yesterday on a Bill Gates interview where the interviewer suggested that perhaps people(like me and other old fogies)who are retired and on social security should, maybe? have their checks, their livelihood withheld if not vaccinated. Gates merely looked at the interview and showed a sly smile and just kinda nodded…

    According to the powers that be I should get the vax because I’m old and in that category of people who are susceptible to the virus. I’m not getting any vaccination until the long term (2 or 3 years) testing has been done and then only if it is a fetal cell free vaccine in any phase of its development no matter what I’ve been told by the Vatican. I don’t want to get sick of die from this virus but I will not trade my life to save my skin over the bodies of our unborn. The line in the sand between this world and the spiritual is clearly marked for any who has eyes to see.

  3. Andrew Hollingsworth says:

    With respect to the seminary they do say the deadline has passed to submit an exemption request for medical or sincerely held religious beliefs. They may have operated a reasonable system depending on how the process to grant exemptions was dealt with.

  4. JonPatrick says:

    Even leaving aside the moral issue of whether these experimental “vaccines” are produced with the help of aborted fetal tissue, there is the issue of forcing a remedy for an “epidemic” with a 99% survival rate and one from which deaths are overwhelmingly of older people with other morbidity factors on a group of healthy young males who probably have a higher chance of dying from being struck by lightning. It is disappointing that the Church is kowtowing to the State in this issue.

  5. Dan says:

    The catholic Unicersity of St Thromas that hosts St John Vianney Minor seminary and St. Paul major seminary has also put in place a vaccine requirement for all returning students including seminarians. Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown the seminaries were basically vilified on campus as student organizations tried to entrap seminarians by catching them out of masks. The school at one time required every seminarian be tested.

    To my knowledge St Thomas is still allowing exemptions though and most seminarians are able to find assistance in filling them out.

    These vaccines have ceased to be about simply the moral ethicacy of using cells tainted by abortion, of which an argument could be made for use based on proximity.

    They now represent an even larger issue. The basic violation of free will and autonomy over ones own bidy. Church leaders who support mandating the vaccine as a moral requirement are basically saying that our bodies as given to us by God are inherently evil and we are obliged to augment them through man made invention in order for them to be good. This is the post humanism that Cardinal Sarah has warned about in his books.

  6. Rob83 says:

    Bishops are the ones who have the power here. If a bishop were to call and say either the requirement goes or my men go, money might talk. Hopefully bishops would be wise enough to make alternate arrangements for those who don’t want it if the seminary isn’t budging.

  7. DavidJ says:

    Are there other vaccination requirements? Is this consistent with their policies regarding the plethora of other vaccinations for other illnesses?

  8. WVC says:

    What’s left to say? It seems pointless to try to argue. The Vaccine Absolutist simply ignore absolutely everything and anything said that is not “Yes, I love your vaccine.” Even the idea of achieving 80% immunity – if this were 3 years ago nobody would have blinked an eye at the idea that any seminarian that could show he already had the disease and recovered had natural immunity and contributed to that 80% calculation. My kids never got the chicken pox vaccine because they already had chicken pox. Natural immunity was not a thing questioned by anybody.

    But we’ve left any concept of reasonable discussion far, far behind. For whatever reason, the vaccine is THE point around which the power struggle will take place, and that’s all it is. A power struggle. Either give in, and let the authoritarians win, or folks, in large numbers, refuse, and the battle continues.

  9. InFormationDiakonia says:

    I’m in formation towards the diaconate. Our ordinary (don’t want to say where for obvious reasons) is hellbent (yes a good choice on words) on seeing everyone in the clergy and in formation get the jab.

    He proudly parades off all the usual mainstream media, drug company, and government entity “facts” and doesn’t take into account anything else such as treatments for Covid or the fact that if you had it, you are better immune wise than getting a shot. Even used some flippant language about masking until Jesus comes again if you don’t get the shot…..yes he actually wrote that.

    It actually does come down to thinking get the jab or jeopardize my calling. Others I have spoken to, both in formation and in the clergy think like me – we will not get the shot and still will push through with formation in spite of this.

