Your Good News

I haven’t asked for a while about YOUR good news.

What’s up? Especially interesting is how grace is working in your lives.

Last night we had a very good and active ZedNet. Some of the participants talked about what was going on in their parishes.

I have made some improvements for my video streaming set up.

I received from an unidentified reader a contraption from my wish list that will be sure to make life a little easier. There was no gift slip with it, so I don’t know whom I should thank. But, thank you.

Hungarian is going along, as are chess problems and games against bots with high ratings (which is discouraging and motivating at the same time).

A phone call came today which may present an unexpected turn of events. Time will tell.

And Fr. Dana Christensen now has THREE Seven Sisters groups.

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  1. Suburbanbanshee says:

    I felt like I should go donate blood on my day off, the other day, but I hemmed and hawed for various reasons until I missed the bus downtown, even after feeling an extremely strong urging to go.

    So eventually I went, and was standing at the bus stop at about the same time I would have been coming back if I had gotten on the stick. And this man using a walker fell down, and it was just me and another lady, so I ran and got some help from the facilities nearby.

    And everything worked out okay, and I felt like I’d done what I was supposed to do.

    So I went downtown and gave blood. There was one iffy moment along the street where the bloodbank is, with some actual meth heads obviously thinking about trying to follow me; but just then, some Catholic high school boys came thundering down the street on their jogs around the block, and they sat back down. And the two iffy people were gone, after I got out of the bloodbank.

    So yeah, that was all pretty instructive about Providence. God really does have plans A through Z, even if we have trouble getting our own parts together.

  2. Liz says:

    I’m so happy for Fr. Christensen! That’s so wonderful!

    We just made a lovely, chocolate sheet cake to celebrate a few things…St. Luke’s feast day and loved ones in the medical field, and the FSSP’s 33rd anniversary!

    St. Luke and St. John Paul II, pray for us!

    Prayers for you, Father Z.

  3. JonPatrick says:

    My son’s girlfriend’s mother lives in a house in rural Maine that had an outside staircase built for a fire escape that was made of the wrong type of wood and was totally rotten. Last weekend we went up there to tear down the old staircase and start construction of a new one. My wife who is fairly talented in this type of work had planned it all out and ordered the materials. However the weather did not look good, rain being predicted – this part of Maine seems to rain all the time, makes Seattle look dry by comparison. Well the good Lord provided enough breaks in the weather that we were able to get the basic framework up and leveled. We will go back and finish treads and railings next weekend.

    We did at least have time to drive around and view the foliage which is magnificent this year in a naturally beautiful part of the country near the Canadian border. The red and gold Maples looked like they were on fire. God’s creation surely is wonderful.

  4. 1. After multiple job interviews that received either a negative response or none at all (which I firmly believe to be because of my refusal to take the covid vaccine), I was hired on the spot at a nursing home, full-time for the shift I wanted, no vaccine and no exemptions required.
    2. The fundraiser for Canon Henrique Fragelli and his family is going gangbusters.

  5. beelady says:

    Thank you all for your prayers for my husband!! He received his test results today and they were all good!!

    Our 19 year old daughter is joining the Navy on Thursday! She was adopted from Guatemala and her main reason for joining is to give back to the country that has given her so much opportunity!

  6. Nan says:

    Caught up on God’s laundry, aka Purificators, found a narrow basket to use as a hamper in the sacristy, have lured a high school student into the sacristy and learned he wants to serve on the altar – that’s not my decision but it’ll happen soon, had ice cream last week with my neighbor and her two delightful girls, barely two and soon to be four.

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