UPDATED – Archdiocese of Chicago drops the axe on more than the Traditional Latin Mass

UPDATE 27 Dec 2021:

There is no way… NO WAY… that this wasn’t all coordinated.

At vaticannews.va:

Originally Published on: Dec 27, 2021

What could one expect from Cupich?  Really?   We knew that he would, eventually, issue something the cruelty of which would be exceeded only by its overreach.

The document is HERE.

I am not going to obliterate my buoyant yuletide spirit by mucking around with this for a long time.  It is an interconvertible truth that when it is necessary to respond to and to refute bad things like this, it takes ten times the number of words. The Chicago Plop is over 2000 words.   That in itself is a bit of a give away, because the more they write about why they are doing what they are doing, the less convincing it is.

Right on cue, like a bad cliché, the document – “Policy of the Archdiocese of Chicago for implementing Traditiones Custodes” – has several paragraphs of justification blah blah, laced with only the most convenient proof texts.

Some bullet points which will unquestionably reassure the faithful in Chicago that none of this is intended to marginalize them.   This all goes into effect on 25 January, which could give people time to find a new home in another diocese.

  • Priests have to ask permission even for private use of the 1962 Missale.  Good luck with that!
  • Priests have to “be animated by a lively pastoral charity” (unlike the promulgator of these rules) and “by a sense of ecclesial communion”.  I’m not sure how one quantifies these.
  • Priests must not only “explicitly affirm ‘the validity and legitimacy of the liturgical reform, the teaching of the Second Vatican Council and the Magisterium of the Supreme Pontiffs,’ (no dissent about the value of air conditioners, I guess) and “demonstrate an appreciation ‘of the value of concelebration, particularly at the Chrism Mass”.  Forced concelebration with, I’m guessing, appointed rats watching your every move.
  • Written requests to use the Vetus Ordo “should note the average attendance at such celebrations as well as their frequency and location, along with a statement of agreement to abide by the norms set forth in this document.”  They have learned a lot about how to control people through the whole vaxxing and revaxxing and testing and retesting mania.
  • No bination for priests, which means that if Father has the Novus Ordo that day, he can’t say Mass with the Vetus Ordo… except if the Archbishop allows.
  • No Mass with the Vetus Ordo on Christmas, the Triduum, Easter Sunday and Pentecost Sunday. Because, of course, there is no intent to marginalize people who want to go to Mass on those days.
  • Get this: “Priests and those groups that receive permission from the Archbishop of Chicago to celebrate the Mass using the Missal of 1962, are bound on the first Sunday of the month to celebrate Mass only using the Missal of Paul VI.” Two poison pills in this. First, not only are the priests restricted about bination, they can’t use the Vetus Ordo on 1st Sundays, thus diminishing by 23% the number of Sunday Masses with the Vetus Ordo. And note that language about “groups”. “Groups that receive permission”. How does that work? How do they know if you are in the group? What if you are not in the group? Will there be a check of papers? Membership cards? One might ask: Will a similar policy be imposed across the diocese for people who attend a parish that is NOT their territorial parish?
  • This is where malicious overreach comes in. “Mass is also ordinarily to be celebrated versus populum, unless permission is granted otherwise by the archbishop.” I think that applies to the Novus Ordo in Latin. But… it is overreach. I don’t believe that diocesan bishops have the right to forbid ad orientem worship. (To translate for readers of the Fishwrap and Amerika, that means “back to the people”. Just being helpful.) They can bully priests, of course and torture them in a thousand ways if they exert their right to say Mass ad orientem. However, this would not have been put into the document unless they had first talked it over with the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, who will back anything that tears tradition down. Wait for the challenge and see what happens.
  • Priests have to ask permission to celebrate on weekdays. BUT… priests cannot binate and the Novus Ordo must be offered on that same day. So, if you are a priest alone in a parish, your people are out of luck. But none of this is intended to marginalize them. In fact, it won’t: they will be able to meet up and chat after Masses at the local SSPX chapel.
  • No sacraments with the Rituale Romanum except on a case by case basis with the permission of the Archbishop. Yes, he will be personally regulating Suzy and Bill’s wedding and personally involved when Uncle Bob must be anointed. He will be personally involved with every absolution given in confession. I just had an image of a priest sending case by case requests to the Archbishop’s phone, from the confessional, for absolution in the old Rite for every penitent. Maybe a fax machine could be helpful?
  • If other sacraments are requested, “The priest making such a request should first discuss with the faithful the possibility of using the reformed liturgical rites” and – this is rich – “also demonstrate that he is accompanying them towards the common use of the one lex orandi of the Roman Rite”. I can see it now: “I am going to help you change your mind and prefer the Novus Ordo. However, hang on for a moment. I have some adulterers over here whom I promised to accompany to Holy Communion. Be right back. I don’t want you to feel marginalized or anything.”
  • The very end – in cauda venenum – is the smarmiest stab of all. “From the Office of the Archbishop of Chicago, December 25, 2021, the 60th anniversary of Apostolic Constitution, Humane Sa!utis, by which Pope Saint John XXIII convoked the Second Vatican Council.” Ewwwww. First, note that this was done on CHRISTMAS! “Merrrrrrrry Christmaaaaaas, you nasty retrogrades! Here’s your present. Take it.” And then the oily reference to the document calling Vatican II.