    I do wonder if the seminary pushed back at all.

  10. Deo volente says:

    To clarify things even further… Maryland has TWO seminaries. Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary is in Emmitsburg, MD on the campus of Mount Saint Mary’s University in Frederick County, Maryland. Fr. Z’s original comments refer to this seminary. However, the 2nd seminary, St. Mary’s Seminary in Roland Park is in Baltimore, MD not far from the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen. They have also posted Covid vaccination guidelines.

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  12. Kathleen10 says:

    The best reason not to do it is the abortion link and, you cannot replace your body. I hear about situations where someone is “forced” to do this or that, a nurse is “forced” to help with an abortion, a man is “forced” to create artwork he does not agree with, and it’s bunk. They cannot (yet) “force” anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. You choose to do it, albeit you are “coerced” to do it, but you choose to do it. What are your moral objections and your body worth to you.
    Act as a group, if you can, there is power in numbers and there are more dissenters than there are tyrants. Say NO. Mean it. For free people to accept tyranny is for free people to GIVE UP their freedom and control over their very bodies and souls to these people. Nothing is worth that. No career, no job, no position, no money, no prestige, no accomplishment, nothing. If too many of us allow these dictates to stand and give in to them, liberty and freedom will disappear for all of us, and our children and grandchildren will suffer greatly.
    Say no NOW.

  13. Kathleen10 says:

    WVC, capitulation is a bad choice. It is exactly the time to argue. It is exactly the time, as pointless as it seems, for people to all refuse to go along with this tyranny over our very bodies. If not now, when? We are headed toward a cliff, this is a pivotal moment for mankind. Will we allow ourselves to be taken down and forever controlled by billionaires and whoever else runs this hydra? No one has the right to tell us what we must inject into our bodies and any person or organization who uses coercion and threats to obtain it is an evil one and must be resisted. Mankind is finding out where our confidence lies (hopefully with God), and what we are made of. We’d better have more heroes than cowards, please God.

  14. Andrew Hollingsworth says: With respect to the seminary they do say the deadline has passed to submit an exemption request for medical or sincerely held religious beliefs. They may have operated a reasonable system depending on how the process to grant exemptions was dealt with.

    There is also the natural law right to bodily integrity, which entails the right to refuse medical procedures and the right not to submit to medical experimentation. This seminary is trampling on that right.

  15. iamlucky13 says:

    The vaccines are all currently still under emergency use authorization in the USA. Informed consent is one of the foundations of the ethics of medical research, and this principle is reflected in US law.

    I strongly support getting one of the mRNA vaccines, but under federal law (21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3), all individuals are to have the option to refuse a medical product under emergency use authorization.

    Only once the FDA has provided regular authorization of the vaccines will it be legal to mandate their use.

    Please note the US Department of Justice has recently issued an interpretation of the law I cited contradictory to mine. However, it is founded on poor logic, most tellingly exhibited by the DOJ’s argument that an employer threatening to fire an employee for not getting vaccinated is not coercion. Regardless, the cards are on the table that the federal government is not likely to enforce this law.

    Do keep in mind that the FDA approval for the first two mRNA vaccines will likely be given very soon. As far as I know, these will be the most extensively tested medical product in history prior to approval. I’m not aware of any examples of a medical product being issued to such a large number of people before approval, nor of the monitoring for adverse reactions getting so much attention.

    Please also read the CDF document on the topic if you have not, and be wary of the likelihood of scandal if not following the alternative firmly recommended by the CDF of taking other means to avoid contracting and spreading the disease to others:

    The more detail oriented readers may appreciate the information on the development of the vaccines compiled by the Lozier Institute. As the vaccines by Moderna and PFizer only used immorally derived tissues during testing, not for production, their level of cooperation is more remote than that of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Since the Johnson and Johnson vaccine not only is more proximate to the immoral act, but is also less effective, it does not seem there is any satisfactory reason to accept the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. I think refusing that vaccine in favor of the mRNA vaccines is a good start toward applying points 4 and 6 from the CDF document.

