When the Vicissitudes™ are winding you up… UPDATED


I wrote to the people who handle the wine sales and distribution.  They responded:

For shipping questions outside of the U.S., please direct people to email: contact@via-caritatis.com and the European Via Caritatis team will take care of them. Note that our affiliate program only applies to purchases made from the US site.

Hopefully that can be expanded to the UK!

Are things looking grim in secular society and even grimmer in the Church?

Do you look at the present political leadership and say, “What in the blazin’ red HELL are these people doing?”, and at the leadership in the Church and say… well, I don’t even want to go there.

After all, corruptio optimi pessima.  Right?

When the Vicissitudes™ are winding you up, wind down by ordering some ….


I’m talking, of course, about the wonderful monks of Le Barroux in the ethereally beautiful area near Avignon in S. France.  They built a glorious medieval but modern abbey and they fill it with chant you can listen to online.  They have taken over vineyards that go back to the time of papal sojourn in Avignon and are making good wine.

You can have their wine in YOUR glass in no time!

And this is a way to help the works of religion and the Church in way that you know is a good cause (monks who are preserving Tradition) and your oenological enjoyment.  Win – win.

And, because you are readers here, drop my name and get 10% off.  Use the code:



These Benedictines, like the great men in Norcia and the beautiful nuns of Gower Abbey, are going to be, as has happened before, lights in the darkness, oases of preservation, until better times return.

Until better, brighter times return.

Or the Lord comes, which is fine with me.   Bring it on!

After all, motus in finen velocior.  Right?

I’m okay with living to see better, brighter times.  Even times not so obviously, palpably…. yeeeach would be okay, too.

Your Vetus Ordo (olim aka Extraordinary Form) or reverent Novus Only celebrating, and surely sorely striving, priest would like an introduction to the good Benedictines’ wine through their 3 bottle pack: HERE

I sent in a query about wine for those of you in the UK.  Patience.

So, as you contemplate the big HERE prompt, here’s is a little song to cheer you up. It was sent to me by a, O6 buddy of mine for whom I have at times asked you to pray: T.



Order some wine and “Help Is On The Way!”  And I don’t mean the Little River Band.

Between Tom Petty and Mahler, I like doses of good ol’ honest, pious Bluegrass.


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  1. jeffhirshberg says:


    Please, never sleep on The Little River Band. They were master tunesmiths.

    Jeff Hirshberg

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    Make sure you hear Ralph Stanley, or just listen to the soundtrack from a movie that was superb even though George Clooney was in it, “O Brother Where Art Thou”. Great bluegrass in there! Alison Krauss, can’t beat that and really, all of it. But for some amazing bluegrass in a contemporary vein, try our current favorite, Billy Strings. Start at his beginnings and go from there. That boy can play.

  3. bigtex says:

    Did the mando player not get the memo it was red tie night?

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