One wonders if anyone in that office has read Humanae salutis, which had in its core vision that the Second Vatican Council should be a super-Council, intended to reinterpret the past, a disruption in the continuity of Councils. No, wait.   What does Humanae salutis really say?…

Hac de causa, veluti intimae supernoque quodam instinctu ortae voci obtemperantes, matura iam esse tempora existimavimus, ut catholicam Ecclesiam universamque hominum familiam novo Oecumenico Concilio donaremus, quod eam viginti maximarum Synodorum seriem continuaret, quae per saeculorum decursum ad caelestis gratiae in christifidelium animis incrementum et ad rei christianae progressum tantopere valuerunt.   … (To translate for readers of the Fishwrap and Amerika… “For this reason, complying with – as coming from above – an inner voice of our spirit, we thought the time was now ripe to give the Catholic Church and the world the gift of a new ecumenical Council, as an addition to and a continuation of the series of twenty great Councils which throughout the course of centuries have been for the increase of heavenly grace in the souls of Christians and for the grace and of great of Christianity.”

The theological starting point for these people – across the board with the papalatrous (at least today – were it a different Pope they’d change their spots fast) – the Second Vatican Council is the interpretive lens to be used to interpret and, in fact, reinterpret all of tradition before it.  And it isn’t even the Council itself that is the interpretive principle.  It’s the indefinable SPIRIT of the Council that is the re-interpretive principle.  They declare by fiat what the Council means for every sphere of life and then shove that fiat down everybody’s throats.

I am not yet convinced that what resulted from Vatican II is what is described in either Humanae salutis or in Gaudet Mater Ecclesia.

I am sad for the people of Chicago today, because it is clear that your souls are not really the true motivating force in decisions being made: conformity is the goal.  You must not stray from their definition of the herd.

I am even sadder for people under those bishops out there who have been waiting for the Chicago boss to make a move; they know him to be one of the favored circle and its “safer” to be on his side.

What will result from this?

First, imposition of will can be undone by a successor with the snap of a bic pen.  That undermines authority and good order.

This will be resisted.  We shall see what happens then.

Some, will comply and even over comply, which will be taken by just about everyone as… limp, like the character behind a bad handshake.   Remember handshakes?

Meanwhile, against the tyranny of Traditionis custodes be a Custos Traditionis.  Details HERE

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  1. Ave Maria says:

    Have felt pity for those of the faithful who are left in Chicago for a few years now. If I lived in that area, I would move.

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  3. donato2 says:

    I don’t live in Chicago and find this very painful.

  4. Tradster says:

    All of these documents reference control and restriction of the 1962 Missal. What’s to stop us from simply switching to an earlier version, such as 1951 or 1956?