  16. Boanerges says:

    The false “god” of health trumps the One, True God. C19 and the deathjab are simply a test of your faith in Almighty God to protect and heal you. He knit you in your mothers womb and knows you. “Fear is useless. What is needed is Faith and Trust in God.” Do not be deceived by the world. They only want you dead.

  17. WVC says:

    @Kathleen10 – I’m on your side. I’m of the resist wherever and whenever possible – I just wish more folks would realize that the time to make a decision is now. The milling about on the fence stuff or not taking a side schtick isn’t cutting it.

  18. GregB says:

    Last night Viva Frei had a livestream on YouTube with American attorney Robert Barnes where they went into forced vaccinations.
    Barnes says that the forced vaccine law is based on eugenics law. The vaccine discussion starts at the 53 minute mark in the video. At the 1:18 minute mark Barnes says that a person can assert a religious exemption without needing to go to church or have a religious authority to attest to the assertion.
    They are scheduled to do a livestream on YouTube on Wednesday with Robert F Kennedy, Jr. who is a vaccine critic.

  19. EC says:

    Emmitsburg (my alma mater – time both at the university and the seminary) is an extremely complicated place, especially given that there are only two traffic lights… The seminary remains quite solid but comes under the administrative purview of the folks across the lawn in Bradley Hall. All kinds of unforced errors have been taking place in the administration in recent years, coupled with a looming financial catastrophe (over $60 million in deferred maintenance the last I knew – some 6 years ago) which contributes to the dysfunction, overseen by a Board of Trustees that has way too many members, some with quirks, to be effective as a governing body for an education project that falls in the strange gap between the Georgetowns and Steubenvilles of the world. Not sure the university will last much longer, sadly. But the seminary was the original purpose of the project of Fr. John DuBois, and reverting to that alone (with the lovely grotto, of course, well worth a visit if you’ve never been), maybe a nice retirement complex or hospital system taking up the other buildings, would be probably be good for the seminary.

    The seminary has had some of its own challenges in the past 10 years or so, but it is a very good place overall, and it is now the largest of any American diocesan house of formation, even bigger than the NAC. Bishops ought to invest energy in making it ready to be self-sufficient if and when it needs to be – it is worth saving.

    BTW – it is “Mount St. Mary’s Seminary” and “Mount St. Mary’s University” – not to be confused with “St. Mary’s University and Seminary” in Roland Park, just down the road in Baltimore.

  20. Danteewoo says:

    “Hey, Father Vocations’ Director, since as far back as I can remember, I have wanted to be a priest; but I have suddenly, very suddenly, discerned otherwise.
    Plus, I don’t want for an organization which obeys Caesar instead of Christ.”

  21. Ave Maria says:

    Very sorry to learn of this. The numbers coming out about the side effects–sickness and death–of the shots are very concerning. I think the big push now to get people shot up before the flu season hits because the damage to people will not be able to hit the numbers (bodies). To do this to holy seminarians is a travesty. The ‘virus’ is 99% survivable!!!!!!!!! The lies are tremendous. Who has the supernatural faith to recognize them?

  22. prayfatima says:

    This kind of thing makes me livid. When are people going to see that the vaccine is probably going to harm them more than help them? It’s got the connection to abortion so God probably isn’t going to bless it with success. Gosh, it’s not even needed. What a scam this is! I can’t believe the hysteria it’s caused. Fear is being used to control the people. Society has made a god of health and anything goes to crack down on this changing “virus”! Each state needs to huddle down and make their own game plan. Don’t let one entity decide how you lead your people. Do something. Establish your own CDC, get control of your hospitals and tell people to go elsewhere for covid testing and “treatment?”. Out of your state maybe? Maybe everyone is acting and crying wolf with covid, trying to overburden our systems.
    We are pro-life Catholics that need to lead the fight against this widespread fear, the tainted vaccine and all covid related controls.

