¡Hagan lío! Wonderful wine from traditional Benedictine monks!

ElegantFrenchWinesMadebyMonksI have received great news from the people handling the excellent Via Caritatis wine from the traditional Benedictines of Le Barroux in France.

The monks are working the first papal vineyards in France near Avignon.  Some terraces go back to the 5th century.

You might remember that a stage of the Tour de France went through their area.  HERE

If you order wine from them through me you can receive 10% off using this coupon:


I have ordered their wine twice now.  I wouldn’t have ordered the second time if it wasn’t a) a good cause and b) good wine (not a minor point).

We have to support this monastery, my friends.  After Traditionis custodes, I know that a lot of people are wondering about how to fulfill their obligation to give material support to the sustain the Church and works of religion.   This is one good way.

Buy wine.  Help them.  Help everyone who desires Tradition.

We have to keep everything alive and well until bad times change to better.

A new way to ¡Hagan lío!

Here is my last bottle.  This is Vox Angelorum… which is appropriate because the monks sing the hours very well.  You can hear them live or on demand HERE.


More about their project.

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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    That is a touching very video. I’m sure the wine is excellent, and what a great cause.

  2. Son of Saint Alphonsus says:

    Can this be used as Mass wine, do you think? I’d rather support the monks than the local distributor.

    [There is no question that this is valid matter for Mass. It is pretty expensive on a parish level. But if you know a cancelled priest who is sympathetic, and perhaps whose Masses you attend sub rosa…. ]

  3. kurtmasur says:

    I just hope that these wonderful monks will not suddenly get an “apostolic visitation” from Francis with the intent of shutting them down because of their traditionalism. Already there’s been a few too many traditional casualties just for being…..idk….Catholic? :-/

  4. mercy2013 says:

    We have ordered this wine twice. It is very good! If you order an entire case then you don’t pay shipping. And, it arrives fairly quickly. Support traditional Benedictine monks or liberal winemakers from California? Seems like a pretty simple choice. Also, they make wonderful gifts!

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