  5. JamesM says:

    I really struggle to come up with something helpful on this. I have several opinions on the topic that I think would check the box for “factually correct” but leave blank the box for “prudent to post publicly”

    I will be praying for Cardinal Cupich – he seems in need of many prayers.

  6. JamesM says:


    What stops a priest from using an earlier missal is the fact that Summorum Pontificum only gives permission for the use of the 1962 Missal.

    If a Bishop tells a priest he can no longer use the 1962 Missal then using an earlier missal becomes a matter for his conscience.

    I would like to cite something said by Cardinal Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster. “Vatican II was very clear on the inviolability of conscience”. I think Bishop who tried to compel a priest to act in such a way that violated his conscience would himself be guilty of “rejecting Vatican II”

    ….or something like that

  7. dr robot says:

    It’s getting more and more difficult for me to shake the ‘crazy conspiracy theory’ that the *real* reason behind the desire to crush the TLM is not unity or even power or control, but precisely because it’s more pleasing to God and more efficacious at producing His graces in us. If that’s true however, that would mean those who are so eager to destroy it are truly diabolical.

  8. Kathleen10 says:

    The right to serve and worship God as a person sees fit, is not under the jurisdiction of anyone, outside of the individual themselves. That is for the person to decide. Speaking personally, I would not ever compromise that, because to give up that sovereign right means you gave in to coercion, and that you are a slave, not a free person. They own you. They own your worship of your God. This is true for a layperson, it is true for a religious.
    There are some things that can’t be bought from some people. Some people can be bought. They do not wish to lose income, insurance, housing. I get it. I live it at the edge of those things. But dignity has value, and while at times we have to compromise our higher ideals, if it requires becoming a slave to evil tyrants, that is too high a price. No one should pay it.

  9. JT says:

    What are the consequences for subverting the Holy Spirit’s plan to restore tradition and firm teaching of Catholic dogma?

    Betting Cupich’s diocese will go into decline as punishment. As will others.

  10. Aliquis says:

    What is the difference in absolution in the new vs. old form?

  11. Elizabeth D says:

    This Traditiones Custodes thing is offensive. I’m shocked by the willingness to humiliate and marginalize. I feel like some people have a deficient idea of Catholic unity and associate it with a superficial uniformity rather than the efficacity of the Sacraments and adherence of heart and mind to the same truth. There is a priest here who gives numerous homilies preaching (to the young mostly) that everyone should dress and act the way whatever group they are in does, and especially that doing the same thing at Mass is very important, even if you go to a different parish where they all stand during the consecration or something like that, what’s most important is for everyone to show “unity” by all doing the same thing as a body, whatsoever that may be. I think it promotes warped priorities and clericalism and as someone with autism who by nature does not fit in with group expectations of uniformity it’s especially disturbing. Difference can be legitimate.

  12. Fr. Kelly says:

    Please pray for the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius.

  13. mibethda says:

    The Archdiocese occupies a rather small area. If the neighboring dioceses of Rockford, Joliet and, even, Peoria are currently less restrictive, the laity might choose to attend a Mass in a neighboring Diocese which may not involve a long trip. I suspect, however, that the Society of St. Pius X may see a significant increase in Mass attendance in the Chicago area.

  14. APX says:

    I just had an image of a priest sending case by case requests to the Archbishop’s phone, from the confessional, for absolution in the old Rite for every penitent.

    Did someone say overnight Young Adults Adoration Vigil with Confessions heard all throughout the night by multiple priests?

  15. mercy2013 says:

    If this is supposed to apply to the US headquarters of the Institute of Christ the King and the beautiful shrine they have raised millions to restore after the fire, then we might be in for a show. This could be an interesting turning point in the resistance. Praying for them. Also praying for St. John Cantius. However, I have felt for awhile that their days were, unfortunately, numbered. They have given so many concessions by celebrating both forms that it has made them vulnerable, and they have no larger order to support them.