  23. teomatteo says:

    Why is a person, in the eyes of the power holders, either vaccinated or not vaccinated with no recognition of the naturally vaccinated? I had it and recovered so i’m as fully vaccinated as anyone. Just perplexed

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  25. Senor Quixana says:

    It is si disconcerting to see this.

    It seems that while it is licit to get vaccinated, it is illicit to impose it on anyone else.
    In the instant case, there are conditions that must be met to morally issue a mandate: 1) the threat to society must be grave enough to warrant it, 2) if the mandated action can have undesired effects, it the mandated action may not be imposed if there are other, less onerous, options, 3) there must be reasonable certainty about the efficacy of the mandated action versus the severity of unintended consequences and, of course, 4) there must be reasonable certainty about these things. Reasonable application of long-standing moral tradition suggests there is no absolute moral barrier to getting vaccinated, but the wealth of our ignorance and poverty of our knowledge about both the viruses and the vaccines makes it impossible to adequately weigh the benefits and the effects. The vaccines do not do what was hoped in that they do not seem to provide immunity, though there is reasonable evidence they mitigate the likelihood of bad outcomes from infection. Short term bad effects seem limited to a day or to of symptoms common to other vaccines, but our ignorance of long term effects is absolute.

    The upshot seems that imposition of a mandate would be illicit for the imposer though compliance would not be illicit.

  26. Senor Quixana says:

    In response to iamlucky13, thank you for a well researched and reasoned argument. We would be in a far better state today if our approach to COVID-19 was always so well argued out.

    I respectfully disagree with the recommendation of the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer & Moderna) vs. the more typical vaccine (by Johnson & Johnson). Aware of the differences in testing and development, I concede the differences in the relative remoteness from evil. A few years from now, I might be persuaded by it, but not in this case at this time. All 3 of the vaccines in the US are as far remote from abortion as any other of the common, less controversial, and longer tested vaccines we use without much thought. It may be preferable to be more remote, but after passing a certain threshold of moral safety it does not seem to matter if you are 1000 miles away or 1001. I submit that since no mRNA vaccine has ever been approved for regular use and our level of knowledge about the more traditional vaccines is greater and more reliable, Johnson and Johnson may be the way to go, even if the efficacy rate does turn out to be 15% less. The greater certainty of long term safety may be a legitimate trade-off, and the one I will take if I get vaccinated. With greater knowledge, which requires greater time, your position may become stronger and mine weaker. With imperfect knowledge, we cannot be sure of a certain course and will have to take our chances based on what we do and (mostly) don’t know.

  27. teomatteo says: Why is a person, in the eyes of the power holders, either vaccinated or not vaccinated with no recognition of the naturally vaccinated? I had it and recovered so i’m as fully vaccinated as anyone. Just perplexed

    Just google “Tuskeegee syphilis study” to find out what the government is capable of.

  28. prayfatima says:

    I think it’s wrong for any church leader to sway anyone towards the vaccine. Stick to the commandments and stop telling us we have a moral duty to take the vaccine. It’s just not true.

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  30. TonyO says:

    @ iamlucky13, thank you very much for some well-made points. I too believe that accepting the mRNA vaccine is morally acceptable until there is a vaccine available that has no connection whatsoever to abortion (and is tested, approved, etc). I also also agree with the point about it not being legal or moral to coerce people to get the vaccine before it has full approval. Regardless of what DOJ says, since it’s become a shill for moral idiocy, anyway.

    I would ask people to take a deep breath and think for a minute: there have been vaccine requirements in schools from kindergarten to college level for a very long time. Nobody has been saying these constitute a moral outrage. Yes, I object to making it a mandate before sufficient testing and full approval is given – and ONLY full approval on properly followed protocols, mind you, not some trumped (sorry) up process that slam-dunks approval the minute after the application is filed. But if we GET that proper, full approval, what then will your objection be? We have already had approved methods for medical and religious objection, in place, for other vaccines. They are still available for this one.

