Fr. Z’s Predictions for 2022

2022 Predictions

1) Republicans will sweep the House and win a majority in the Senate.
2) There will be more Traditional Latin Masses celebrated by the end of 2022 than there were in 2021.
3) Liberal, aberrant NO Masses will not be corrected
4) SCOTUS will overturn Roe and return abortion law to the states
4) Francis will appoint commissars over the FSSP and ICK
5) The health of both Pope Benedict and Francis will continue to decline.
6) Women deacons, “deaconettes” will not be approved
7) Card. Burke will publish a book critical of liberal theology
8) More Catholics will be rounded up in China mainland and in Hong Kong and the Holy See will do nothing.
9) The Holy See will make a move against Catholic media sites and blogs
10) Fr. Z will not be made a “Monsignor”

How did I do last year?

2021 Predictions

1. Pres. Trump’s victory in the 2019 election will be acknowledged, even if the loser is installed. [0 – Yes, some are recognizing it, but not enough… yet]
2. Pres. Trump will support primaries of RINOs nationwide to reform the GOP. [-1 – He didn’t campaign much.]
3. Face Diaper Control Religion will continue with the force of 1984 and PsyOps tactics. [+1]
4. More evidence that the Holy See sold out to population control maniacs will emerge. [+1]
5. China will massively attack US interests through internet and undermining trade. [+1]
6. More Fr. Z readers will become Ham Radio Operators. [+1 – I’m getting all sorts of notes that I’ve motivated people to get the license]
7. Exorcists will report even more demonic activity and be overwhelmed in cases. [+1 – sadly true, a strongly so]
8. A small number of courageous bishops will move solidly toward Traditional worship. [+1 a few have stood against the cruel wind from Rome]
9. The “demographic sinkhole” opening under the Church will produce financial disaster for dioceses. [+1 ongoing]
10. Fr. Z will still not be a Monsignor. [+1 – Gosh, who knew?]

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  2. Gregg the Obscure says:

    2022 items 3, 5, 6, 8, and 10 are incontrovertible.

    i have been praying about 2022 item 9, with real terror, for a few years now.

    i am grateful to be old and sickly during these depraved days. i shudder to think at the despair i would feel were i a youngster right now.

  3. Ms. M-S says:

    Well, Fr. Z., let’s look at the perennial item #10 this way: Given the current status of the Church and within that what your refusal to go along with certain innovations has cost you, it may be more of a tribute than anything else.

    Just a thought. Happier New Year!

  4. Rich Leonardi says:

    “Monsignor Z” doesn’t have quite same ring to it anyway.

  5. Santa Monica ora pro nobis says:

    I doubt any political solution to our problems is possible because of apostasy from Christ. The Prince of this World is all too visible. Our hope is in the Lord.

  6. Charivari Rob says:

    2022 (first) item 4: it will be interesting to see if the Chief Justice finds a way to sidestep or (slightly more likely) finesse the ruling to a narrow question and impact, and incremental change.

    Mostly, I’m glad the focus is on the other case and not the Texas law. The Texas case seems to be good intentions that produced what might easily be found to be bad law, and set the cause back even further.

    As ever, the “return abortion law to the states” is the decidedly incomplete part. I know scope is mostly dictated by the details of whatever case/question is working its way through the courts, but I wish that “overturn Roe” meant recognizing that there is a fundamental right to life that has primacy over privacy & self-determination that Roe is rooted in – everywhere in the country, not just in 20 or 32 or however many states.

  7. Verygrateful1 says:

    If the communists stole the election in 2016 despite a Trump landslide, when Trump had the Presidency and the GOP had the Senate, how could the GOP win ever again?

  8. JonPatrick says:

    Verygrateful1, one problem is the number of never-Trump RINOS that inhabit the GOP, for example the governor of Georgia who refused to consider election reforms and thus guaranteed the election of 2 Democrats to the Senate. I am hoping that some true conservatives challenge these people, and the GOP will not be asleep at the switch during the next election. Also I don’t know if they can work up the COVID-1984 frenzy to the degree they did in 2020 to justify unregulated mail in voting which opens all kinds of possibilities for fraud. I am hoping the spread of Omicron which appears to turn COVID into a common cold, may finally end the justification for all these extreme measures. That is unless they get the Chi-Comms to release something new, God forbid.

  9. daughteroflight says:

    Gregg, no despair here! While still woefully unprepared for what is coming, I and my generation were put on this planet at precisely this time for a reason, and despite the darkness I see a growing light. Even if the dark gets darker, I find myself going ever more gaily. It is a beautiful thing to join our Lord in Gethsemane.

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