  16. Archlaic says:

    Absolutely gratuitous… am I the only one who imagines the Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago counting down the days, like a child with an Advent Calendar, waiting for the “big day”? Perhaps he signed it at the stroke of midnight? I am out of adjectives to describe the churchmen – and their motives – behind this campaign against the TLM… but I can say that Cupich’s terms would make a gangster blush!

  17. Anneliese says:

    The Canons in Chicago have issued a statement. They’re going to start a novena on January 25. I wonder what the outcome will be.

  18. summorumpontificum777 says:

    Soupy accomplishes two things here. (1) He proves to Rome that he’s the ultimate Company Man who’s 110% with the program; and (2) He puts a thumb in the eye of the conservatives/trads whom he knows to be chief among his own personal critics.

  19. Athelstan says:

    “Betting Cupich’s diocese will go into decline as punishment.”

    Oh, that’s already underway. Since His Eminence arrived in Chicago, 141 parishes have been part of consolidations now forming 57 parishes, with 44 churches no longer used on a regular basis for Mass; enrollment at Catholic schools has dropped as much as 30%. (Source: Chicago Tribune, March 10, 2021)

    Granted, of course, decline has been baked in for Chicago for a long time. It’s just accelerating now. Fortunately for the archdiocese’s finances, they still have plenty of real estate to sell off to keep the books balanced, at least for this generation.

  20. KSC says:


  21. Fulco One Eye says:

    Many good comments here so I can’t add much. But I find it interesting that except for a few tsk-tsks here and there, the majority NO Church is not much bothered.

  22. FrankWalshingham says:

    Cupich is hastening the demise of the Archdiocese of Chicago with his spiteful, ham handed actions.

  23. Michael Haz says:

    While we pray for the conversion of Cardinal Cupich to Catholicism, those who fear losing the TLM in Chicago can travel to Rockford, Kenosha, and Milwaukee for Mass.

  24. Uniaux says:

    Interesting that ‘Lively Pastoral Charity’ apparently consists of forcing the doors closed on traditional laity and clergy alike. A very lopsided ‘charity’ this is.

    What exactly is the value of concelebration? I can’t quite put my finger on it, outside of the context of ordinations. It seems largely to be a concession for priests to be lazy – perhaps someone will be able to enlighten me on this.
    And with the Chrism Mass, I understand that there are many priests involved, but I don’t see how that would necessitate concelebration. (I’ve never been to a Chrism Mass, so I really have no idea.)

    May God be merciful unto the clergy and laity of Chicago.

  25. Dave P. says:

    I’m betting Bishop Perry is counting the days towards retirement…

  26. cathgrl says:

    And just like that, the identity of the bishop who submitted the dubia is pretty clear.

  27. samwise says:

    “In fact, it won’t: they be able to meet up and chat after Masses at the local SSPX chapel.”

    What if SSPX coordinated it all to boost their numbers?

  28. mo7 says:

    To be this heavy handed on Christmas only exposes his weakness. Herod killed the Innocents, with the same gusto born of fear. This kind of tyrannical power is fleeting and serves only the powerful.
    Of all the things Eminence could finally flex some muscle on, he chooses to pound the faithful. We are the only ones he has control over. No respect from the outside world anymore. How much does he hate himself?

  29. WVC says:

    @samwise – you’re just being sarcastic, right?

    @Fulco One Eye – I sent an email out to close Novus Ordo friends who go to my parish (we’re one of the few legitimate hybrid parishes that I know of where the Traditional Mass is very intertwined with the parish life), and I asked them to write to our bishop even though they don’t attend the Latin Mass. I said, at the very least, the Latin Mass has brought our lives together, which I believe has been mutually enriching, and you can at least express that to the bishop contra the “Latin Mass only creates division” lie.