    I also agree that there is a lot of silliness in rejecting the status of people who have had the disease, but there are SOME valid concerns about this. Just as some of the vaccines are showing lower-than-desired effectiveness for future immunity, so also is immunity from having had COVID, at least for some people, not perfect. I know someone who got it twice. Apparently, variants matter, for this, and getting it with Variant A doesn’t mean you are immune from Variant D. Or so I hear. (Same can be true of vaccines, depending on which one you get.) So, while “I already had it” should indeed be taken into consideration, it might not be sufficient, by itself, to count as immune. Some people who have had the disease do not show a presence of antibodies. And some who have had the disease mildly show very low levels of antibodies, possibly not enough to represent immunity. And there are other administrative difficulties of making an exception in favor of those who had the disease. It’s not straightforward.

    On the other side of the coin: while I am happy that there have only been 3 deaths after taking the vaccine that look like they may have been caused by the vaccine (so far as we know), there are other features of the information from VAERS that are worrisome. VAERS recently reported about 6,300 deaths reported to them after persons received the vaccine – and of course the vast majority of those deaths are from other causes – car accidents, diabetes, cancer, long-standing kidney failure, drug overdose, you name it. But as far as I can tell, there SHOULD be more like 50,000 deaths that had been reported to VAERS from all causes in the time frame, unless I am missing something. I hope I am missing something. Any help out there?

  31. maternalView says:

    it’s almost like church leaders are proving their worldliness by mandating vaccines……

  32. docsmith54 says:

    I gotta get me a ‘LEPER” T-shirt. It’s neither a Catholic duty nor a civic duty to submit to this non-vaccine vaccine. And I don’t need a hall pass.

    Jorge has committed many to his state church. Not me.

  33. Mary Jane says:

    iamlucky13 said, “The vaccines are all currently still under emergency use authorization in the USA. Informed consent is one of the foundations of the ethics of medical research, and this principle is reflected in US law….I’m not aware of any examples of a medical product being issued to such a large number of people before approval, nor of the monitoring for adverse reactions getting so much attention.”

    Yes, informed consent is absolutely necessary. The problem is, the adverse reactions are *not* getting so much attention. They are being swept under the rug and ignored and flagged as “misinformation”. The media are not talking about it, and if you in fact try to Google for it (as I tried) you get search results that mostly say the “safe and effective” line – and the jabs are neither.

    If you visit you can read all the articles and studies they cite on this topic. A whistleblower came out recently and – from the article – “‘I queried data … and have assessed that the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least 5. This would indicate the true number of vaccine-related deaths was at least 45,000.’” Why is this not getting the media’s attention? Why are they silent on this? Other vaccines have been *pulled off the market for tens of deaths*…and here we have tens of thousands and not a word from the media.

    How can anyone be properly informed, well enough to give informed consent to this totally unnecessary medical treatment, when they’re not telling anyone about the tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of reported adverse reactions? And I’m not talking about pain at the jab site…I’m talking about blindness, heart inflammation, miscarriages, death, etc.

    I would encourage everyone to check out the articles at They have complied tons of information, very well-researched, about all this.

    I pray the FDA never approves these vaccines. If they do, then I pray our state governors block any kind of mandate. No one should be forced to accept these jabs. The survival rate for the virus is astoundingly high, so much so that mass vaccinations are completely and totally unnecessary. We do not know the long term effects of these jabs, but the short term effects – as we can see from the adverse reaction reports – are terrifying.

  34. chuckharold says:

    Vaccines should not be a political issue, and it is nice that that wasn’t the main theme of the comments. Realistically, we and our children get vaccinated for all kinds of purposes starting very early in life. We don’t get smallpox because of the vaccine. We nearly eradicated polio because of the vaccine. We don’t get measles because of the vaccine. So why the to-to about a vaccine for covid-19? Have too many of us been believing what we hear on extreme right-wing radio and TV? The new vaccines, not J&J, are the result of taking twenty or more years of good research into the test mode for several months. The producers can thank Trump’s Warp Speed program for the funds needed to bring these products to market. They really are not “new” They have been in research for years. Do they work? Yes. About 98% of the covid deaths in the current surge is among unvaccinated individuals. The pediatric ICU wards are filling up with young people who are terribly sick and dying. Like all vaccines, their effectiveness diminishes over time. Like the annual flu shot, we may be in for an annual covid shot, especially if the current vaccines aren’t effective against the new Lamba variant. People who have been vaccinated can still get the virus, like people who get the flu shot can get the flu, but if they get it they are likely asymptomatic to only slightly sick. There is no reason for most people, who care about their fellow human beings, to not get vaccinated. We should all want to be surrounded by vaccinated people. It really isn’t an individual thing, it is an American thing. Patriotic citizens should want to do their part to stem this scourge, enlist in the fight for a healthy country, and prevent more deaths. WWJD?

