ASK FATHER: Does an Apostolic Administrator of a diocese have the authority to force priests to receive the “jab”?

From a reader…


Fr Z, does the Apostolic Administrator of a diocese have authority to require all priests in the diocese (including religious priests) to receive the covid jab, as well as to require the priests to tell him whether or not they have done so? Such request has recently been received by the priests. Thank you.

The bishop doesn’t have that authority, so the Apostolic Administrator definitely doesn’t have it.

Anyone who attempts to impose this is a tyrant.


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  1. Fr. Reader says:

    I don’t know if I will get the vaccine or not. But I am very happy that no one has tried to force me, even indirectly, to receive the covid vaccine.

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  3. Semper Gumby says:

    Last November the Diocese of Brooklyn and Agudath Israel in Brooklyn won their case at the Supreme Court against Gov. Cuomo’s restrictions targeting churches and synagogues.

  4. Kent Wendler says:

    I have read much about “conscientious” objections to receiving any of the COVID-19 vaccines, including from members of the Church hierarchy, but so far I have seen no mention of the need for a properly formed conscience.

    Now, I can see not wanting to get the J&J vaccine, directly derived from an aborted baby, but that is not true of the mRNA vaccines (which are more effective anyway). Yeah, they have a “glancing” encounter, but only in testing – not derivation, and there is little in existence today which has no contact with evil.

    Plus, is there not a moral obligation to protect others from your own illness, especially those who directly depend on you? And I have heard of absolutely no one critically sick or dying from COVID-19 who remains glad that they refused vaccination.

    The facts of the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccine are stubborn. Reasons for refusal seem dubious, at best.

    And, oh yes, vaccination can also be considered a civic duty. George Washington required his soldiers to be inoculated against smallpox.

  5. Semper Gumby says:

    *a piece of mail sails over the transom and lands with a satisfying plop on the desk*

    What ho! *sets down coffee* A Despatch from Afar!

    *picks up the correspondence for closer examination*

    An engraved invitation! Excellent. Another day in service to God and Country is off to a flying start, my fortunes go from strength to strength!

    *whistles happily while retrieving the invitation from the envelope using a Terrible Swift Sword of the Lord/Chesty Puller K-Bar letter opener*

    “You are cordially invited to grab a tray and belly up to the smorgasbord of news reporting from the past year.”

    Ah, Kent Wendler, this is for you.

    Whilst you ponder whether or not to attend Lady Wisdom’s Scandinavian feast, enjoy this snappy tune:

  6. JonPatrick says:

    I wish people would stop equating the COVID jab with actual vaccines such as for smallpox. They are not comparable. The Lifesite article linked to by “grateful” above explains why this is.

  7. poohbear says:

    Since those who receive the c jab can still get the virus and transmit it to others, I can’t see how there would be any obligation to get it ‘to protect others’ as the media is always telling us we should.

    I also feel that since the jabbed have reduced symptoms if they do contract the virus, they are less likely to know they are sick and will be less likely to stay home during the course of the illness, hence infecting many others as they go about their daily duties. How is that protecting anyone other than the recipient?

  8. WVC says:

    Can I safely assume that Mr. Kent Wendler hasn’t spent any time seriously considering the VAERS data on the COVID jabs?

  9. chantgirl says:

    Poohbear- Yes, since the injected can catch and transmit the virus without having symptoms themselves, hasn’t the CDC created millions of potential….

    asymptomatic super-spreaders?!

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