    Most responded with an “absolutely – writing my letter right now.” But some did not. Some, I suspect, are truly jealous of the Latin Mass and the community it brings with it. Whether because of their own misplaced nostalgia for felt banners and “Gather Us In” or a bad experience with a more traditional minded priest or feelings of inadequacy . . . or all of the above – who knows? But I suspect there is some portion, perhaps large, of non-liberal, non-progressive Catholics who are quietly pleased that the disruptors are going to be cleared off the field and they can go back to the head of the class.

    At least that’s what they think. I believe now, more than ever, that the Novus Ordo will absolutely not stand the test of time. In a thousand years the Latin Mass will still be offered in its substantial form, and the Novus Ordo will only be celebrated by tiny groups of eccentrics, and it will be celebrated in a form that will be entirely unrecognizable compared to today.

  30. Joe in Canada says:

    Do the Priests of the FSSPX who were authorized by the Pope to do Weddings and Confessions now have to ask the local bishop for permission?

  31. ChesterFrank says:

    I am still wondering who has such an intense interest in getting rid of the TLM. Which group promoted this agenda and had enough influence to get Pope Francis to act on it? Who was sitting at the table when the document was being drafted. The revitalized TLM is being suppressed now as quickly as it was when Vatican-two first allowed the altars to be turned around. They , whoever they are , became fearful when TLM regained popularity. So much so that they had to nip it in the bud.

  32. kurtmasur says:

    Now that JamesM mentions “inviolability of conscience” above, I believe this has been a catchphrase used by Bergoglio and his cronies, especially when writing Amoris Laetitia, that the “inviolable conscience” of each faithful must be upheld when it comes to going for communion in spite of what would otherwise seem to be living a sinful lifestyle.

    So what about the “inviolable conscience” of all clergy and faithful who decide to carry on with the TLM, especially in places with heavy restrictions on it? Shouldn’t Bergoglio, Cupich and their other like-minded minions also respect our “inviolable conscience”?

    I’m sorry, but the restrictions on the TLM from TC onwards have only gotten more and more complicated. I am genuinely wondering if them liberals will at some point start growing wary of keeping track of all of the fine points in their convoluted restrictions to see if they are being followed in all of the different TLM “groups” day in, day out, week after week after week to the letter. There is no way these complicated restrictions can be maintained in the long run, regardless of which side a person is on.

  33. OldProfK says:

    ElizabethD is on to something, to wit: “… what’s most important is for everyone to show “unity” by all doing the same thing as a body, whatsoever that may be.”

    It’s a collectivist and authoritarian view, verging on Leninist.

  34. mpa says:

    It was at St. John Cantius, many years ago, that I first saw, all at once, what the TLM was about.

    I was there again this year, following the release of TC. They did not say the St. Michael prayer at the end of Mass. That, and certain other things, made it plain to me that they were, let us say, in dialogue with the archdiocese.

    “If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone were fastened around your neck and you were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

  35. WVC says:

    Folks. We are in a FIGHT. This is not a theoretical coffee hour. It’s a donnybrook.

    Just a reminder that one side of this fight does NOT care what the rules are. They are not governed by reason, justice, or “fair play.” If you try to understand their reasoning or their logic or try to reconcile their contradictions or hypocrisy – you’re wasting your time. It’s about power, authority, will, and coercion. They want to suppress the Latin Mass because it is loved by all the people whom they despise. That’s it. That’s the reasoning. And they have ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME ABOUT IT. So don’t try to make hay with “but you said, ‘tolerance and patience'” – they don’t care.

    This is a fight. It’s our will against their will. We at least know we are fighting for what is good, what is right, what is rooted in our heritage, our faith, and our ancestors. We have more than enough justification for our position. The other side has no justification for their position, but THEY DON’T CARE. So don’t spend too much energy trying to “figure them out” or “understand their point of view.” Focus your energy on FIGHTING for what is worth fighting for and NOT giving up ANY ground. Focus your energy on pushing the neutral parties (i.e. good willed bishops with uncertainty) in the right direction. Make long term plans to keep saying the Latin Mass in homes, in alleys, in graveyards, in closets . . . etc. Do WHATEVER it takes. REFUSE to lose or to give in or to even give one bloody inch in this fight.