  35. prayfatima says:

    These seminarians should go somewhere else for formation and perhaps stay there. A place where freedom is still valued and they won’t be forced into violating their conscience.
    Speaking about that, it’s very misguided to think that bishops or any religious authority needs to give permission for an exemption to a vaccine. We’re not children, we adults capable to make our own decisions. A religious exemption should be a conscience exemption, which has little to do with what your bishop thinks about the issue. Our choices are our own and they are between us and God. No one can make you sin. Think of the martyrs.

  36. WVC says:

    @iamlucky13 – I think your argument is disingenuous. To say that this grand experiment where hundreds of thousands of people have been given a new type of medical technology that skipped animal trials and did not complete any phase 3 clinical trials and which did not include a large cross section of different types of people (children, pregnant women, people with co-morbidities, people already recovered from COVID) and conclude that “Well, it’s the most tested vaccine ever because everyone agreed to be a guinea pig” is to seriously twist the entire point of testing medicine BEFORE using it on the public. I also doubt that the potential side effects are being given adequate scrutiny as the media, big tech, the CDC, the NIH, and the White House all seem to be doing their best to ignore or belittle the VAERS data, which is the official place to record actual vaccine related side effects, and continue to censor or deplatform medical experts, like the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, who publicly express concerns over the vaccine’s safety.

    And this is all with the backdrop of a virus that has a survivability rate over 97% and even over 99% for the majority of folks under the age of 60. To insinuate that one might cause scandal by not taking the vaccine or following inhumane mandates (like wearing face masks at weddings and funerals) is to give in to the lie that disease is something people are personally culpable for and not a part of nature, Adam’s Curse, and one of the shared burdens of life in this fallen world.

  37. pannw says:

    I just don’t understand this. I just saw that Archbishop Broglio of the Military archdiocese is supporting the mandate for all our active duty military. When there are compelling arguments that these shots are dangerous and so many reports of injury and death from them. I personally know of more people who were seriously injured by the shots than who had life threatening cases of the actual illness. I know people who have had the virus and they were very sick, but all recovered, without any treatment. If they had been given one of the more than a dozen medicines (according to Israeli scientists) that are possible cures, I’m sure they would have recovered faster. So I don’t understand why so many are pushing this experimental shot, which according to people I think are more trustworthy than the Biden Administration and Fauci, are very dangerous. One of the local priests told his congregation that this technology has been tested before on animals, and all of the test animals died within months after they were exposed to coronaviruses that are always around, since the common cold is one. It’s all so weird.

    These are questions that I ask myself when trying to decide if I trust the shots and those pushing them:

    1. Why are they pushing this “vaccine” so hard for an illness that has a survival rate of over 99%?

    2. Why were they caught inflating the numbers of ‘covid victims’ by counting even those people who clearly died from a motorcycle accident, for example? And why did they go from ‘covid deaths’ to ‘covid cases?’

    3. Why would governors develop a policy that placed infected people in NURSING HOMES? Do I think it could be to spike the numbers for propaganda purposes?

    4. Why are leftist owners of all social media platforms banning the voices of real medical doctors who actually treat patients, and who claim to have had success with time tested safe treatments?

    5. Why would the government ban medical treatments that real doctor’s who have treated real people say work and tell us they don’t? C0uld it be because in order to release an unapproved shot for emergency experimental use there must be no other treatment available? If so, and there are actual treatments, what is the real reason for the shot?

