Daily Rome Shot 319

Video by The Great Roman™

The children of the Traditional Parish in Rome had their “All Saints” recital today, each one dressed as a saint and explaining to all who they were.  Then there was a procession with them through the streets of Rome to P.za Navona where they entered the church of St. Agnes “in agone” and sang an Ave Maria in Latin.  These are just the children singing.


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  1. 67mcmahon says:

    Sitting here, hot-glue-gunning together hastily-made, tiny Ss. Rita and Francis costumes for my own kids, I have to smile: does Roman La Bella Figura know no bounds?? Really?? Italian children’s all saints day costumes need to be unimpeachably perfect too? Nary a wrinkle or crinkle in sight! No shabby Walmart felt to be spotted! Mamma mia!

    And what’s more is I think I recognize a couple of these kids from my own three month tenure chasing my toddler in Ssa Trinità’s narthex couple years back. Too cool. Bring on the pizza bianca! And God bless these tiny saints!

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