    Or, as someone wiser than myself would say, “Never mind the maneuvers. Go Straight at ’em!”

  36. Grant M says:

    20’s Chicago…

    TLM? Down the alley, green door, knock three times…the password is swordfish….

    We call it a speaklatineasy.

  37. bookworm says:

    The Canons of St John Cantius have a resident parish in Springfield IL under Bp Paprocki so they could possibly find a refuge there.

  38. jhogan says:

    I saw a photo of the Cardinal; I thought the Grinch was green-colored. From the book, “his heart was two-sizes too small” says it all.
    But in all seriousness, he *is* the poster boy of the Vatican lavender “mafia” and their allies, and when they say “jump”, he responds “I have jumped; is it high enough?”
    With current Pope and his allies, and what they are doing to the Church, I think of the line from Exodus: “…there arose a new king over Egypt, that knew not Joseph.” While we may not be quite there yet (but getting closer), the time for a Moses may be at hand.

  39. hilltop says:

    There will be more to come, now, from other dioceses whose bishops have been waiting and watching. ‘Soupy” (lol) has just nudged the gate open for the herd of goats to follow in….

  40. Ariseyedead says:

    Chicago seems to be a disaster in almost every way. If you love the Old Mass, this might just be a gift from Card. Cupich for you to find a better place to live, away from the insanity of the Big Cities of the USA.

  41. Suburbanbanshee says:

    First of all, I don’t think people who attend the OF are blind to all this. Particularly the younger people, who are on the Catholic Internet, are aware of all this, no matter what their preferred Mass.

    And frankly, most of them grew up assuming that they could go to any Mass in any Rite… so the restriction on their freedom of worship and their ability to explore within the Church is galling to them.

    Also, I notice that every week, more and more young women are wearing chapel veils. Every time somebody does something nasty to the OF folks, more young ladies find a headcovering. It’s a very good move, I think, and bound to infuriate all the right people.

    I am probably the only person who thinks this, but…

    It could be argued that the “because of the angels” is referring to how all the Church will judge angels, and that the female headcovering or diadem is basically a judge’s cap of office. Apparently a lot of young ladies are warming up by judging bishops, who of course in Revelation are the “angels” of their dioceses.

  42. Bart Newman says:

    No need to move out of the Chicagoland area – there are two great options for Traditional Catholics in the Chicago area – St Pius V Shrine (Independent) in Lake Zurich, IL – https://stpiusvshrine.com/ – and Our Lady Immaculate Church (SSPX) in Oak Park, IL – https://fsspx.today/chapel/il-chicago/info/

    Do your own research – based on my research, neither is schism and neither will be negatively impacted by TC. The SSPX recently put out a series on You Tube regarding the crisis in the Church which was very helpful for me in discerning what to do post TC – https://youtu.be/XrroZ-llvCE

  43. JesusFreak84 says:

    The Ukrainian-Greek Catholic Church has a LOT of parishes in the Chicagoland area, so the SSPX is NOT the only no-NO “game” in town. The only thing you’ll want to check ahead of time, as to “what Sunday,” is if the specific parish is on the Gregorian calendar or Julian. Chicago is the seat of the Eparchy of St. Nicholas for Ukrainians and St. Nicholas Cathedral church and school is in the Ukrainian Village.

    I want to say either Syro-Malabar or Syro-Malakar Catholics also have a seat and a cathedral in Chicago.

    The “upside” to “just” going to a different Catholic rite, instead of the SSPX, is that Cupich can’t turn around and say, “SEE, HOLY FATHER?!!!? THOSE ICKY, NASTY, GROSS TRADS WERE JUST LOOKING FOR A CHANCE TO BREAK COMMUNION!!!” (Seriously, Cupich talks to us in that letter like we’re still children who believe in Santa!)

  44. Hugh says:

    Remember Cupich’s comment defending the Pope’s silence on McCarrick after Vigano spilled the beans?