    6. Why are medicines and supplements that have been available for decades suddenly being pulled from the market when they show promise in the treatment of Covid and or the effects of the experimental shot? NAC…sold OTC for over 3 decades, and now, leftist run Amazon takes it upon themselves to stop selling it and make it hard to acquire. I couldn’t find any at Whole Foods, or Walmart, though the tags for it where still on the shelves. Why?

    7. Why are there scientists in Spain claiming to have found the main ingredient in the mRNA shots is a substance called graphene oxide?

    8. Why have people been posting video after video claiming that they became magnetic after receiving the shot?

    9. Why are people finding graphene on the swabs that are rammed so far up into people’s noses they have apparently actually caused some to be injured and leak brain fluid? Why is this virus only detectable that far up the nasal passage? Why are they constantly pushing testing? Why is it that most people who are listed in the stats as covid cases only found out by testing? Otherwise they were ‘asymptomatic’? And why were there so many false positive tests?

    10. Why are there reports that graphene was found inside disposable masks? What is with all the graphene? What is graphene?

    11. What is the link between graphene and NAC, and is it the reason we are no longer able to easily access NAC?

    12. Why are we listening to Fauci when it is clear he was involved in the funding of the lab where this virus was developed and released from? Does he have a conflict of interest?

    13. Do I believe that people are really being sickened and even killed by the shot? What about the surge in heart attacks among people of all ages? Is that the shot? Where is Tiffany Dover, the nurse who fainted after receiving it on live television? Why has her social media presence just stopped? Do I believe the ‘official’ story that after happily being the spokesperson, she suddenly wanted ‘privacy’? Why?

    14. Can I believe that the so called ‘delta variant’ is actually illness caused by the shot, since I see claims that the virus has never been isolated in the first place? Did a man in Canada really push back against a $1200 fine and win by demanding to see proof of the isolated virus and it was not available?

    15. Who are the people pushing this vaccine? Do I believe they love humanity and are doing what is best to save as many people as possible? Are they the same ones threatening doctors who would prescribe HCQ or other medicines with good outcomes? Are they the same people who put sick people in Old Folks’ homes? Are they the same people who support the murder of innocent unborn children?

    16. Is it crazier to believe the bizzare mind-control through 5-G and graphene ‘concpiracy theories’ from people like More Polly on bitchute “Magnetic Nanomaterials in the Injections, Masks & Swabs”, or to believe that the baby killing democrats pushing this experimental shot are really trying to help save us all from the dreaded disease you almost always need to be tested for to know you have it?

    17. Why did all of this happen right after the Event 201 symposium which described exactly what they were going to do and have done mere months before it all happened? And How did Fauci know in 2017 and say the Trump administration would face a ‘pandemic’? And then they did. Do I believe in coincidences?

    I’m not quite ready to go all in on the theory that this shot is to pump us all full of a substance called graphene that will enable them to control our minds, or that they will cause mass casualties by activating 5-G that will cause the graphene to do something, but when I consider the non-lethality of the virus for the overwhelming majority of people, and that doctors I trust far more than the obviously corrupted Fauci say that there are very good and inexpensive, time tested drugs to treat it with but they are being silenced by leftists, who are tyrants by nature, I conclude that there is some nefarious reason they want us all to take the shot. The people pushing it support those who kill babies. I don’t want whatever is in their shot put into my body or the bodies of those I love.

  38. francophile says:

    In the last year I have buried 45 people out of my parish who died from covid. I am vaccinated because I saw the sorrow of the loss of life. I prefer to live.

  39. BayviewBadger says:

    Just FWIW…Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit is not going to require the jab. They’re currently heading in a direction of full return to “normal” for September. For the most they’re leaving all precautions up to individuals to do whats best for themselves, and that applies to seminarians, lay students, faculty, and staff.

  40. gouletdrg says:

    It is a mandate of the State of Maryland, not the Archdiocese, Universities, or Seminary staff. All Colleges and Universities in Maryland (private, public, religious, private for prophet, etc.). Gov. Hogan put this out last April 22 or 23.

