Hey!  Typos happen.

This is rather amusing….

This is a screenshot from the Bolletino on 18 December 2021, which had the infamous Responses.

Let’s look at the last part more closely, with some emphasis.

As of the time of this writing, that’s still there.   It may be changed… who knows.

‘Til then.

Hey!  Typos happen.

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  2. Prayerful says:

    ‘Scared liturgy’ is like a Freudian if that is the applicable term here. Catholics who love the old Mass are experiencing bullying. It underlines the wisdom of Archbishop Lefebvre. If +Lefebvre had offered the compromise of one Novus Ordo with Paul VI, the SSPX would have canonically certain, but it would be just another target for the ‘Spirit of V2’ bully.

  3. Rob83 says:

    Scared certainly seems to be the way the Curia is acting right about now, or it could be that or the devils resident in Rome are now throwing in spelling errors on top of everything else to add an extra dubium to dubious dubia.

  4. Fr. Charles A. F. says:

    Actually, when you walk into some places, and the celebrant is masked to the eyebrows, everyone, including little kids, is seated 6 feet apart, and there is more hand sanitizing going on than in an ICU, «scared liturgy» seems quite apt.

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  6. Simon_GNR says:

    Typical Roche carelessness! There were spelling and grammatical errors in his reply to the Archbishop of Westminster’s letter. How did such a mediocre prelate get to have such a high position in the curia?

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