ASK FATHER: “I messed around with a Ouija board years ago and I believe spirits attached to me from it.”

From a reader…

I messed around with the ouija board years ago and I believe spirit’s attached to me from it I have renounced using this and have nothing to do with it anymore can I ask you to please cast these demons out of me and away from me if you could Father thank you God bless you.

Everyone: Do NOT mess around with Ouija boards.  Those things are spiritually dangerous avenues for demonic activity against you, including the worst kinds.  If you have one, break it, burn it, put the ashes into flowing water, such as a river or stream.

To the questioner:

Friend, what you need is confession, frequent Mass, daily prayer, and a life of a virtue.  These are the ordinary means of salvation.

If you don’t have those things going on in your life right now, then you have a bigger problems than demons.

If… if… you are living the fullness of Catholic life, and you have this concern about demons anyway, you should contact your local chancery and request a meeting with the diocesan exorcist.

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  2. MB says:

    Ugh! Good luck getting somebody to listen to you. If you’re not leading a Catholic life, then I would follow Fr. Z’s advice. Do that first. That being said, I am shocked at the Catholic clergy’s inability to admit that this might be a problem for someone who’s already living a Catholic life. As it turns out, there are things in your past that can make you vulnerable to demonic influence, like child sexual abuse and rape. But, it appears that the majority of Catholic clergy don’t know this (or don’t believe, or don’t care). If you are already living a Catholic life, and you’re still having trouble, you might check out It took about 6 months of saying the prayers daily, but eventually things started to calm down for me. It truly made a difference when literally no one would help me. May God give you His peace.

  3. aviva meriam says:

    Here’s the scary thing: Ouija boards are sold at your local Barnes and Nobles.
    AND, unfortunately, the NEW AGE section is as large as the faith/religion section in my local store.

  4. tradcat53 says:

    I would like to recommend another book as well. An Exorcist explains the Demonic by Father Gariele Amorth the former Vatican exorcist. The book is fascinating and a useful tool as well in how to recognize and avoid the demonic. He also specifically goes into the topic mentioned (I am so scared of those things I do not even like to mention the name!) The topics he covers I don’t think are covered in many Novus Ordo parishes today which is very sad. There is also a booklet that you can buy called Spiritual Warfare prayers by Valentine publishing. The booklet has a whole host of prayers to combat the demonic including the psalm 91. I have sent the booklet to non Catholic friends and they find it very encouraging in the struggle of everyday life against evil.

  5. Arturo says:

    It is definitely essential you live the fullness of Catholic life. Frequenting the sacrament of confession as needed, daily mass, a life of prayer and virtue are powerful means to ward off demon attacks. I would also add that based on my experience, praying the holy Rosary is extremely powerful. I pray it a couple of times everyday for various intentions. But for the intention of warding off demonic attacks I pray for each decade the following petition: “Lord have mercy on me. Please send your hosts of angels upon me to help my guardian angel in driving out all demons and evils that are afflicting me and cast these demons and evils down to hell for all eternity, so that your Divine Sovereignty will rest upon me and so that Your most holy Will will reign over me. In Jesus Christ’s name I pray. Amen.” Be patient and trust in God. Be strong and stouthearted as you pray the rosary. It will take time before you will see the effect of the rosary. In my experience, at the beginning of me saying my rosaries, demonic attacks actually increased. But I take this to mean the rosary has its powerful effect because the demon is increasing their attacks and wanting me to stop. The more the attacks increase, the more insistent I am in praying many rosaries. That’s why I reached the point of praying as many 10 or 12 rosaries everyday. I do it while driving. Do not allow yourself to be discouraged. I read somewhere that the spiritual battle between angels and demons is actually a battle of the will. So do not be discouraged but trusting in God’s help and protection, be strong willed in saying your rosaries. As certain as the sun rises from the east, it is certain that victory will come as long as you keep faith in God. It is just a matter of time. As you start taking action to cling to God to ward off the demons, do not be disheartened that demonic attack seemed to have increased. It means you are in the right path. Stay the course. And never give up. Confession, frequent mass (go to the daily mass if you can) and daily rosary. Because my experience tells me the rosary is so powerful against demonic attacks that I am beginning to think that perhaps our Lady gave us this prayer especially as a weapon against demons and evils.

  6. monstrance says:

    Personal Consecration to St Michael the Archangel as a daily prayer wouldn’t hurt.

  7. MaterDeicolumbae says:

    Another warning for Catholics out in the marketplace:
    A few weeks ago, I attended a gem and mineral show (jewelry included) to see all the beautiful things for sale. There was a vendor with various items on his tables that were obviously connected to the New Age and other occult “isms”.
    I sensed a bad presence and my guardian angel warned me to not buy things from this seller and to walk away. I knew there was a strong possibility that the things being sold may be infected with satanic type of intentions (I refuse to use the word “blessings”) that could have attached on me. There was another vendor with similar things to sell so I stayed away as well. I didn’t get this reaction at other vendors’ tables. I ended up buying some earrings from a seller that I felt was safe.
    Years ago, I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii and there was a New Age shop along the main tourist walkway. I had a friend (a former Jehovah Witness who had been shunned by her family years earlier) who worked there. I went to visit her at the shop and felt vibes that I sensed weren’t right. (My friend gave me a pair of amber earrings, but they were not infected.) Later I told a good Catholic friend (who was the director of the pro-life pregnancy centers on the island) of the shop’s
    “aura”. She knew about the store and said there was a diabolical presence in it and advised me to not enter the shop anymore.
    I hate to say this but speaking as a retired physical therapist, the New Age and other occult beliefs have invaded the profession. It first started years ago with occupational therapists introducing New Age practices, disguised as “legitimate
    treatments”, which eventually creeped into physical therapy practice.
    Think: reiki, yoga, “energy work”, mindfulness, therapeutic touch, acupuncture, body work, etc., etc…
    Beware of therapists working with adult and pediatric populations that teach yoga positions and other false treatments as listed above (even for disabled toddlers and children) eg., for muscle stretching and balance training.
    Results are questionable and don’t last (per my observations over the years) and can’t be quantified nor proven scientifically. Fortunately, I never had a patient ask me to teach them yoga, etc., or to their child (thank you God)- I would have refused and explain why.

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