  41. iamlucky13 says:

    Senor Quixana, thank you for sharing your thoughts and disagreements respectfully. This is a nice change from my experience when I have similar discussion on other sites.

    I understand your reasoning, but I will hold to my opinion that it is better for multiple reasons to select one of the current mRNA vaccines if the option is available.

  42. maternalView says:

    ” there have been vaccine requirements in schools from kindergarten to college level for a very long time”

    AND exemptions allowed and no business has required any vaccinations for employment or to access services or products as a customer until now…
    that’s why it’s a big deal….

    I’ve noticed that in our society in recent decades that coercion is never employed to compel moral behavior but rather to coerce immoral behavior…..why the coercion for vaccines??

    I have genuine doubts about the morality of the vaccines….but that aside, why on every issue about this virus has there been nothing but flip flops and contradictions and lies AND YET I’m supposed to believe the ONE thing they’re not lying about are the vaccines???

  43. WVC says:

    I’m sorry for the suffering you and your parish endured, but it doesn’t follow that folks who are skeptical of the vaccine are choosing to die. Context, with numbers, is important. The reality is that, given all the data that is available, COVID has a survivability rate of over 99% for children, over 98% for those under the age of 60, and around a 96% to 97% for those over 60. Given that practically nobody is diagnosed with the flu anymore and the CDC has even withdrawn emergency use for one of the primary types of testing which was conflating COVID and influenza, the survivability numbers for strict COVID related deaths, even including co-morbidities, might actually be even higher.

    This is not a rational ground upon which to demand everyone submit to new medical technology associated with aborted fetal cells against their will.

    So far as I know, few if anybody have a problem with folks who want to get the vaccine. I have encouraged those who felt they needed the vaccine (for physical or even just mental health) to get it. The frustration and anger is against those who say it must be mandated for those who do not want it, or those people should lose all access to all society (food, shelter, work, education, medical care….etc.) The idea that everyone must get the vaccine in order for it to work is illogical, unscientific, and somewhat self-centered. And it’s coming from a government and business sector notorious for lying with a long track record of making very bad medical decisions and is making billions upon billions of dollars on the vaccine business.

  44. WVC says:

    Today (8/11/2021) there is a good article at Crisis by Paul Kengor on this topic.

  45. Semper Gumby says:

    Forced injection of experimental vaccines and mask mandates are Death Party tactics intended to expand their control, abuse children, and reinforce their cult. Public health has little, if anything, to do with this. See photos, from last year to last week, of Crazy Nancy Pelosi, several Death Party governors and many Texas legislators fleeing Texas, Rashida Tlaib, and Obama’s birthday revelers for proof that rules are to be obeyed by the peasants under pain of the lash, not by socialist tyrants.

  46. Semper Gumby says:

    The benighted staff of that seminary actually wrote: “The deadline…sincerely held religious beliefs has now passed.” Apparently, a sincerely held religious belief is not a prerequisite for admission.

    Eriugena: Good point about liability.

    Bob: Yep, Bill Gates is a real buttinski. He, Fauci and a host of others have never learned to mind their own business. They have one idea, make some money, and think they’re a gift to humanity. Here’s what Gates actually said a couple of months ago when news broke of his divorce: “We ask for space and privacy for our family as we begin to navigate this new life.” How ’bout that for unmitigated gall.

    It’s even money that sometime in the near future the Biden Regime and CNN will say something like this:

    “The Bill Gates (pbuh) and His Royal Consort Fauci (pbuh) Have Spoken. May Pazuzu Smile Eternally On Their Satrapy And May Their Fanbearers Increase!”

  47. grateful says:

    “Semper Gumby says:
    11 August 2021 at 2:31 PM

    Forced injection of experimental vaccines and mask mandates are Death Party tactics intended to expand their control, abuse children, and reinforce their cult.”
    Please add population control to your list.

  48. grateful says:

    Despite all the censorship the word is getting out thanks to many brave
    (and religious doctors):

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