YOUR VOICEMAIL: This makes the labor of this blog worth it.

Your voice mail.

It has been a while since I checked voice mail, and I feel badly about that.  However, what I do not feel bad about is one of the messages I received from reader.

In a previous voicemail he said that he had read many times on the blog about the Apostolic Pardon.  Since his father was close to death, he arranged for a priest to come who gave his father Last Rites including the Apostolic Pardon.

All other rewards aside, this sort of thing makes the labor of this blog worth it.

My sincere condolences for his loss.  I will remember his father at Mass.

Today, as a matter of fact, I celebrated Mass for the intention of a monthly donor.  His wife emailed to inform me that he passed away.   I remember all my benefactors at the Lord’s altar, both living and deceased.  You will not be forgotten.

While I have been remiss in listening lately to voicemail, and some of them I can no longer access, I will try to be better with it in the future.

Some notes about voicemail:

  • I do NOT answer these numbers.  EVER.
  • In 99.999999% of the time I will NOT call you back.
  • I may email.
  • Keep the messages short and clear.
  • The max length is two minutes (which is probably too long).
  • Don’t shout.


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