    ““The Pope has a bigger agenda,” he (Cupich) said. “He’s got to get on with other things—of talking about the environment and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of the Church. We’re not going to go down a rabbit hole on this.””

    He forgot to say “Oh! and above all, snuffing out the one bright light in the Western Church!”

    Wriggle down that rabbit hole, your Eminence, while as wretched sinners we pesky traddies pray, semper, “Introibo ad altare Dei … ab homine et iniquo doloso, erue me …”

  45. Kathleen10 says:

    Elizabeth D, as OldprofK said, this is a collectivist mindset, to squash individualism (something the elites hate about America in particular) and to get young people to think as Communists do, as a group. The priest is hammering that home to the young. I observe in public schools this has become very entrenched in the last few years. I recently observed a glorified “ESL” (Emotional-Social Learning) instructor, who was cracking down on the kids who were too boisterous at lunch. Lunch is now one of the very few times students get a break from the constant yammering of controlling adults, but in times past, if someone got out of hand, they would be kept in during recess. Now, it is the whole GROUP that is kept in, no matter how good the behavior of most of the students. This is to encourage group punishment, turning on each other and getting kids to “correct” each other by making them all pay when one dissents. This is not fair, and this is un-American. This effort will reach it’s desired zenith when say, LGBT is the topic, and any dissenting voices will be shouted down by those students who think “correctly”. Group think. If parents only knew what kids are exposed to and how indoctrination in public school is a real thing, even if the adults do it unwittingly. Parents just often look at curriculum, but there is so much more they would not like if they knew.
    I just wanted to add one thing about the topic at hand, if I may. The goal is not only to kill the Mass of Ages, the Roman Rite, but to eliminate the TLM-goers from the church as well. No argument can seriously be made this is all to keep them in the church, even under a different rite. No, no, they want faithful Catholics to leave. There is not a shred of basic humanity, compassion, or decency in the actions of Rome or the smarmy toady, Cupich. Get thee the hell out.

  46. Danteewoo says:

    Watch the St. John Cantius vocations go down the tubes. Watch the SSPX in Oak Park add additional Masses.

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  48. Maldon says:

    JamesM and Tradster:

    TC abrogated Summorum; therefore, TC abrogated Summorum’s abrogations of pre-1962 missals. So I see no reason why Tradster’s point shouldn’t stand.
    See you at the 1955 youth mass!

  49. Rod Halvorsen says:

    I called Cardinal Cupich’s office to find out if all of this applies to the ICKSP since they have their headquarters (I think) within the Chicago Diocese. The nice fellow I spoke to said he did not know and asked around the office. No one knew. He recommended I call back in a couple weeks. Maybe they will know then.

    This will be interesting to find out as the FSSP (ICKSP, too?) claims none of this applies to them as they are an ex-Ecclesia Dei community with a still in-force governing charter…

  50. APX says:

    This will be interesting to find out as the FSSP (ICKSP, too?) claims none of this applies to them as they are an ex-Ecclesia Dei community with a still in-force governing charter…

    Our FSSP priest has told us this doesn’t apply to the FSSP because they have their own laws governing them.

  51. The Astronomer says:

    My friend the late Rev. Dr. Malachi Martin would have simply remarked about our times: “The Approaching Scream of the Ancient Beast Grows Louder With Each Passing Day.

    Sums up the current state of the Roman hierarchy quite nicely. I wonder how much of is animated by a direct or indirect attitude of “in odium Fidei?

  52. Rob83 says:

    Would it be too unkind to coin a new word for this spirit coming from the halls of Rome and Chicago?

    Concupichence – n. Eager desire for the suppression of tradition.

    One wonders whether this is Francis’s not so subtle hint to the Cardinals of who he sees as the one to carry on his program after his passing.

  53. Fr. Reader says:

    Was not VC2 supposed to end this kind of lists of prohibitions and rules, and allow us to enter into a new era of freedom and spontaneity guided by the spirit?

  54. One Novus Ordo to rule them all, One Novus Ordo to find them, One Novus Ordo to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

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