Spectacular Advent, Christmastide and Epiphany calendars from @SophiaPress and LiturgyOfTheHome.com

I just received beautifully conceived, designed, drawn and printed poster sized calendars from Sophia Press for the Seasons of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany with a special guide sheet as an introduction to their LiturgyOfTheHome.com initiative (go take a look – it’s very interesting).

I like the title “Liturgy of the Home”.  If the family home is the “domestic church”, then the home needs… liturgy.

These are truly beautiful.   They follow the TRADITIONAL calendar, and so they include the Ember Days of Advent.

This is not like an “Advent Calendar” with little windows that open.  But that’s okay!

To give you perspective, a standard business envelope, paperback, and magazine.

They will deserve a prominent place.

A little detail.

The posters/sheets came in a tube.  A tip for extraction: remove both caps, hold the tube straight up and down and give it a firm downward “jab”, as if you were punching something into the ground, but don’t touch the ground.

They will need a little time to flatten, but it will happen.

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  2. VForr says:

    These calendars are beautiful. The pictures do not do justice to this work.

    They are currently in my home, framed, and ready for the start of Advent. I second Father’s tip for removing from the tube. The tube is heavy duty and certainly protective during shipping. Removal was a bit challenging. With several heavy books and my laptop, all four flattened in no time. The rather inexpensive frame from Walmart is able to hold all four posters at once which allows for easy storage.

  3. Liz says:

    Thank you, Father. I ordered them, and I’m excited to get them for my family. They look absolutely beautiful!

  4. pbnelson says:

    I got these posters a week ago, and with my four kids (ages: 9, 12, 14, 15) spent the next hour poring over them. The layers of detail are mesmerizing. The artwork is subtle and enchanting. You will not exhaust them at a glance. I couldn’t bear to put some of them away, so I moved an old painting off the wall then tacked all four of these side-by-side in our dining room. The one guest we’ve had in our home since then has vowed to buy a set for her own family. I can’t wait for the next season!

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